Kung Fu

Season 1 Episode 3

Dark Angel

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1972 on ABC

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  • Caine searching for his roots meets his Grandfather and finds out about his half brother along the way he meets a preacher seeking to build a church.

    Memorable episode on his way to Lordsville and finding info about his roots Caine meets a drunk who was assaulted by Indians. We find out later that the Indians are defending their land from the greedy white men who want to dig on their land for gold.

    Caine meets a preacher (John Carradine's real father) and learns about his plans to build a church using the gold money on Indian land.

    We also meet Caine's Grandfather for the first time and learn that he is a drunk, racist who hates Chinese after his son married Caine's mother. All in all a lot of interesting revelations get shown here. Caine has nobody he can connect to except maybe his half-brother but for all intentional purposes his real father is dead.

    The ending was a classic though where we see how the preacher builds his church and more important moments with Caine and his master.