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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2007 on FOX

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  • Not worth your time - at least, not yet.

    To be honest, I couldn't watch the whole episode, because I got so bored by it.

    The reason it gets(well, reasons) 4 instead of even less, is Anthony Anderson, who does a BRILLIANT job, just like in The Shield, and the other one is the portrayal of New Orleans. It's scary how realistic it is.

    But any other way, this episode failed. The writers are not exploiting the options of Katria at all. Just another crime show with zero originality.

    I don't understand this. If you have such a good set, why not make use of it?

    Of course, it might improve. Because there is so much potential in it.
  • Very promising. Surprisingly good acting, the setting is real, and they aren't afraid to touch tough topics that must make Mr. Murdoch squirm.

    This is one of several new shows that I decided to watch, but didn't have high expectations for. Pilots sometimes don't show what you can expect for the main run, but if this keeps the same level, it's going to be on my regular viewing list. Anderson's acting stands out, but most of the cast is solid. The plot, the willingness to touch tough issues -- the scene showing the graffiti on the buildings, the use of "BlackRiver" security -- read "Blackwater" and check recent headlines, and the motive for the crime, and how it was explained all must have made Rupert wish he had more control over Fox Entertainment.

    The plotting was solid, and they showed a skill in using minor points. "They let me keep my radio" was a throwaway line, except it wasn't -- and the way they ended that plot sequence was surprising and right, when they had an 'easy' alternative.

    There are weaknesses. They have to show scenes that aren't at that high intensity -- the only quiet scenes exploded in horror (a plot style they have to be careful not to overuse), the other police officers are still zeros, and please don't show his neighbor singing again. There are bumpy spots, but if they iron them out and the show can survive its time slot, it will be well worth following.
  • Could do better

    If a school report was written for this show then the above would be recommended.

    Don't get me wrong i thought the opening pilot was great but it was lacking something, it doe's have promise and I like both Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as actors, however the rest of the cast were pretty stale.

    The first episode concentrated on the two main characters and some of there background(s) but we are only into the opening pilot and already people are putting this show down, yes something's will need spicing up and keeping the audience watching or else they will pull the plug on this show never to return.
  • An intriguing start to a series that offers something unique.

    So far, the draw of this show is the setting. It's still amazing that two years later, a major city of the United States of America is worse than most third-world countries. Seeing that much of NO is still a ghost town is jarring and that, more than anything, gives the series its dramatic punch.

    For the action, Anderson is well cast as the man desperate to believe things can go back to the way they once were despite everyone else feeling differently. His relationship with his former partner is well done as you can actually understand Charlie a bit, cracking under such extreme cirumstances while Boulet assumes everyone can be as strong as him. I'm glad Charlie survived as that can be a cool dynamic to play with trying to help Marlin out and forcing him to forgive him.

    I liked Hauser as Cobb, laid-back at first but bringing it and standing right up to Boulet. The twist of him being a former crook was good and I like how Anderson makes it clear he'll be watching, still considering his partner a crook deep down, which gives the partnership a new angle.

    I'll admit, I assumed the father was involved in the land scam but having the seemingly flighty daughter be behind it as payback for her brother was good. The action scenes were very well done and I enjoyed seeing Anderson's intensity with his family. I also liked the touches like "Waterbombing" a house which really is more effective in a city like this.

    Overall, it could use a bit of tightening but the elements are there for a good ride while showing more of a city still desperate for help. Anderson alone gives it a good edge and Hauser's character is deeper than expected. That can hopefully make it stand out from other cop shows out there and give more limelight to a much-needed city.
  • Review

    I tuned into this show looking for a reason to watch it over Heroes and there was nothing here at all that would ever make me do that. The show is decent, but it has the same storyline that every cop drama show seems to have nowadays. Where the originality in this show? Numb3rs uses math. Criminal Minds uses profiles. CSI invented this kind of stuff. 24 has the countdown clock. The pilot episode really didnt do anything for me. I dont think they did much character devolopment with the first episode of the series. Martin and his marraige issues wasnt anything amazing and the water rushing into his house halfway through the episode was uh...interesting. Somethink tells me the little girl would have been screaming long before the water starting running down the stairs. I think the show is average, I would turn it on and watch it just because every episode looks like it will be a "standalone" episode, but there was nothing really here for me to continue to watch this series.
  • Not what I excepted but not bad.

    I'm not sure what I was expecting but this pilot was okay. I plan on giving it a few more episodes before making a decision. This pilot was exactly that a pilot. It gave us peaks and glimpes into the cast. The script was all right. Nothing to dramatic. Car chases, guns fights, exploding cars everything expected for a crime drama. I am hoping for a little bit more character development in future episodes. The plot of the selling the land to make the 9th Ward, 'go away' was actually really interesting and I love the twist of the convict turn cop, that I think is going to be great perspective.
  • I was not impressed at all.

    I was one of those people who lost interest in the plot of the show maybe because of it's unoriginality. The actors just did not do it for me or maybe it was the writers. I really do not know because I was bored with it almost at the get go. A pilot show should grab the viewer's interest immediately to want that viewer to come back. I am getting tired of shows that do not WOW me. I feel like I'm wasting my time when I could be doing something else or even viewing another show that is so much better. I think I will check in on future show reviews to see if this show improves tremendously before I waste my time again.
  • Buddy buddy cop show set in post Katrina, New Orleans...

    LOVED IT!!! What an exciting start to a refreshing new series from Fox. The concept of a cop show set in New Orleans, post Katrina, is intriguing and sets the stage for unique and dynamic characters in a modern day "Wild West." There is also a heart to the story, underneath the action facade, which leaves you wanting to know more and slowly peel away the layers to the complex characters created.

    Very cinematic, and wonderfully directed and shot. Love the hand held realism in some of the more intense sequences. The teaser recreates a realism that brings you back to the horrific images we remember seeing daily on the news.

    Feels like a big summer blockbuster on the small screen.
  • A nice introduction to our main characters and the city that they are tasked to protect. Anderson and Cole do great in their perspective roles and are totally believe-able. The city of New Orleans is as much a star as the characters but were not bogged

    A nice introduction to our main characters and the city that they are tasked to protect. Anderson and Cole do great in their perspective roles and are totally believe-able. The city of New Orleans is as much a star as the characters but were not bogged in how bad the storm was or political barbs. While using the city and the devastation as a backdrop the show focuses on the police and there efforts to restore order. So far Cole and Anthony are the only ones we know anything about which is fitting since they are the stars but the door is open for the rest of the teams stories to be told. Did the show give us the cliffhanger ending of 24 or leave us with the mystery of Lost? No but if you want to see endearing characters each week and the professional and personal struggles they must endure i'd say this show is a safe bet.
  • ok start...

    It's always hard to start off a show because you have to introduce a whole cast of new characters and you have to introduce the setting. K-Ville started a little slow, but it wasn't that bad. I really like the backgrounds on the characters Cobb and Marlin. In this episode, the cops are after the killer of a singer that was singing at a benefits concert. The investigation led to a woman that was buying up the 9th ward so that none of the people would come back; she believed that the hurricane "clensed" New Orleans. I didn't really like the investigating part of the episode; it wasn't done very well. I liked the story just for the characterization, but it just wasn't very original. Overall, ok start to a series, I hope it'll get better.
  • Convict becomes Cop; since when...

    It was a good show, something I am going to have to get into. However, the convict to cop transformation is something that is a little outside the realm of reality, in which is something I am going to have to mentally block out in order to watch the show. Hopefully, Heroes will not interfere with my DVR or K-Ville will get the axe on my DVR.

    Its a good show for a pilot, but I would prefer to save Heroes over K-Ville. But lets hope that this doesnt happen and that I can continue to watch K-Ville and Heroes together.
  • Backdrop and Human Drama about community and family quite good, police procedural side bad. In fact the latter seems to be sandwiched in to sell the show to the networks more than anything.

    Having originally watched this because I thought it was the new David Simon (The Wire) show I quickly clicked that it wasn't. This pilot which is only now broadcasting on channel 5 in the UK can't decide if it wants to be serious drama or police procedural.

    Two years after Hurricane Katrina the community in New Orleans has still not fully recovered, people are moving away and those that are left are stuck in a city desperate and plagued by ever increasing crime. The main character Marlin is a cop and stuck in the middle of this with a wife who doesn't want to bring their kid up in the enviroment and a new mysterious partner.

    At this point the cop side is completely unsatisfying and brings little to the show. One interesting aspect of the bad guy though was that she wanted to get back at the community for her brother's death. This is a motive that although presented as contrived matched the overall theme of a community rebuilding after a disaster. Less said about the gun toting second baddie the better though. Casino owner but very handy with a semi auto in broad daylight, yeah right, utter rubbish. The ex-partner sub-plot was so not used to potential either. Lets hope he may end up as a snitch and not a cop again.

    What saves this show is the human drama and the theme of rebuilding after a disater. Hopefully this will feature more prominently as the show progresses. I enjoyed Marlin's relationship with his daughter and the idea that his wife didn't want to live in New Orleans anymore. The idea that his partner is an escaped con could be interesting as well. I liked the shots of a New Orleans not given the funding to rebuild itself and the notion that people (the voodoo shop owner)were adpting to survive. Lets hope they don't waste the potential of this backdrop.

    Shame it was cancelled a few years back but for the rest of the season if they can balance the dramatic aspects and the police procedural to not feel like two different shows it could work. And! Don't waste the potential of the backdrop.

    FYI: The David Simon show I thought this was is called 'Treme'. Hopefully in the UK soon.
  • just so-so

    So far there's not much to this show that gave us a nice introduction.
    None of the characters were interesting or intriguing.
    The show had a nice "look" to it, but it's going to need 'something' in order for this show to last.
    Just not sure how much or how interesting they can keep it all centered around post-Katrina.
    Also the editing was not the greatest, in regards to the cops
    going from out of a place, guns a blazing to all ready inside the car caught up with them.
    The other thing that bothered me was the flooding of the daughter's room, it seemed a little too coincidental.
  • This show needs some BAM!!

    I had high hopes for this show since hearing about it last spring. After watching the first episode, however, I have to say that it's got to get a lot better to keep my interest.

    Given the grittiness of New Orleans in general especially post-Katrina, I was expecting something that was a bit more "Shield-esque". From what I saw last night, this is just another generic cop show recycling some of most cliche and tired cop show plots that it could fine. Not very original.

    I really hope it gets better because I WANT to like it, but as Emeril would say, it's got to "kick it up a notch".
  • GREAT!!

    Good start, shot in May 2007. A bit choppy, but I'm sure they were rushed to get a pilot to sell to the Execs at the Fox net work. I know the rest of the series started shooting in July 2007. With new writers and the chance for the hollywood types to let the flavor of New Orleans settle in this will be a great show! So stay tuned and don't give up. Looking forward for 10 more seasons Thank you FOX for bringing this to our fair city! Lets keep this show on the air FOX!
  • Got lots of potential!

    The show has a lot of potential as it tries
    To not exploit the Katrina tragedy as the city of
    New Orleans is indeed the star. As much as the characters
    Make it the star. They come off believable in their parts.
    Anthony Anderson, a comedian from the Transformers movie, plays a been through it all and seen it all cop. That nearly drowned in Katrina while trying to restore order in the city.
    Cole Haser stars as a brooding Afghan war vet who reluctantly teams with Anderson.
    They make an pretty good duo but hopefully will get better as the show progresses. Needs a lot of work as it has so much potential.
    But only time as well as ratings will tell.
  • Give the program a chance to build while allowing New Orleans to rebuild.

    I felt that K-Ville is doing a good job showing the rest of the world how difficult it has been to rebuild. The ninth ward has been fighting three governments - local, state, and federal - to get the funding and help needed to rebuild; their own people, some of whom do not want the ward to rebuild; and the developers who would love to get the land in that area at deep discount. It also is a great moral tale about second chances. I hope that the program and New Orleans are given the chance to shine. I also like that the producers and directors did not try to jam too much into the first episode. It will be interesting to watch the characters development and I love that New Orleans is one of those characters.
  • Det.Martin Boulet and his new, mysterious partner, Trevor Cobb, struggle in post-Katrina NO. Boulet must fight not only with the normal crimes of an almost lawless town, but with hired mercinery killers who are trying to destroy what he holds most dear.

    Too much crammed in for a pilot. We have no idea what we're in for. The plot was confusing and mucked up with sub-plots. It's a pilot, not a feature film. The writing needs serious work. That all being said, the acting and gorgeous shots of New Orleans give me hope for the show.

    Boulet may be the lead, but he has too much on his plate here and seems unhinged at many points. Anderson is doing all he can with awful writing, but there's only so much he can do. Trevor Cobb is going to upstage Boulet, I'm guessing, again and again. He's dark, he's smarter, he's got secrets, and he doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve. If they keep him as quiet as they did in this episode, only speaking out when he actually has information his colleagues or audience need to know, his good looks and brevity are going to be greatly appreciated. At least by me.

    Basically, I think the show could do a lot of good for New Orleans and for these actors. However, it won't unless it finds a pace that can be lived with and hires some new writers.