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  • Who is burning destroyed houses? How? Why is the insurance denied? Does the beautiful Fire Marshall have something to do with the fires? Who killed the insurance agent?? Who is the dirty cop?? And the most important question..Does Cobb finally get "IT"??

    Storyline (Flood, Wind and Fire)tonite was one of the more interesting episodes. Cobb/Hauser came through loud and clear...and oh my.... is that man good-looking.. Anthony/Boulet toned it down and showed he is human after all. The insurance scam and who set the fire(?) had me guessing and saying "oh no... poor Cobb" I even wondered if Boulet could have??...nawww not Boulet. The visuals of New Orleans are so very touching. Looking for the dirty cop is a good sub-story and well acted. The jokes were funny. I laughed out loud at Cobb's expressions. (oh my..is that man good-looking) This show is getting better all the time. Put it in a better time slot and please keep it on the air.