Kung Fu

Season 2 Episode 8

The Tong

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1973 on ABC

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  • Spritual Strength

    In this one Kane is fighting a force of evil which is the Tong gang which threaten the existance of a child and Kane defends him as much as possible.

    One of the things I like is how Kane bonds with the boy, he sees that the boy is a good soul that needs to be guided the right direction. But most of all it's about where true strength comes from.

    We see a contrasting parallel between both the Tong and Kane. The Tong we see on the outside get their strength and power through intimidation, they prey on the fears and weaknesses of people which makes the innocent easy to take advantage of, as well as whatever they have to make themselves seem strong mussle, weapons, or even quantity of baddies and territorial control. But on the inside they truely are week men whenever it comes to an oppostion beyond their own control that chalanges them which makes them resort to dirty tricks that turn out to be fruitless efforts in the end. The kind of power they have is not real power at all it's a materialistic commodity, that is spiritually usless.

    As it is said, physical strength is no substitute for perception, for perception is the key to unlocking the intangable spirit. Kane is the one that truely has power and strength not because he's a Kung-Fu master but because he's spiritually strong. Sure he has followed a path that is hard but it was the right path that has always benifited Kane and his spiritual power limitless grows the more and more he follows it. Which is why he is able to easily prevail over the Tong.
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