Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on FOX



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    • Brothel Madame: You wanna look at my black book? (scoofs) Get in line. Secrets are my retirement fund, you'll have to kill me first.
      Marlin Boulet: One of your clients is a murderer.
      Brothel Madame: Honey, they all got skeletons. Your lives are what you should worry about if you take a look at those names in my book.

    • Marlin boulet: I can't believe this morning started out with a fingernail, and now I'm walking through Latin Kings turf and it's not even lunch time yet.
      Trevor Cobb: Actually, lunch was two hours ago.
      Marlin Boulet: (touch his stomach) Two hours and eleven minutes.
      Trevor Cobb: (smiling) You got a clock in that gut?

    • Marlin Boulet: (knocks on door) Housekeeping, pull your pants on. I shoulda have Judge Jackson write us a warrant when we was at the brothel. I don't think he would have asked to many questions.
      Trevor Cobb: (smiling) No, no.
      Marlin Boulet: (laughing) Did you see him?

    • Marlin Boulet: Hi.
      Ayana Boulet: Oh my God! You took the day off, to make it to Tawni's play. Oh, baby, that's so sweet. (they kiss)
      Marlin Boulet: Ok, hey, baby. I need you to look at a fingernail.
      Ayana Boulet: You came home for me to look at evidence? Don't you have a crime lab for that?
      Marlin Boulet: Yeah, if I want to wait a week for results.
      But, what lab tech is going to know more about fancy fingernails thatn you?
      Ayana Boulet: Oh, of course, cause I'm a woman. Right, right, I must be obsessed with little things like....(Grabs evidence bag from Martin) Oh! Wait a second this is from Marshia nails over on lake Forest Boulevard.
      Marlin Boulet: You serious?
      Ayana Boulet: Sweetie, this is Tiffany blue, okay. You can't buy that color in the store you can only get it from a place that mixes it's own polish and there's only one place in New Orleans that does that, Marshia nails.

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