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ABC (ended 1975)





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  • Kung Fu is Amazing

    Since Kung Fu aired and ended way before I was born, I never even heard of it until I started to research David Carradine (Due to his incredible acting in Kill Bill). Luckily for me it was also just released on DVD and I picked it up. I was shocked at how cool it was. It presents great morals through Carradine's character Caine, but he never uses a weapon. It may sound wimpy but it's not. There is alot of fighting because although Caine is all about peace, American cowboy rejects are all about guns and a-brawlin'. Therefore Caine must use his self defence skills learned as a monk to defeat the immoral Old-Western Americans, while standing up for the good ones, all while dealing with a hefty price on his head. In order to thwart the sensors who believed the show was going to be too violent, many fighting sequences are shown in slow motion. This gives an excellent theatrical effect. This show is fantastic. If you really get into it, you'll find yourself trying to act like Caine. So pick this up and get with the past.