Kung Fu

Season 3 Episode 24

Full Circle

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1975 on ABC



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    • Caine: I follow the Tao. No one can say to what solitude that might lead. My journey is endless until it comes full circle at my death.

    • Young Caine: As we stand with two roads before us, how shall we know whether the right road or the left road will lead us to our destiny?
      Master Po: You spoke of chance, Grasshopper, as if such a thing were certain to exist. In the matter you speak of, destiny, there is no such thing as chance for whichever way we choose, right or left, it must lead to an end. And that end is our destiny.

  • Notes

    • The only reason this series ended was because David Carradine felt he had injured himself too many times. It was a top-rated show and in no danger of cancellation during it's run.

    • David Carradine was apparently afflicted with a wart of some sort that was visible upon the left side of his nose about halfway up. Because of this he was filmed mostly from his right side. However, later scenes -- apparently shot later after the wart's removal -- do not show the wart present any longer. ***** Also, though Caine was reluctant to ride a horse and pretty much hasn't for the length of the series, once he got on he rode quite expertly -- which of course wasn't very credible.

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