Kung Fu

Season 3 Episode 7

Blood of the Dragon (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1974 on ABC

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  • Caine is out to find out who murdered his grandfather, not knowing the Emperor has sent a three man hit squad after him.

    What a cast! Eddie Albert shows he can still ride a horse and create a character that is nothing like Oliver Wendall Douglas. He's good as the long suffering doctor, hopelessly in love with Patricia Neal's character. Neal is terrific as usual, projecting power and creepiness without doing a whole heck of a lot--though the relationship between her and her grandson really goes right up to the line. Edward Albert, Eddie's son is also good as Neal's loyal grandson, ready to charge ahead and do anything to make grandma happy. Season Hubley is not only pretty but subtle as she shows her character's doubts and inner conflicts.

    Unfortunately the show is a little slow and feels padded, thanks to being expanded to a two part episode. The assasins' menace is cut by having Clyde Kutsu as their leader. His big trick is rolling his eyeballs in his head so we just see the whites. Sorry, he's just not that effective as a Imperial bad guy. But other than that, there's a lot about this episode to like.