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  • A good show, just needs some small fine tuning

    I love the show and recently fox has done no wrong. I've been intrigued by this show more than most cops shows, but just a little less than the sheild. I like some of the issues it tackles, the actors, especially Anthony Anderson as he finally gets to be the good guy, and how it highlights katrina and keeps new orleans on the minds of people across america. i am intrigued and will continue to watch but hope that the series will fix some time constrint issues. Most important of which is how Cobb is already a detective after breaking out of prison and serving as a ranger. if he only signed a contract for two years this makes some more sense, but to already go through the academy. Others are how fast the swat team arived at the airport when we just saw them on the other side of town. We have seen however the show tackle some important issues in NO including corruption, the status people moving back and the status of the ninth ward. Im excited to continue watching and see how the show improves