Kung Fu

Season 3 Episode 4

A Small Beheading

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1974 on ABC

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  • Caine gets an unexpected pardon delivered to him by a sea Captain who says the Emperor has decided to forgive Caine...if only our hero is willing to give up his little finger in exchange!

    This is a "Star Trek" reunion of sorts with William Shatner as Captain Gage channeling Mr. Scott while married to a niece of the Emperor, Lady Ching, played by France Nuyen, who Captain Kirk fell in love with in "Elaan of Troyns". Throw in Keye Luke and you have a mini-convention.

    Shatner is actually quite good as Gage and his success in creating a new character unlike Kirk and loaded with heavy makeup suggests this may have led to his role as a disguise specialist on "The Barbary Coast" series.

    Carridine is good as usual, both in action and in seeking the truth from Lady Ching.

    Kudos also to the special effects department for making a rather believable ship matte for the long shots!