Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on FOX

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  • Could have been so much better.

    Cobb's past catch's up with him when he and Boulet are called to a car-jacking, Cobb takes off in pursuit of one of the perp's but when he tries to arrest him finds he's a member of his old gang, the criminal takes him by surprise and makes a run for it but not before attacking Glue Boy and seriously injuring him.

    Cobb with a little help from Boulet decides to go undercover and infiltrate his old gang which doe's not go to plan.

    I was looking forward to this episode, especially as it's been a few weeks since the last K-Ville and also thought we may find more about Cobb's background but there was so many plot holes especially near the end, when Cobb's old gang boss was shouting his real name why didn't any of the Police pick up on this, also him breaking down when the women was shot, again why didn't any of the police think it was weird he was so attached, then at the end Cobb and Boulet's police chief just sort of dismissing the whole thing with Cobb going missing and the shoot-out and explosion at the end.