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  • K-ville is a great show! my son and I watch every week. don't cancel it , please!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!

    Please keep K-ville on the air! Great show!!!!!!!!!Please don't cancel K-ville, great show, great actors, really enjoy it, please don't cancel!Please don't cancel k-ville, please don't cancel K-ville, when is it coming back? great actors, great show, great time slot, I don't watch many shows but I look forward to the show every week.Please keep the show on the air! Don't know what else to say, why 100 words to say what i think when i could say it in one sentence. Please keep k-ville on the air! why do i need 100 words to give an opinion about a favorite program? This is ridiculous. I like the show, please don't cancel!!!
  • K-Ville is a really cool show, one of my favorites and one of the best on T.V and it can not be canceled!

    I just want to say that I really love this show K-Ville. It's one that I never miss! Whoever is out there at FOX trying to cancel it, STOP what you're doing!!! This is one of the coolest shows on T.V., don't you dare cancel it. I will no longer watch Fox if you do! Or, if you want me to continue to watch your channel then make sure that K-Ville gets put on another time slot or another channel. It makes no difference to me, as long as I get to watch it. DON'T even think about making me lose my show! Thank you!
  • i think k ville is wonderfull, i love the show and think it should stay on fox for a long time, its great.

    its a 10, i love the show and think it should be brought back next year!!! cole hauser and anthony anderson are great actors. They protray great actors working as new orleans police men, with great potential, with excellent skills. Cole hauser is very handsome and very interesting to watch. The show should be on for a long time, for everyone to watch over and over, and never be bored. I think everyone should vote 10 for the show because its exciting and keeps your interest all the time. All the actors on k ville are very good at what they do!!!
  • Great show, I hope it lasts!

    I really enjoyed the pilot episode of the show. There was lots of action, a great plot, and an original story line. I am hoping that the show gets good ratings so that it will stay on, all the good ones seem to go off... The show kind of reminds me of Lincoln Heights which is another great show. There is good action and great acting. I love the charcters they have charisma together. The show def. works and is worth the watch! Don't miss out on this diamond in the rough, it is a jewel don't miss out on it.
  • I love It!!!

    I didnt think i would... but i am in love.

    Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser were supurb. I am going to keep watching.. hopefully FOX doesnt cancel another great show. And this is orginal. This isnt something that i have seen recently, or probably ever. I hope they get into Cole's dirty little secret.

    And not to mention how good it is for NO.

    Now the rest of the world could see how much damage is still there. This is going to be a great show. And i cant wait for the rest of the season.

    Please watch.. Great Show.. great plot. Home it works
  • I definately say WATCH IT!!

    I have seen some of the other reviews written. I guess some people don't like it. I think it's great. Anthony Hamilton couldn't be better. I stronly suggest watching it if you havn't. Ok there are other cop shows, but this is way better and to think it takes place somewhere that has meaning. Most shows take place at a studio in LA. lol Come on people get with the program. If you say this isn't good tv then you don't know what good tv is. Yeah, go watch reality tv and keep wishing you were on it. Meanwhile, everyone is winning money, but YOU!!
  • All episodes are excellent if you remember it is meant to get ratings! Not necessarily real to life police work. Some things right on some things over the top.

    This is an excellent show. It is fast paced most of the time, enjoyable, and often comical. The only thing people who turn it off within five minutes need to remember is that it is made for television, not necessarily the way things really roll.
    It is a show you can pick up on any episode and still enjoy even if you haven't seen any of the previous shows. You'll be missing a little info that way, but it's still good. I have watched each episode as it came on and thoroughly loved it, have even managed to get my husband to watch and he's all sorts of into criminal justice. Some things he agrees with and some things he tears apart, but as he puts it "the unreal parts sometimes make the story."
  • Who is burning destroyed houses? How? Why is the insurance denied? Does the beautiful Fire Marshall have something to do with the fires? Who killed the insurance agent?? Who is the dirty cop?? And the most important question..Does Cobb finally get "IT"??

    Storyline (Flood, Wind and Fire)tonite was one of the more interesting episodes. Cobb/Hauser came through loud and clear...and oh my.... is that man good-looking.. Anthony/Boulet toned it down and showed he is human after all. The insurance scam and who set the fire(?) had me guessing and saying "oh no... poor Cobb" I even wondered if Boulet could have??...nawww not Boulet. The visuals of New Orleans are so very touching. Looking for the dirty cop is a good sub-story and well acted. The jokes were funny. I laughed out loud at Cobb's expressions. (oh my..is that man good-looking) This show is getting better all the time. Put it in a better time slot and please keep it on the air.
  • I picked three new shows from the fall season and K-Ville was on my list. I as just checking my Tivo and noticed it was in the line up anymore

    I picked three new shows from the fall season and K-Ville was on my list. I as just checking my Tivo and noticed it was in the line up anymore….I hop this show hasn't been canceled. I really enjoy watching this show…it makes me feel like I'm back in New Orleans….it s a good show and fox needs to keep in on the air. Why is the network so quick to pull a show off…I personally have to Tivo shows because of work and school. ..this is a new and fresh cop show….I'm really impressed it doesn't come off like a written script…its fresh and exciting please don't take it off the air!!!
  • GREAT!

    i think it very great! i like this stye! i love it!hope to take more and more eps! i like cobb.he is a good man,good police,very kindly!100 words? i cannot give out.i have no idea to say, i just think this tvplay is very wonderful.i like it.i hope everybody likes it!there are about 50 words left!i don't know what i say!that is very funny! this week is no new episode, just waiting.waiting to next monday(chinese tuesday)! aha, has left 26 words!
    great!good!wonderful! i like it!sÄÜ·¢ÖÐÎÄÂð???¿´ÆðÀ´²»Ëã×ÖÊý!( can i use chinese characters? i think cannot! the characters are not considered the english words, so
  • I am taking the time to email you regarding this show because I believe it is one of the best of the new offerings on all the channels. I have heard somewhere that networks are in the process of cutting some of the new programs. DO NOT CUT KVILLE

    One of the reasons I believe in this show is that it keeps New Orleans out front, if only in an entertaining way. I do believe that Anderson is one of the best actors to show up on a new show. I know I have seen his face before, be am not really familiar with any other works. One of the reviewers mentioned "too nice" but that I believe is part of the draw of the show. Blood and guts, etc. is not always needed for a good story. ANYWAY, I am putting in my vote to keep Kville moving forward. I think, just as an old couch tater, you have something going on. The whole cast seems to meld well.

    Keep up the good work. I am a 70 year old retiree and get to watch all the new shows via satellite and get feeds from both coasts. Have only noticed 3 or 4 new shows that have kept my interest....Kville is at the top of the list.
  • I don't know what exactly makes it any better then the average cop show out there but it is.

    I think one of the things that sets this show apart from the rest is the setting. Most of the cop shows you see are set in large major cities that a dozen shows have been set in before. I personally can't think of any other show that sets itself in a place so unique and marred by a recent tragedy. The characters are also a reason I love this show. The partnership of a seasoned cop trying to rebuild his beloved city and an ex con trying to start over is intriguing and it works. The dynamic is interesting. You would usually expect that the ex army guy would play the tough cop. But so far Boulet plays the tough guy and Cobb the good guy. Hope the rest of the season is as good as the first 2 episodes. And that FOX knows a good show when they see it.
  • In my opinion, the best show on FOX since House. This show did not dissapoint!

    So, I've seen the Pilot and Cobb's Web so far, and I must say, I enjoyed every minute of K-Ville! What better setting for drama than New Orleans, Louisiana? I've seen Anthony Anderson portray quite a few roles, and I personally think he shines in dramatic parts. I'm also quite a fan of Cole Hauser and John Carrol Lynch as well. The commercials said it was a groundbreaking drama, and they were right. The pilot was absolutely solid, the acting on K-Ville is exceptional, and you can just feel the intense atmosphere of such a vivid and powerful city! I hope K-Ville continues to be a great show, and I strongly encourage anyone interested in it to watch it!
  • Right out off the back, it get's your blood boiling and ready for more.A must see.This is a good "must see".Being a southern woman, this gets me glued to the tube every episode and even if they show reruns(I'M THERE).

    Keep it coming, because this show was well overdue.Even the details about the city were so accurate, the characters, the streets, the bldgs, demeanor & the accents are a bit much,but keep up the good work.It is going to be one of the greats, hopefully they don't cancell it, like all the other good ones. I see this show adding a certain flair to the new line ups.Some other networks are gonna try to steal it or make their own KVille.It is an time bomb, just simmering and any episode now, it's just gonna have your even more blown away.You just watch and see.The cast of KVille should look for new bankers b/c the money is about to roll in like the cast of Seinfield and Friends.
  • Great scenes of New Orleans...

    I was born and raised in New Orleans, the Irish Channel. My husband is also from New Orleans, the 9th ward. So considering where they focused the most of episode on, I found interesting. They pulled no punches in showing the city how it is now. If you think that many of those homes are a hollywood set, you are wrong. I have been back to New Orleans and it is NO DIFFERENT than it was in 2005. This episode started out well, and we got to know Boulet. Cobb plays off of him fairly well, but he needs to loosen up a bit. Hopefully in the next one or two episodes the series will hit it pace...
  • New Orleans PD tales after the flood.Looks at daily life on the beat in New Orleans and the garbage behind the scenes of a day in New Orleans crime syndication

    This show would have been better over time. I believe that because it was New Orleans and not New York it was short lived. This was a keeper in my mind it had all the essentials of being a 5 season show before being axed. I think that there should be a reconsideration on this show and bring it back. There was so much potential and it wasn't a CSI like show it was really a show about how living as a cop in a corrupt city after a flood might be portrayed to an audience that otherwise had not a clue.
    Thanks for the tease show.
  • Why networks keep canceling good shows, not giving enough time?

    K-ville is an excellent cop show, yet different from the others with the story of New Orleans, its people and Katrina.
    It has the same rawness NYPD Blue had. With the TV-reality era, which is so fake, we need some shows that shakes reality, shows that bother our minds, shows that push limits. Enough of glossy shows.

    I was drawn to K-ville by the characters, all are hurting in some ways but find in themselves qualities they thought did not have. They are survivors. The dynamic between the actors is great, filming is raw, perfectly showing the anguish, struggles of a town with its reality.

    K-Ville needs to come back.
  • Awesome

    This newie is outstanding, I'm loving it, and I just hope its going up against Heroes doesn't hurt it in the long run, as it deserves glory.

    The 2 leads are brilliant, and have just the right amount of chemistry and tension to pull off their characters with perfect gravitas. Anthony Anderson especially I'd've not expected to see in such a role but he's been exceptional.

    Even the supports have so far been excellent, and it's a team I now look forward to visiting each week. I can only hope this show pulls in sufficient numbers to keep in going and doesn't end up like Smith, another awesome show that just didn't garner enough attention to offset its (albeit very high) cost. Essential viewing!
  • really orginal tv show

    Break the rule of cups show and it s far from all the classic cops show I m waiting to see how it will goes
    The sound track is great, good song, give the show soul.
    The two main characters are good but the secondary are totally absent t least in the pilot. The story is not bad but is a really difficult to keep us attached because it seems that there is no suspense in the drama.
    What I like the most is that it shows another face of u.s not the shiny pretty face of LA. And this moral part of the show is not to give us lesson but to point a new facet of America This show has very good potential but need a stronger screen play. We need to see more to judge the show I hope that they will not lose there chat to do something new
  • I liked it but can it last.

    I just watched the pilot on my tivo and I have to say I like it. I think when the characters get more developed they will be very interesting. I thought there was some great video footage of what New Orleans still looks like. The police captain even talks like he is from there. I am a little scared of how long this show can make it with it going up against Heroes but I hope it stays on. One thing I did not like was how it is filmed, it reminds me of Friday Night Lights. Overall I give it a thumbs up and hope it progresses well enough keep from getting canceled.
  • expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to simple, sexy,

    I don't know what people were looking for when this show debuted. What we got was a decent action show with a provocative setting. I hate to sound insensitive but I don't find New Orleans off limits or sacrosanct due to the Katrina disaster. I really am upset that a lot of people panned the show just because it was set there or worse expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to Afghanistan and thanks to a Hurricane his criminal record is gone. Sure some leaps of faith had to be made but as a simple, sexy, action piece I feel it succeeded.
  • Ambitious storylines add a bit of an unrealistic air to the series, but otherwise it is a down to earth and gritty rendition of crime in a disaster zone.

    The strength of K-Ville undoubtedly lies in its two lead actors, both of whom do an excellent job and fit their roles perfectly. Anthony Anderson is one of several Shield veterans who have taken a role reversal such as Danny Pino(who went from Latin Pedophile Rapist to a dedicated and slightly naive detective in Cold Case) going from hardcore drug kingpin villian to the perfect example of what every cop should strive to be, showing his range of acting like Pino before him to be quite a broad one.

    The supporting cast is a bit of a mixed bag unfortunately, primarily the Captain whose name I am too lazy to look up at the moment. His accent is atrocious, and comes across in some middle ground that it is neither television cliche aethetic nor does it feel quite legitimate. Blake Shields(formerly of the late lamented Showtime series Sleeper Cell) is at the other end of the spectrum however, and plays the younger-but-not-quite-rookie cop role to a T, but is underused except for to summarize information for the leads(and the viewers.) Everyone else so far is rather unimpressionable, and some of the guest spots have been below par.

    Production wise the approach is like previous series to attempt the grittier atmosphere such as the Shield, with shakey, and oft times grainy, camera work which works well for the series.

    As mentioned in the summary, the storylines are ambitious to say the least. The very first episode starts off with a mercenary conspiracy, followed up by a massive prison break... conspiracy, and then again followed up by a (guess what) conspiracy between latin gang members and politicians. Obviously the intention to make New Orleans look vulnerable, yet the string of unprobable highly organized crimes takes away from the realistic feel that is otherwise present in the series. Again to use the Shield as a reference point, as it is a close comparison, you see none of the day to day crimes or normal gang warfare backing up larger storylines, simply a more aggressive storyline after another shoved into an hour of television.

    Overall, the series is quite enjoyable and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't make it. It needs to fix up a few minor issues and tone down the storylines before it burns out too fast, but it is the makings of a quality cop drama in a unique setting.
  • I thought this show would be terrible, but it's not that bad....

    This show follows two cops that work in New Orleans after Katrina. One cop is a native and the other is an outsider. I actually like the characters. The white cop, I forgot his name, seems to be pretty quiet but smart. He seems to have a mysterious, intersting past. The black cop has an interesting story about his old partner that left. I really like the characters and the overall idea of the show. It might be a little too early to tell, but I think this is a great show. For me, it has potential. I hope it gets better!
  • Anthony Anderson in a serious cop drama...whoa.. he/she who saw that coming raise your hands....Liars.

    Just watched the pilot and im very pleased. First thing i thought when i heard that A.A would be in a drama show was; Never gonna happen. Who knew Mr. Anderson could do a serious role and about a touchy subject.

    Camera work gives the show a touch of reality and at the same time looks shaky and unprofessional. I know, sounds insane but hey, my review.

    The darkness of all the characters is kind of unpleasent, nothing is how it seems; all we got is hope seems to be the big issue here. Reminds me of another show.

    And a huge plus is that the show is actually shot in Big Easy for the most of the parts anyway.

    Hope this show stays cause it is good.
  • With grand potential, this show injects some heart into the tragedy of Katrina's aftermath.

    Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) never knows when to quit. That seems to be the underlying theme of this show as evidenced by the pilot. Bad things happen and he keeps on going. Now he's hooked up with a mysterious new partner, Trevor from Cincinnati. (Okay, is this the city of mystery on television this year?)

    The shots of devastation and despair show what these men are up against, what the whole remaining NOPD is up against. The acting is understated and not too bad. It's easy to buy Anthony Anderson as a guy on the edge even though I miss the lighter delivery which only shines through a little in a touching scene with his character's daughter. Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb is a good casting choice, and it is great to see Hauser back in the saddle as a cop so many years after High Incident went off the air.

    Given a chance, this show will find a niche and excel. It could be a gritty cop drama or a story of hope and dogged rebuilding. Ideally it will be a little of both.
  • It's Starting Pretty Good

    I have to say that it is interesting. I like the location and the setting of this show, not to often we see a detective drama at Lousiana and to use the after affects of the hurricane and blend it in is done very well.

    I enjoy the characters at this point, I don't like the partner, ex-inmate character right now, but I am interested in seeing how his past will catach up with him in this show.

    Fox's got a good chance with a show that started off with a great start to keep this show alive. If it is cancelled, they should at least keep it going for all of the first season. This show has plenty of potenial to be one of my most favorite new shows of the year.
  • Good but needs some work!

    A good show that needs some work but I do See it has a lot of potential if it can just
    Change some things about it. As hopefully it doesn't
    Try to exploit what happened after Katrina two years ago.
    Comedian Anthony Anderson plays a cop who has been there and done that. And nearly drowned while saving the lives of those affected by Katrina. He is reluctantly partnered with Cole Haser's Trevor. Who is a Afghan war vet. The two, as it seems on every cop show, don't get along at first as they seem stuck with one another. But eventually, they seem to like each other enough so far. We'll see what happens now won't we?!
  • A good show, just needs some small fine tuning

    I love the show and recently fox has done no wrong. I've been intrigued by this show more than most cops shows, but just a little less than the sheild. I like some of the issues it tackles, the actors, especially Anthony Anderson as he finally gets to be the good guy, and how it highlights katrina and keeps new orleans on the minds of people across america. i am intrigued and will continue to watch but hope that the series will fix some time constrint issues. Most important of which is how Cobb is already a detective after breaking out of prison and serving as a ranger. if he only signed a contract for two years this makes some more sense, but to already go through the academy. Others are how fast the swat team arived at the airport when we just saw them on the other side of town. We have seen however the show tackle some important issues in NO including corruption, the status people moving back and the status of the ninth ward. Im excited to continue watching and see how the show improves
  • Good stuff, despite the shaky camera work.

    In a nutshell, K ville is a peep show into the
    undercurrents of seamy New Orleans post Katrina world (Katrina)ville. I like the notion of non-Whollyweird shooting location. It's nice not to see Vancouver, Yoo Ess Aye.

    Gritty, interesting, and hot.

    Everybody is flawed, layered, and not always clean. Gee, it's a reality show!

    Of course, it's really science fiction, since the law enforcement system has little to do with constitutional law. But it doesn't stop the fun. Let's see the Big Easy, with all her warts and fleas.

    The only really nasty thing is the production / cinematography. Too much reliance on shaky hand held camera work. It's nauseating, and wastes high definition. Might as well watch it on a 13" NTSC B&W.
  • Better than I thought it would be.

    When I first heard about this show I thought to myself, "Great another buddy cop show, just what we need." But then I heard that Cole Houser would be a part of the show. I have been a fan of his ever since Dazed and Confused. Then I heard about Anthony Anderson, I am also a big fan of his. But the name of the show just didn't jump out at me screaming, "This show is going to be a good one."

    You see I am of the opinion that there are too many crime dramas on television. But I watched the premire of this show and I was very impressed. I love the fact that it takes place in post Katrina New Orleans. So far I have found the show to be a very well written and performed gripping show. I hope that it is a break out hit for FOX.
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