Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 14

Storm Warning

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • Kermit reminds Marilyn that he got the demons exorcised from her home, events that were seen in the Season 3 episode, 'Demons'.

    • It is revealed that Kermit had a younger brother named David, who was an undercover cop and died from a drug overdose, supposedly staged by Larsen.

  • Quotes

    • Kermit: (to Marilyn) Your life is hunky-dory now. But I've got memories that eat away at me, they gnaw at me like a cancer, and I'm gonna kill 'em before they kill me!

    • Marilyn: I've already lost one brother, I don't want to lose another! Can you guarantee me that, Kermit, that you'll come back?
      Kermit: I think if we've learned one thing in this life, it's that there aren't any guarantees.

    • Karen: I could stop you from going, Detective.
      Kermit: No, you couldn't.

    • Marilyn: What are you going to do?
      Caine: Help Kermit to find the calm within the storm that consumes him.

    • Susan: Will be needing any help with your bags?
      Jennifer: You mean the ones under my eyes?

    • Jennifer: I have been here for 8 months writing my mystery novel in the same room, and I don't walk under ladders and I don't step on cracks on the pavement, and I just know that if I don't finish this book in room 205, I will never know who committed the crime in the last chapter.
      Susan: You mean you still don't know?
      Jennifer: So many suspects, so few chapters! I just keep changing my mind.

    • Caine: Simply stay on your path.
      Peter: Oh, is that metaphorical, or literal?
      Caine: Both.

    • Caine: Blindly seek revenge?
      Peter: I prefer to think of it as getting even.

    • Caine: To suffer in silence only makes the pain greater.

    • Jennifer: Carlos, I'll take the usual – cripple the steer, leave it by the table, and burn those fries!

    • Kermit: Did you know the path that I would take?
      Caine: I did.
      Kermit: I didn't.

    • Lorraine: I'm sorry for asking you to clean up the mess I made of my life. At the same time, I could have destroyed yours.
      Kermit: Well, maybe my life got destroyed a long time ago.
      Lorraine: I don't believe that.

    • Caine: Suffering can only be cured by experiencing it.

    • Susan: Do you always wear dark sunglasses in sunshine and storm?
      Kermit: I find life gets filtered that way.

    • Caine: (to Marilyn) As a gull senses the rain, I have sensed this storm coming, a storm which will consume and destroy your brother, unless we stop it.

    • Peter: My father would say that you are extinguishing the life truth from your chi.
      Marilyn: Is that the Shaolin way of calling me a liar?

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