Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2007 on FOX

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  • Very promising. Surprisingly good acting, the setting is real, and they aren't afraid to touch tough topics that must make Mr. Murdoch squirm.

    This is one of several new shows that I decided to watch, but didn't have high expectations for. Pilots sometimes don't show what you can expect for the main run, but if this keeps the same level, it's going to be on my regular viewing list. Anderson's acting stands out, but most of the cast is solid. The plot, the willingness to touch tough issues -- the scene showing the graffiti on the buildings, the use of "BlackRiver" security -- read "Blackwater" and check recent headlines, and the motive for the crime, and how it was explained all must have made Rupert wish he had more control over Fox Entertainment.

    The plotting was solid, and they showed a skill in using minor points. "They let me keep my radio" was a throwaway line, except it wasn't -- and the way they ended that plot sequence was surprising and right, when they had an 'easy' alternative.

    There are weaknesses. They have to show scenes that aren't at that high intensity -- the only quiet scenes exploded in horror (a plot style they have to be careful not to overuse), the other police officers are still zeros, and please don't show his neighbor singing again. There are bumpy spots, but if they iron them out and the show can survive its time slot, it will be well worth following.