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  • Ambitious storylines add a bit of an unrealistic air to the series, but otherwise it is a down to earth and gritty rendition of crime in a disaster zone.

    The strength of K-Ville undoubtedly lies in its two lead actors, both of whom do an excellent job and fit their roles perfectly. Anthony Anderson is one of several Shield veterans who have taken a role reversal such as Danny Pino(who went from Latin Pedophile Rapist to a dedicated and slightly naive detective in Cold Case) going from hardcore drug kingpin villian to the perfect example of what every cop should strive to be, showing his range of acting like Pino before him to be quite a broad one.

    The supporting cast is a bit of a mixed bag unfortunately, primarily the Captain whose name I am too lazy to look up at the moment. His accent is atrocious, and comes across in some middle ground that it is neither television cliche aethetic nor does it feel quite legitimate. Blake Shields(formerly of the late lamented Showtime series Sleeper Cell) is at the other end of the spectrum however, and plays the younger-but-not-quite-rookie cop role to a T, but is underused except for to summarize information for the leads(and the viewers.) Everyone else so far is rather unimpressionable, and some of the guest spots have been below par.

    Production wise the approach is like previous series to attempt the grittier atmosphere such as the Shield, with shakey, and oft times grainy, camera work which works well for the series.

    As mentioned in the summary, the storylines are ambitious to say the least. The very first episode starts off with a mercenary conspiracy, followed up by a massive prison break... conspiracy, and then again followed up by a (guess what) conspiracy between latin gang members and politicians. Obviously the intention to make New Orleans look vulnerable, yet the string of unprobable highly organized crimes takes away from the realistic feel that is otherwise present in the series. Again to use the Shield as a reference point, as it is a close comparison, you see none of the day to day crimes or normal gang warfare backing up larger storylines, simply a more aggressive storyline after another shoved into an hour of television.

    Overall, the series is quite enjoyable and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't make it. It needs to fix up a few minor issues and tone down the storylines before it burns out too fast, but it is the makings of a quality cop drama in a unique setting.