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  • "Unoriginal" is putting it mildly. While the premise is mildy interesting, the back story on the main characters is completely unbelievable.

    In this day and age of computer record keeping, any arrests - and convictions - are immediately input into the system. How the writers or series creator Jonathan Lisco thought anyone would buy the "records were lost during a hurricane, so no one will ever know" premise is unfathomable. There's no way a convicted felon would be able to get into the military, much less get out and join a police force, especially since he still had time left on his sentence. And if one person can "dig thru boxes" until they find the arrest paperwork for one guy, believe me, the military, and especially the police department, would be able to find that very quickly. Plus, the time line is all wrong; supposedly Trevor Cobb was in jail when the hurricane hit, and had "two months left on his sentence." He got out, joined the military, served a tour in Afghanistan, then got out and joined the police force. It's now two years after Hurricane Katrina hit. Let's see...escaped jail, joined the military. That's a 4 YEAR commitment minimum. Right there we have a problem. Supposedly, Cobb was in an elite unit (though it's not specified which one); basic training is a minimum 13 weeks, and advanced training (AIT) is another 3 months minimum, just for a basic grunt. Army Rangers is 9 weeks, and requires jump school (for Airborne certification), which is 3 weeks. Right there we have 6 months. Assuming he got out of jail AND went directly to the Army recruiters office to sign up AND shipped out to basic training the next day, that leaves 18 months. Assuming he did all that, he would have been assigned to a unit, then shipped out to Afghanistan; that is a one-year tour, *minimum* (and I know, I was there in 1993, where I was awarded one of my two purple hearts for being injured in combat.) Supposedly we're led to believe he did his tour, then got out, which means he spent 6 months somewhere else. Possible? Yes. So's winning the lottery this week. Probable? Hardly. Prior to joining ANY elite military forces (Rangers, Special Forces, Seals, et. al), there are a battery of tests, both physical and mental, and an extensive background check. Which would have turned up his arrest and conviction, and he would not only have been barred from the elite forces, he would have been court martialed for lying to the military and sent back to jail.

    Finally, the writing...this cop drama is mediocre at best. The acting is decent enough, but this is nothing to write home about (pun intended.) The actors are doing the best with what they're been given to work ith, but that's not much. The network thinks enough time has passed since Hurricane Katrina, but in reality, this show is doing nothing more than trying to use a tragedy and natural disaster to garner viewers, and simply recycling old ideas against a new backdrop. It doesn't work. I suffered through the first episode...and I'll probably watch the second one, if only to give it a chance. But this isn't "Hill Street Blues", "Law and Order" (any of them), or any of the other decent cop dramas. It's generic, bland, vanilla writing with stories and characters that are so made up, the viewers won't be able to relate to them.

    If this show makes it 6 episodes, much less a whole season, I'll be surprised.
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