Kung Fu

Season 3 Episode 24

Full Circle

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Two bounty hunters come upon Caine and Danny with a quick fight sequence. After the fight Danny offers a horse and gun which Caine refuses. But when Danny threatens to ride off from Caine he's left with no choice but to mount up, but not before a "forgive me" to the horse (jeez). ***** General Cantrell arrives with Zeke at his grand home, Barbary House. Zeke pledges to keep his word that he'll stay with Cantrell even if his father, Danny, returns to get him. ***** Danny and Caine, on horseback, dodge two more bounty hunters but lose their horses in the process. ***** Corbino pays Cantrell an unexpected, unwanted visit for which Zeke, too, objects as Corbino has tried to kill Danny on more than one occasion. Corbino privately offers his service to kill Danny but Cantrell refuses and makes him leave. ***** Caine talks Danny into letting him visit Cantrell alone. Zeke, his nephew, happily greets his arrival. But when Cantrell enters he orders Zeke away. Caine pleads with Cantrell to release Zeke from his promise but Cantrell refuses and dismisses him with a warning to Danny that he should never come to the house. ***** Cantrell flees with Zeke to Grand Mesa where he's got a ranch he wants Zeke to run someday. He's introduced to Cantrell's ranch ramrod, Tigre, who's disappointed to learn of Cantrell's decision for Zeke. ***** Danny goes to his friend, Frenchy, for hired guns but no one signs on for fear of Corbino. In the meantime Cantrell makes a deal with Corbino for him to occupy Barbary House with armed men in anticipation of Danny's confrontation. ***** Frenchy tells Caine that Cantrell trusts Tigre which prompts Caine to seek him out. Tigre reveals to Caine that he's the secret, illegitimate son of Cantrell. ***** Zeke finds out Cantrell went to Corbino and flees back to Barbary House to warn his father. Cantrell enlists Tigre to rush after him so he's not killed in the anticipated shootout; Caine follows, too. Danny, not realizing Zeke isn't there, arrives first sneaking past guards into Corbino's presence with gun in hand. But he's distracted and disarmed as Zeke arrives. Zeke is held hostage momentarily but Caine surprise kicks the henchmen, a gunfight ensues, Zeke is held at gunpoint by Corbino but Zeke makes a break for it and Danny shoots Corbino in the abdomen, much to the latter's surprise. Cantrell grants Tigre anything he wants since he saved his life moments before while taking a bullet for him. Tigre asks for his name and Cantrell grants it and subsequently releases Zeke to Danny. ***** In the final scene Danny tells Cantrell that he and Zeke will found their own ranch without Cantrell's offered help. Danny asks Caine if he'd like to work the ranch with them which prompts a Shaolin temple flashback. There Caine asks Master Po about which of two paths leads to one's destiny for which Po replies that each path has an end and one's destiny lies at the end of the path that's chosen. Back in the present, Caine responds to Danny's question, as he walks from the group, that he follows the Tao, that his journey is endless till it comes full circle (show's title) at his death. In the house's foyer area, presumably about to depart, he bows and the scene fades to the standard episode closing sequence and music.