Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 6

Shaolin Shot

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1996 on



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  • Quotes

    • Annie: Look what's happening on the ice, Bob. This team needs a shot of adrenaline and I need a scotch straight-up!

    • Peter: You always take a short cut through the cemetery?
      Jenny: It's safer than the streets. The dead don't rise up against you, except in the movies.

    • Kermit: Did I tell you the kid's great? So he's got an accent you can slice for lunch and an attitude to go with it, that's just what the Sonics need after the season you had last year.

    • Jody: So this is cozy. What side of the bed do you want to sleep on?
      Peter: I'll be sleeping in the middle....of my bed, down the hall.

    • Blake: (about Jody's tracking bug) On the left cuff of her jacket.
      Kermit:You couldn't have sewn it into her bra? She takes her jacket off.
      Blake: You try asking her if that's all right with her if you did that!

    • Jody: Let me make sure I'm tracking this. You want me to do something to help your old girlfriend Kelly. Your new girlfriend Jordan happens to be out of town and then you want me to join you undercover in this life threatening situation and pretend to be in love with you.
      Peter: That pretty much sums it up. Well?
      Jody: Sure.

    • The Ancient: A Shambhala master can do more than walk through walls.
      Peter: You can walk through walls?
      The Ancient: Better than I can skate.

    • Caine: Sometime, in order to assess one's surroundings, one must leave them, look at them from another place.

    • Caine: Even a Shambhala master can not know the presence of every enemy.
      Peter: I don't want to know my enemies! I want to know myself! I have lost my identity!

    • Blake: You know, I remember when I juggled two relationships.
      Peter: Who? Your mother and your father?
      Blake: Ha, ha, very funny.

  • Notes

    • This is Amanda Tapping's second appearance on the show. She previously appeared as a different character in the Season 2 episode, 'An Ancient Lottery.'

    • Belinda Metz, who plays Detective Jody Powell in the series, is credited with writing and performing the song "How Did I Know" in this episode.

    • Doug Gilmour, from the NHL, has a cameo in this episode

  • Allusions

    • Friday the 13th

      When Peter sees players wearing face masks awaiting him on the rink surface, he asks which one of them is Jason. Friday the 13th is a series of movies revolving around the murderous rampages of an unstoppable, face mask wearing serial killer named Jason Voorhies.