Season 1 Episode 4

No Good Deed

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on FOX
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No Good Deed
Cobb and Boulet try to solve a woman's murder involving a twist of voodoo magic and a jealous ex-husband. Part of Cobb's past surfaces.

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  • An average murder episode.

    The plot & teleplay take what is otherwise an average episode an elevate it to something a tad more. Dialogue is average at best, while most scenes are limited by the lack of any real action or intrigue. Even the voodoo link is tenuous at best and is quickly discarded as the real reason behind the murder becomes apparent.

    This is strictly a follow-the-breadcrumbs story, when practically none of the clues, events or scenes attempt to distract us from the core plot. Action on the ground is limited.

    It is only a few degrees above being a filler episode. Perhaps though the most important events in this episode are the ones affecting Cobbs and his attempt to help out the friend in prison he had to kill in order to survice the flood.

    Definitely not as good as the first three episodes.moreless
  • Where was the voodoo

    They promoted the voodoo aspect of the murder in the promos and I was expecting multiple murders related to voodoo. Nope -- Nada. The whole voodoo thing was eliminated within the first five minutes of the episode.

    What was left was a public service episode on domestic violence and all the good deeds of rebuilding a post-Katrina New Orleans. I was looking forward to the show finally showcasing what makes Louisiana and especially New Orleans special -- its rich culture and history. Basically I was hoping for them to explore the voodoo culture and maybe some history of New Orleans.

    Not a great episode -- hopefully they do better in the future.moreless
  • Voodoo is the name of the game in this weeks episode.

    Boulet and Cobb try to track down a suspicious murder involving a night club owner and Voodoo magic, however not all's what it seems when they uncover the murder victims true identity and find she's on the run from her abusive husband

    We also find out that Cobb has a soft side when he try's to help his dead ex cellmates wife out by giving her money that was stolen from a bank robbery , when she's caught and brought to holding cell Cobb is placed in a difficult situation, should he let her take the rap or come clean to his Captain about his past, Boulet however saves to day one again.

    The show is starting to take shape and starting to pick up with each episode however rumours are it could be cancelled, I for one hope not.moreless
  • voodoo

    We meet Sonny's wife in this episode. And we see that Cobb really does have a sensitive side. He dug up some old money he had stashed and made sure she got it and that she was taken care of becuase he promised Sonny. But turns out the money was stolen and they brought Sonny's wife in. But as it turns out that Cobb is a good guy.

    The murder was kind of weird. The scene was staged to look like voodoo to implicate her ex girlfriend. It turns out that voodoo wasn't even involved in the murder it was just jealous ex-husband.

    Boulet took one for Cobb and I can't believe he did it.moreless
  • more character development....

    The NOPD are called in to investigate a murder that looks like voodoo, but it isn't. It turns out to have been a runnaway battered wife that's ex-husband finally caught up to her. The case in this episode wasn't that interesting. The character development was a bit more interesting. Cobb got the money that Sunny robbed from a bank and he gave it to his ex-wife. The ex-wife is brought in because the money was tagged, but Boulett confesses to giving her the money and she is let off. It was interesting to see that Boulett took the blame for Cobb even though Cobb was about to confess. It was good character development. Overall, ok episode.moreless
Tawny Cypress

Tawny Cypress

Ginger "Love Tap" LeBeau

Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser

Trevor Cobb

John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch

Captain James Embry

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Marlin Boulet

Blake Shields

Blake Shields

Jeff "Glue Boy" Gooden

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Cobb dumps the money on the table for AJ he says that it is $21,250 but the two stacks of hundreds and the stack of fiftys would be $25,000 since it appears to be more that a hundred bills in each stack.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Cobb: This space is sparse. Kinda like my place.
      Marlin: How you figure, they both got floors?
      Cobb: Where you live you got piles of stuff right?
      Marlin: I got piles on my piles.

    • Marlin: Look, it's not whether I want to forgive him, it's whether I can.
      Cobb: Is that what you keep telling yourself?
      Marlin: Hey, you never abandon your partner.
      Cobb: Look, I wasn't a cop during the storm Boulet, but I heard the stories of how cops took sniper fire for days. Or how their daughters were being raped. Not every guy that walked during the storm should be punished for the rest of their life.
      Marlin: Like you said Cobb, you weren't there.
      Cobb: No, I was in a prison cell killing a man...and you forgave me.

    • Charlie: Three years we've been partners Marlin. All the good times, all the bad times, all them go out the window to cause I screwed up one time? You continue to stay perfect, Marlin alright.

    • Marlin Boulet: A voodoo killing, huh? This is gonna sell some newspapers.
      Ginger: Just what the city needs right now, a freaking zombie on the loose.

    • Sonny: Brother, you're getting out in four months right. You gotta promise me, when you get out check on her alright, make sure she's doing okay.
      Cobb: You mean beat the crap out of the guys who might be hanging out with her, right Sonny?
      Sonny: You would do that for me wouldn't you Trevor?
      Cobb: Of course Sonny, I'll kick their asses man.

    • Ginger: You learned about voodoo to impress a girl?
      Boulet: I kept kosher once to impress a girl.
      Jeff: How did that work out for you?
      Boulet: Great. Until she caught me cheating on her with a pulled pork po' boy.

  • NOTES (2)