Kung Fu

Season 2 Episode 7

The Salamander

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1973 on ABC

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  • Perception

    The theme in this episode is about perception. There is a boy who we see is color blind, but he misunderstands his condition and believes that he is going crazy and what he's seeing is not real or can't be trusted, this of course makes him an easy target for manipulation by a claim jumper who want his father's mine.

    This parallels with the father who has had a high ambition to tap the gold vein to not just make himself rich but also save an already dying town, that it has unfotunately cost him his family. He perceives himself as a man that's not good enough and he can never be that ideal person until he finds what he's looking for.

    In a way this episode shows why perception of ourselves and our own enviorment is a tricky thing, we can never truely trust other people opinions on what we see because even they could be wrong. The real person that can truely justify the truth of what we see of is ourselves. In one moment the father asks why Kane lives the way he does and sees him as a poor man, but Kane doesn't see himself that way he sees himself as a man that has more than anyone can ever have in a lifetime, and he's right.

    Kane encounters the boy and tells him what he see in descriptive detail the claim jumper and Kane agrees with him because he also has saw him with his own sight. This of course parallels with the father who of course near the end supposedly finds gold but we prity much see just another wall. Whether he really found gold or not we will never really know, may'be he's has the same condition as the boy. All we know is he has saw something and it has finally made him into the person he has aspired to be.
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