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  • Yawn...

    I am afraid that this show is doomed. But, I thought I would give it a chance and look at it -- Here we go....

    Music -- Very Good
    Cinematography -- Very Good
    Story Line -- Very Bad
    Acting -- Very Bad
    Story Flow -- What flow?
    New Orleans Drawls -- Laughable

    This show will go by way of the Bionic Woman and the other shows that attempt to push a story line that is not compelling. There are too many other shows that are more deserving that will get my attention.

    Let's put it this way; if the Black Donnelly's cannot make it a season on air -- this show has a snowball's chance in K-Ville.

    Nuff Said

    I don't really know what to say about this show other than WOW that was incredibly bad. I found myself stopping the Tivo repeatedly and having to take a break to get back to reality.

    First of all, if you live in New Orleans, or are familiar at all with New Orleans, you just as soon not watch. Being from New Orleans, I found myself watching the scenery going by, and wondering, "Wait, how did they get from the French Quarter, over to the other side of the river and then back again?" I get it, the chase scenes work out much better in uninhabited areas. But come on, anyone familiar with the geography of New Orleans can figure out, ok they started the chase in the French Quarter, then they went east over to the bridge, and now back halfway to the French Quarter... what kind of escape route is that for the thieves? Anyway, geographical inaccuracies aside, the suspension of disbelief this show assumes is ridiculous. One of the main characters, Trevor Cobb, is supposed to be "fresh off a tour of duty in Afghanistan." OK, fine. If that were all there was to it, fine, I could SORT of see that. HOWEVER, they later reveal he is a convict, who escaped from jail during Katrina (let's just say September 2005... keep that date in mind,) and the show takes place 2 YEARS after Katrina (not 10 years... two years...) So in the two years since Katrina, this guy entered the armed forces, went through basic, went through special forces training, did a tour of Afghanistan, came back to the states, went through the police academy, AND took his detectives exam... all that... in two years. Ummmm... ok, I could be wrong, but doesn't all that seem a BIT unlikely?

    Then we have the meat of th show, the group of, what I am only assuming are detectives, since they don't really say what they are. The Captain is talking to them about making a case against the mercs, so I can only ASSUME they are all detectives. These "detectives" don't seem to be like any other detectives in the history of law enforcement. They drive around in a mix of marked and unmarked cars (Boulet and Cobb are in a marked car that gets blown up, then all of a sudden they are in an unmarked car,) wear a mix of what I can only assume are uniforms and civilian clothes, and apparently carry assault gear around with them in the event of an emergency. So I can't figure out, if they are detectives, why are they wearing the black uniforms with NOPD all over them, or if they are not detectives, why are they wearing regular clothes half the time. And the assault gear thing at the end, during the helicopter scene, what was that about? I mean, if they are detectives, why the SWAT gear (helmets, goggles, assault rifles) and why would they just, not only HAVE them with them in the car, but also be wearing all that, while they are driving around? Boulet calls for backup in the final chase scene, the backup says they are on Carondolet. They then show up mere minutes after Boulet and Cobb get to the helipad. So did they go back and change into SWAT gear, or were they jsut driving around with it in the trunk and stopped to change. The plot holes and timeline discrepancies destroy this show.

    This show is pretty much unwatchable, and is really only on to generate sympathy for, and pump money into the economy of New Orleans. However, unless it gets remarkably better, very quickly, it will get canceled
  • Watched five minutes of this show and gave up.

    First off: the swat team in geading into a dangerous situation and I notice none of them are wearing helmets?? Then the reporter that is there for the ride along takes out a $10 digital camera that she probably got out of a cracker jack box to take a picture from over 100 ft away with a flash - the flash being required to alert the bad guys. My 12 year old could write a better script. Very, very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very bad.
  • Boring and unoriginal is a complement. This show is a (poorly cast) copy of Prison Break. It needs to be canceled ASAP to make room for another show, such as THEM (which is about an alien sleeper cell on Earth)

    In this day and age of computer record keeping, any arrests - and convictions - are immediately input into the system. How the writers or series creator Jonathan Lisco thought anyone would buy the "records were lost during a hurricane, so no one will ever know" premise is unfathomable. There's no way a convicted felon would be able to get into the military, much less get out and join a police force, especially since he still had time left on his sentence. And if one person can "dig thru boxes" until they find the arrest paperwork for one guy, believe me, the military, and especially the police department, would be able to find that very quickly. Plus, the time line is all wrong; supposedly Finally, the writing...this cop drama is mediocre at best.
  • Review

    This is my review for the pilot episode, which translates into my review for the show as well...since I believe this will be my final episode of the series...

    I tuned into this show looking for a reason to watch it over Heroes and there was nothing here at all that would ever make me do that. The show is decent, but it has the same storyline that every cop drama show seems to have nowadays. Where the originality in this show? Numb3rs uses math. Criminal Minds uses profiles. CSI invented this kind of stuff. 24 has the countdown clock. The pilot episode really didnt do anything for me. I dont think they did much character devolopment with the first episode of the series. Martin and his marraige issues wasnt anything amazing and the water rushing into his house halfway through the episode was uh...interesting. Somethink tells me the little girl would have been screaming long before the water starting running down the stairs. I think the show is average, I would turn it on and watch it just because every episode looks like it will be a "standalone" episode, but there was nothing really here for me to continue to watch this series.
  • This show felt as if it were trying to hard to be topical, and contained so many police/crime show cliches I felt like I was watching a rerun of any tired police drama I've ever seen. I don't plan on giving this show a second chance.

    Fall 2007 is pretty lean on new good shows. If it weren't, I might not have checked out K-ville. The New Orleans post-disaster setting seemed from the onset as if the show were trying a bit too hard to be topical, but the lack of competition this fall and some imagery cues that seemed similar to The Shield were enough to make me want to tune in for at least a trial run.

    And I was largely disappointed. The pilot episode did seem like it was trying to hard, relying on both the show's setting and its recovery from Katrina for background, and with a rather bland roll-call introduction of the characters that will populate the shows later episodes. The first episode seemed mostly composed of tired cop-show cliches:

    1. The main character is carrying emotional baggage (partner left him during Katrina).
    2. He is assigned a new partner.
    3. New partner has a secret military background, is emotionally unstable (just like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.
    4. There is friction between main character and new partner.
    5. In the first episode, someone close to the main character is a victim of violent crime (in this case his neighbor the singer), so "this time...it's personal."

    As for similarities to The Shield, the shaky camera work and color filtering is similar, but that's about it. In episode 1/season 1 of The Shield, the main cop character kills another cop, and you knew from that point that this show was not your typical police drama. K-ville offered no such differentiation.

    I found this show boring, and I felt like I was watching a rerun of a thousand other police dramas.
  • "Unoriginal" is putting it mildly. While the premise is mildy interesting, the back story on the main characters is completely unbelievable.

    In this day and age of computer record keeping, any arrests - and convictions - are immediately input into the system. How the writers or series creator Jonathan Lisco thought anyone would buy the "records were lost during a hurricane, so no one will ever know" premise is unfathomable. There's no way a convicted felon would be able to get into the military, much less get out and join a police force, especially since he still had time left on his sentence. And if one person can "dig thru boxes" until they find the arrest paperwork for one guy, believe me, the military, and especially the police department, would be able to find that very quickly. Plus, the time line is all wrong; supposedly Trevor Cobb was in jail when the hurricane hit, and had "two months left on his sentence." He got out, joined the military, served a tour in Afghanistan, then got out and joined the police force. It's now two years after Hurricane Katrina hit. Let's see...escaped jail, joined the military. That's a 4 YEAR commitment minimum. Right there we have a problem. Supposedly, Cobb was in an elite unit (though it's not specified which one); basic training is a minimum 13 weeks, and advanced training (AIT) is another 3 months minimum, just for a basic grunt. Army Rangers is 9 weeks, and requires jump school (for Airborne certification), which is 3 weeks. Right there we have 6 months. Assuming he got out of jail AND went directly to the Army recruiters office to sign up AND shipped out to basic training the next day, that leaves 18 months. Assuming he did all that, he would have been assigned to a unit, then shipped out to Afghanistan; that is a one-year tour, *minimum* (and I know, I was there in 1993, where I was awarded one of my two purple hearts for being injured in combat.) Supposedly we're led to believe he did his tour, then got out, which means he spent 6 months somewhere else. Possible? Yes. So's winning the lottery this week. Probable? Hardly. Prior to joining ANY elite military forces (Rangers, Special Forces, Seals, et. al), there are a battery of tests, both physical and mental, and an extensive background check. Which would have turned up his arrest and conviction, and he would not only have been barred from the elite forces, he would have been court martialed for lying to the military and sent back to jail.

    Finally, the writing...this cop drama is mediocre at best. The acting is decent enough, but this is nothing to write home about (pun intended.) The actors are doing the best with what they're been given to work ith, but that's not much. The network thinks enough time has passed since Hurricane Katrina, but in reality, this show is doing nothing more than trying to use a tragedy and natural disaster to garner viewers, and simply recycling old ideas against a new backdrop. It doesn't work. I suffered through the first episode...and I'll probably watch the second one, if only to give it a chance. But this isn't "Hill Street Blues", "Law and Order" (any of them), or any of the other decent cop dramas. It's generic, bland, vanilla writing with stories and characters that are so made up, the viewers won't be able to relate to them.

    If this show makes it 6 episodes, much less a whole season, I'll be surprised.
  • K-Ville isn't horrible, but it isn't great either.

    When it was announced that a new police procedural taking place in post-Katrina New Orleans, the first word to a lot of minds was: exploitation. It's not such a bad idea, and it could even be a respectful, riveting tribute to the reality of the situation in a place that still struggles but remains out of the conscious mind of most of the country after all this time. Or, it could be a gimmick. Not that there's anything wrong with gimmicks in and of themselves, but when a gimmick centers around a natural disaster and suffering and it's clear that it's just an excuse, a hook, to try to get people to tune into this instead of whatever version of "Law and Order" or "CSI," well. . .

    In my opinion, what would really make "K-Ville" work, what it needs to work, is to be really, really good. Top-notch writing, acting, production. It can't just be the same-old, same-old shot on location in New Orleans. But that, unfortunately, is pretty much what "K-Ville" gives us.

    In terms of procedurals, it's not as bad as "Criminal Minds," but it's not anything particularly good either. I feel like the pilot could have originally been written very generically and then altered a little to incorporate the New Orleans slant. And that is the biggest crime that the show could perpretrate.

    I don't feel that, in watching "K-Ville," I get an understanding of what's life really like in modern day New Orleans and that's the problem. I don't feel this city in the show like I feel, for example, Baltimore in "The Wire." It may feel unfair to compare a dinky show like this with such excellence as "The Wire" but I really don't think that "K-Ville" will be around long enough for anyone to mind.
  • Okay but didn't grab my attention

    K-Ville was an allright watch, but it wouldn't bother me if I missed an episode. It seems to me that they are portraying New Orleans police department as idiots for hiring an ex con. I understand the flood lost the paperwork and they are in desperate need for police officers but really if one cop can find out then how come the whole police force can't. Seems a little far fetched. Everybody seems so angry in this show also, I know it is a place of dire circumstances but does everyone have to be so pissed off? I hope the shows get more interesting or I can imagine it won't last for very long.
  • this Katrinaville special may be a hit.

    Just because I said it might be a hit does not mean that i am going to watch it. I caught the premeire last night, and it was decent. just decent. Characters were kind of confusing, and for a pilot episode last night I thought it was a little too packed full of information.

    im also not sure of America is ready for a show on then aftermaths of Katrina when the tradgedy struck just two years ago. i don think i will be sticking with it, but K-ville does still seem like a half way decent show. from me, it gets a 7.3.
  • I have watched all the K-ville's so far.

    I like this show. I love the setting, the actors and the show it's self....I like that the "good" guys aren't perfect nor are they people we can't respect. This is one of the few shows on TV with a strong black male lead in a crime drama. He's tough and has a "soft" side. I think it's important for there to be black males in roles like this for our black youth and let's face it there aren't very many, roles like this. I hope the network does it's best to keep this show. Dang went to submit and it said this review as not long enough...it is now!
  • Okay but could be better.

    I suppose this TV series is something different, I cannot remember any other show that took a disaster and made it into a TV series ( though I'm sure someone will correct me ) The show it's self has promise and I like both Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as actors, however the rest of the cast were pretty stale.

    Again this show will need to bring in somemore background suprises for the cast members to keep the audiance tuning in each week and keeping us on our toes, and they will need to do it quick or else it will run it's course and will be binned after about 4 episodes.
  • Not much to show in Pilot

    Well it wasn't a great start to a show I didn't have high expectations for. So this usually isn't a good thing. I mean the show was so obvious from the start. They did have "Ethan" from "Lost" though. That didn't do much but the show has little interesting things to live on. Unless ratings are good this first episode and they stick the next time I see this in cancellation land real soon. I don't expect it to last long but you never know. Just look at "Rules of Engagement" on CBS which ended "The Class" which was by far a better show.
  • New and Old at the same time....

    There are some many reasons why I tuned into see K-ville's Pilot, and I really wasn't as disappointed as I thought I'd be. In fact I think I will try to catch next week's episode as well (no promises after that though). I love New Orleans (pre and post-Katrina), so a show that tries to capture that "Southern City with a Pirate Problem" feel already has a point for it in my book. But on top of that I wanted to see if K-ville was going to be a Law & Order copy or not; as it was K-ville as more of a CSI: Miami spin. How you ask can a New Show (with no CSI affiliations) have a spin of a spin off? Well the answer is "Miami" wasn't every about the CSI, but more about the Detectives and their following the clues, here comes K-ville and it's all about the Detectives and their following the clues...
    Yes I like K-ville, but I won't bring it home to meet my parents...
  • I like the concept. It's good to have a show about New Orleans that illustrates some of the struggles so that people can get a better understanding of what's going on. But based on the pilot there's a lot of work needed.

    For starters I have some concerns about the stereotypes presented. I'm not going to say what they are since they'll spoil the story. But I'll say they aren't what you might expect. Other than that I find the characters intriguing. Their stories cover a wide section of the stories from after the storm and they help to give people who aren't as familiar with the details some insight. That's important to character development in a series like this.

    There are also some concerns about story lines. Cop shows have been done to death. It's going to be difficult to do a cop show without doing the same old thing as well as avoiding too many of the stereotypes that plague the new orleans story as well as cop shows in general.

    All in all I think this is bound to be another above average fox show that will get canceled after it's first season.
  • Good but needs some work!

    A good show that needs some work but I do See it has a lot of potential if it can just
    Change some things about it. As hopefully it doesn't
    Try to exploit what happened after Katrina two years ago.
    Comedian Anthony Anderson plays a cop who has been there and done that. And nearly drowned while saving the lives of those affected by Katrina. He is reluctantly partnered with Cole Haser's Trevor. Who is a Afghan war vet. The two, as it seems on every cop show, don't get along at first as they seem stuck with one another. But eventually, they seem to like each other enough so far. We'll see what happens now won't we?!
  • With grand potential, this show injects some heart into the tragedy of Katrina's aftermath.

    Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) never knows when to quit. That seems to be the underlying theme of this show as evidenced by the pilot. Bad things happen and he keeps on going. Now he's hooked up with a mysterious new partner, Trevor from Cincinnati. (Okay, is this the city of mystery on television this year?)

    The shots of devastation and despair show what these men are up against, what the whole remaining NOPD is up against. The acting is understated and not too bad. It's easy to buy Anthony Anderson as a guy on the edge even though I miss the lighter delivery which only shines through a little in a touching scene with his character's daughter. Cole Hauser as Trevor Cobb is a good casting choice, and it is great to see Hauser back in the saddle as a cop so many years after High Incident went off the air.

    Given a chance, this show will find a niche and excel. It could be a gritty cop drama or a story of hope and dogged rebuilding. Ideally it will be a little of both.
  • as a new orleanian, i have much to say about this one... continuity errors-a-poppin'!! (includes NOLA-style kville drinking game)

    so about all that needed to be said about this series was revealed in a laughable first chase: it starts with the shooting in preservation hall at the corner of st. phillip and bourbon. it rounds a corner and is suddenly across the river in algiers, tearing around under the crescent city connection bridge. moments later, both cars materialize in the warehouse district seconds before the suspect crashes into the riverfront hilton downtown. a foot chase goes inside harrahs casino, only to come out of the intercontinental hotel on st charles with the flipped car somehow outside there too!!! this same 'time warp' phenomenon occurs in a later chase that begins outside a plantation house that is apparently at the corner of st. thomas and st. james in the warehouse district... deep within the concrete jungle. everything else that makes this show so awful is included in the Official New Orleans 'K-Ville" Drinking Game:

    +all drink whenever Boulet mentions anything about gumbo or hotsauce.

    +all drink whenever a term of endearment is used. (it is a cultural thing here to call any stranger a name like 'honey' 'dawlin' 'sweetheart' ect...)

    +all drink once for each 'timewarp' during a chase sequence. (example: in the chase i described above, you would drink 4 times)

    +whenever any character says the phrase "lower nine", the last person to yell "a**hole!" must drink.

    these rules were written by: Baron VonCrabcakes at The Half Moon bar, 10th ward!, NOLA.
  • The classification I used may be a little too nice, but nothing really fits this show perfectly. It's not horrible, but it really isn't that good either.

    I think the creators of the show had good intentions, but it really just doesn't seem to cut it. Whenever I watch this show, I keep glancing back down at the clock on the cable box. I'm overall unimpressed by everything this show has thrown out there for me to see, and I'm ready for this show to be thrown out as well. I am a fan of Anthony Anderson, but I think this is the perfect example of why not to watch a show based on the cast. This show just doesn't work. In summation, there are better shows to watch on Monday night, and I advise you watch those.
  • It's off to a decent start, but I think it really needs some work.

    I have some mixed feelings about this show. I thought it was pretty good but the pilot episode seemed a little disjointed at times and dragged. I think part of the reason is that pilots have so much background information to give you. I think the future episodes should move along a little better. The cast is interesting and makes you root for them.

    When I first heard about the show my thought was the last thing we need is to have more exploitation of the hurricane and the aftermath. I do have to say that they seem to be handling it well. I'm looking forward to more good police drama in the future.
  • I'm expecting to see something new and different. The creators of the show have an opportunity and perhaps even a responsibility to use their craft to show us the real world of the NOPD officers.

    Never Judge A Show by It's Pilot: K-Ville. (CLICK PODCAST)

    My first impression of K-Ville, a cop show set in New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina, is that I applaud the effort. I have very high expectations for the show. I don't want to see just another crime drama. I'm expecting to see something new and different. The creators of the show have an opportunity and perhaps even a responsibility to use their craft to show us the real world of the NOPD officers.

    I watched the show. Visually, it is stunning as it is shot on location in New Orleans Louisiana. The episode begins with a flash back set two years earlier during the storm. Officer Marlin Boulet's (Anthony Anderson) partner Charlie Pratt (Derek Webster) deserts him. Two years later Boulet has become fatigued from over work and is obsessed trying to return his city to his former glory. This causes Boulet to play by his own rules on and off the clock. Boulet now has a new partner Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser), a soldier who served in Afghanistan and has a different idea on how to approach the job. With all his problems at work, things are just as bad at home. Boulet's wife has had enough and plans to take their daughter and move to Atlanta. Officer Boulet's civic pride may come off a little too self-righteous, but he truly cares about his city and will not tolerate others around him are leaving, stealing or profiting from the storm. Boulet's old partner wants redemption for his actions during the storm. Boulet's new partner also wants redemption for his actions during the storm. At the time of the storm it turns out that Cobb was in a New Orleans jail and managed to escape during the flood. Only Boulet knows his secret. I think the show has real potential and now that we know the premise I look forward to the next episode because I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    The next episode opens with Cobb having a prison flash back. It then occurred to me that maybe the whole Cobb being an ex-con premise might be too much. Perhaps it would work better if Cobb were just an outsider who did not have the invested interest in the city that Boulet has and be more of a calming presence and the voice of reason. I think one lead character with excess baggage is enough. Besides the NBC crime drama Life already has a cop who spent time behind bars. But I digress. The episode involves a prison break and Cobb's special prisoner insight helps our heroes catch two of the bad guys but one gets away. If things weren't complicated enough a jurisdiction dispute between the NOPD and a corrupt prison warden inhibits the police' investigation to find the third man. You knew political corruption would come in to play sooner or later.

    I like the show and look forward to the next episode. I think that it is great that eighty percent of the show's crew is from the local talent pool. I am curious what the people of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department thinks of the show.

    To quote Marlin Boulet to Charlie Pratt, "Our rep's in the sewer, the pay sucks, crime is off the chart. But you finish your tour in the Middle East war zone and pop down here to be a cop. What's wrong with Cincinnati?"

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • It may be decent but it lacks potential

    Crime television shows had been made over and over and the formula seems to be not that good. K-Ville seems to be that standpoint. The hottly anticipated television series coming on fox is the same formula used in all crime shows. K-Ville delivers an action-packed show that seems to be great but superb.

    Two years after since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, it was a tragedic day for that the city. Music and Culture still lingered in the air but violence is increasly high since the days of the tragedy. These special cops are bound and determined to bring back the life to New Orleans, otherwise known to most as K-Ville (Katrinaville), and clean up the crime and damage that still remains.

    Martin Boulet, a veteran of the NOPD Felony Action squad, was left stranded in the waters by his partner, but still attempted to keep some little bit of order to all the chaos that was going on during the hurricane. He now has a new partner with ulterior motives, Trevor Cobb, who is fresh back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Together the two work the streets of New Orleans, trying to make it a better place. Helping them on their crusade are fellow officers Jeff Gooden, Captain James Embry, Billy Faust, and the lone female officer, Ginger LeBeau.

    K-Ville was shot in New Orleans, its devastating to how they recreated the scene, and how people reacted to this reacted in New Orleans. With actual police, Jonathan Lisco, the series writer and excutive producer writes the plot to hope to make it real as possible.

    Overall, K-Ville is just a decent television series, despite the fact that the camera is bad and the idea for another crime television show, its still a good watch. The action-packed sequences are kinda good to watch and the acting is great. Anthony Anderson performance on Martin Boulet is well performed and its excutation is pretty well done. The rest of the acting cast is fine, some of them can't act but it fits well in the show.
  • Good stuff, despite the shaky camera work.

    In a nutshell, K ville is a peep show into the
    undercurrents of seamy New Orleans post Katrina world (Katrina)ville. I like the notion of non-Whollyweird shooting location. It's nice not to see Vancouver, Yoo Ess Aye.

    Gritty, interesting, and hot.

    Everybody is flawed, layered, and not always clean. Gee, it's a reality show!

    Of course, it's really science fiction, since the law enforcement system has little to do with constitutional law. But it doesn't stop the fun. Let's see the Big Easy, with all her warts and fleas.

    The only really nasty thing is the production / cinematography. Too much reliance on shaky hand held camera work. It's nauseating, and wastes high definition. Might as well watch it on a 13" NTSC B&W.
  • A good show, just needs some small fine tuning

    I love the show and recently fox has done no wrong. I've been intrigued by this show more than most cops shows, but just a little less than the sheild. I like some of the issues it tackles, the actors, especially Anthony Anderson as he finally gets to be the good guy, and how it highlights katrina and keeps new orleans on the minds of people across america. i am intrigued and will continue to watch but hope that the series will fix some time constrint issues. Most important of which is how Cobb is already a detective after breaking out of prison and serving as a ranger. if he only signed a contract for two years this makes some more sense, but to already go through the academy. Others are how fast the swat team arived at the airport when we just saw them on the other side of town. We have seen however the show tackle some important issues in NO including corruption, the status people moving back and the status of the ninth ward. Im excited to continue watching and see how the show improves
  • It's Starting Pretty Good

    I have to say that it is interesting. I like the location and the setting of this show, not to often we see a detective drama at Lousiana and to use the after affects of the hurricane and blend it in is done very well.

    I enjoy the characters at this point, I don't like the partner, ex-inmate character right now, but I am interested in seeing how his past will catach up with him in this show.

    Fox's got a good chance with a show that started off with a great start to keep this show alive. If it is cancelled, they should at least keep it going for all of the first season. This show has plenty of potenial to be one of my most favorite new shows of the year.
  • Anthony Anderson in a serious cop drama...whoa.. he/she who saw that coming raise your hands....Liars.

    Just watched the pilot and im very pleased. First thing i thought when i heard that A.A would be in a drama show was; Never gonna happen. Who knew Mr. Anderson could do a serious role and about a touchy subject.

    Camera work gives the show a touch of reality and at the same time looks shaky and unprofessional. I know, sounds insane but hey, my review.

    The darkness of all the characters is kind of unpleasent, nothing is how it seems; all we got is hope seems to be the big issue here. Reminds me of another show.

    And a huge plus is that the show is actually shot in Big Easy for the most of the parts anyway.

    Hope this show stays cause it is good.
  • expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to simple, sexy,

    I don't know what people were looking for when this show debuted. What we got was a decent action show with a provocative setting. I hate to sound insensitive but I don't find New Orleans off limits or sacrosanct due to the Katrina disaster. I really am upset that a lot of people panned the show just because it was set there or worse expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to Afghanistan and thanks to a Hurricane his criminal record is gone. Sure some leaps of faith had to be made but as a simple, sexy, action piece I feel it succeeded.
  • Ambitious storylines add a bit of an unrealistic air to the series, but otherwise it is a down to earth and gritty rendition of crime in a disaster zone.

    The strength of K-Ville undoubtedly lies in its two lead actors, both of whom do an excellent job and fit their roles perfectly. Anthony Anderson is one of several Shield veterans who have taken a role reversal such as Danny Pino(who went from Latin Pedophile Rapist to a dedicated and slightly naive detective in Cold Case) going from hardcore drug kingpin villian to the perfect example of what every cop should strive to be, showing his range of acting like Pino before him to be quite a broad one.

    The supporting cast is a bit of a mixed bag unfortunately, primarily the Captain whose name I am too lazy to look up at the moment. His accent is atrocious, and comes across in some middle ground that it is neither television cliche aethetic nor does it feel quite legitimate. Blake Shields(formerly of the late lamented Showtime series Sleeper Cell) is at the other end of the spectrum however, and plays the younger-but-not-quite-rookie cop role to a T, but is underused except for to summarize information for the leads(and the viewers.) Everyone else so far is rather unimpressionable, and some of the guest spots have been below par.

    Production wise the approach is like previous series to attempt the grittier atmosphere such as the Shield, with shakey, and oft times grainy, camera work which works well for the series.

    As mentioned in the summary, the storylines are ambitious to say the least. The very first episode starts off with a mercenary conspiracy, followed up by a massive prison break... conspiracy, and then again followed up by a (guess what) conspiracy between latin gang members and politicians. Obviously the intention to make New Orleans look vulnerable, yet the string of unprobable highly organized crimes takes away from the realistic feel that is otherwise present in the series. Again to use the Shield as a reference point, as it is a close comparison, you see none of the day to day crimes or normal gang warfare backing up larger storylines, simply a more aggressive storyline after another shoved into an hour of television.

    Overall, the series is quite enjoyable and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't make it. It needs to fix up a few minor issues and tone down the storylines before it burns out too fast, but it is the makings of a quality cop drama in a unique setting.
  • I thought this show would be terrible, but it's not that bad....

    This show follows two cops that work in New Orleans after Katrina. One cop is a native and the other is an outsider. I actually like the characters. The white cop, I forgot his name, seems to be pretty quiet but smart. He seems to have a mysterious, intersting past. The black cop has an interesting story about his old partner that left. I really like the characters and the overall idea of the show. It might be a little too early to tell, but I think this is a great show. For me, it has potential. I hope it gets better!
  • I liked it but can it last.

    I just watched the pilot on my tivo and I have to say I like it. I think when the characters get more developed they will be very interesting. I thought there was some great video footage of what New Orleans still looks like. The police captain even talks like he is from there. I am a little scared of how long this show can make it with it going up against Heroes but I hope it stays on. One thing I did not like was how it is filmed, it reminds me of Friday Night Lights. Overall I give it a thumbs up and hope it progresses well enough keep from getting canceled.
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