Season 1 Episode 10

Ride Along

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2007 on FOX

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  • It's a shame.. Warning: May contain spoilers if I know what the heckerino I'm talking about.

    I don't watch K-Ville often, and you may say it's "weird" because I'm from New Orleans but it's not. I thought this show brought the worst of New Orleans and it could get people to stay away from New Orleans. Well, that may be true. But, those who know New Orleans like me know that this show just shows the New Orleans Police Department. I watched this on Fox On Demand which is on Fox's website. I was quite interested to finding out what this show actually is, and now I'm thinking about ordering a DVD if there's one out.

    A reporter from New York visits the NOPD in search for a story, 2 years after Hurricane Katrina. Well, she gets more than she bargained for after she's riding along to catch Caveman, a man with charged eight times for crimes for two years. This man shot a man, and Caveman is now going to get arrested and get his face off the #100 Most Wanted New Orleans men.

    This episode was entertaining, and also deserves the TV.com classification of Tearjerker I gave. This episode was packed with action, and brought in drug dealing in New Orleans to the nation with the form of a television show. I enjoyed this episode.

    A scene I enjoyed was when the cops looked at the reporter's edited article and almost immediately went in to their car after they found out that edited article caused one of the cop's friends to be in danger. But, this also could have helped catch Caveman. I did dislike how the officers treated the reporter like a lying scumbag as if she wrote the whole article and it wasn't edited to make it look like the New Orleans Police Department were corrupt. She didn't really deserve that. The editor deserved to be slapped in the face for that.

    I recommend this episode, and it is great for a first impression episode as far as I can tell from watching. This episode did give me the impression that this show is an entertaining show, so I will probably start watching it whenever I feel like it or whenever I get the chance to watch the show.