Kung Fu

Season 2 Episode 22

The Cenotaph (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1974 on ABC

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  • This (along with "The Cenotaph: Part 2") was one of my favorite episodes.

    David Carradine's diverse talents shone through in this one. His character Kwai Chang Caine achieved the perfect balance between inscrutability and humor.

    This episode had the twist of two equally engrossing story lines. The first in Caine's present with eccentric Scotsman Logan McBurney (played to the hilt by Stefan Gierasch) who wants Canine to help him transport and bury his dead Sioux wife on the Sioux's Sacred Ground. The second is in Caine's past with the spoiled, pampered noblewoman Mayli Ho (played with exquisite slapstick by Nancy Kwan) who coerces Caine into helping her escape an arranged marriage with the rich and powerful Kai Tong.

    When I first watched this episode I couldn't understand why an obviously non Asian actor was playing the role of Kai Tong. But then I discovered the reason was that Stefan Gierasch was playing the dual roles of McBurney AND Kai Tong and did an excellent job with both!

    Not to give too much away, I'll just say that these two episodes were hilarious, exciting, poignant, and most of all, down right entertaining!
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