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  • Right out off the back, it get's your blood boiling and ready for more.A must see.This is a good "must see".Being a southern woman, this gets me glued to the tube every episode and even if they show reruns(I'M THERE).

    Keep it coming, because this show was well overdue.Even the details about the city were so accurate, the characters, the streets, the bldgs, demeanor & the accents are a bit much,but keep up the good work.It is going to be one of the greats, hopefully they don't cancell it, like all the other good ones. I see this show adding a certain flair to the new line ups.Some other networks are gonna try to steal it or make their own KVille.It is an time bomb, just simmering and any episode now, it's just gonna have your even more blown away.You just watch and see.The cast of KVille should look for new bankers b/c the money is about to roll in like the cast of Seinfield and Friends.