Season 1 Episode 5

Critical Mass

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • Not a bad episode and now we get to know some of Boulets background.

    Boulet and Cobb are called to a gunfire report on a Sunday morning at a church in downtown New Orleans, once there Boulet is very aggressive towards the Father and we get flashbacks of a young Boulet and his brother visiting the church and getting into trouble with the priest.

    Cobb finds a body of the Deacon and no one will own up to the shooting as though they are protecting someone, again we get flashbacks now of Boulet and his brother as young men, Boulet is in the police force, his brother a thief and drug addict but with the love of his family and the help of the father Boulets brothers comes off the drugs, or so it seems, Boulet brother is shot in an attempted robbery and once Boulet gets there is shocked to see his brother not just covered in blood but also high on drugs, on his deathbed Boulets brother confesses that he's been back on drugs for a while and that the father knew, Boulet blamed the death of his brother on the father for not helping him more and held the grudge all this time.

    Cobb suspects something is wrong when he see's the aggression Boulet is showing the father and starts to get to the bottom of Boulet's troubles, after some cat and mouse detective work we find the killer is not the father or a teen hoodlum also suspected of the murder but a god fearing elderly lady who's granddaughter was killed whilst high on drugs, the dead deacon knew the old lady's daughter was taking drugs but did nothing to help.

    Hence our killer.