Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 4

Balancing Act

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Josh had alot to do in this episode. It wasn't that bad but once again it could have been better.

    So Josh gets his license in this episode. He also meets Andy Jensen a girl who he sees at school and at his job. Through the episode you can see her getting closer to him but not much of him starting to like her. he isn't asking out of it just he doesn't look like he really likes her. Also Amanda is really good at holding grudges as she isn't budging much. Until the end when she smiles and waves to Kyle. Josh is really excited and seems close to Kyle in this episode. He even said Kyle was his best friend in this episode. The end is pretty good. Kyle realizes Foss was the drunk driver who killed his wife and daughter. Then Declan gets back to his car and there is an envelope with several pictures of him peeking around the building then it says if you care about 'her' stay away. And the 'her' is Lori. I did not see this coming and can't wait til the next episode.
  • Josh is the only reason to watch the episode. Oh, and the ending.

    Like I said, Josh was brilliant in this episode. The scenes without Josh were a little slow and very teenage soap opera but overall it was a good episode. The humor was great yet again. I liked the new character...she seems very funny. I don't like the whole Lori and Declan love problems. It's getting a little old. Kyle's story needs to pick up too sadly.
  • Kyle tries to keep his abilities a secret but it is hard to!

    Again the show is great. I think Josh is a great comic relief to the show. And Kyle is trying to test his abilities. But must keep this private from his "family!" He is nonetheless having a hard time doing this. As he and Foss develop an unlikely bond. Character building and development is really working in this show!
  • great, josh was brilliant

    This episode is very good, for someone like me who has only seen half of it, I couldn’t say it’s bad, but it sure sets up a new episode. The end was brilliant, so I would call it a great episode because of it’s action and Josh Treger scenes. So overall it’s a very good episode. so there isn't anytihgn bad to say about it, it isn't the best Kyle episdoe they have ever made but if you are going to choose n episode to watch over again, i would say this would be the one. Josh and his car had wonderful scenes. so the current episode MVP is Josh
  • Kyle works on his abilities and tries to keep it a secret.

    this episode was really good but i would have to say it might have been the worst of the season becuase nothing major happened...Kyle is still working with Foss to not only strengthin his mind but also his body...Declan is still trying to figure out what is going on but he hits a bump in the road when someone leaves him a message about stopping or they are going to hurt Lori...Josh gets a car for his birthday...Amanda finally forgives Kyle for not telling her about Charlie...Stephen loses his job...Nicole decides to start working again and guess who her first patient is....yup the eppy was pretty good...cant wait for next week.
  • Great!

    Kyle trains with Tom Foss. Kyle is gone a lot because of that which causes Kyle to miss Josh's birthday dinner. Nicole and Stephen take that as a sign that Kyle doesn't want to live with them. Emily Hollander puts her plan to action. Josh gets his license and a car! Lori tries to take her mind off of Declan. Declan follows Kyle to where he trains and then gets pictures of himself sneaking around and a threat to Lori. Amanda pushes Kyle away.

    This was a great episode! I love the suspense! I wish Amanda will open up more about it. I love the part where Kyle plays Lori's guitar! That was a funny scene! This episode gets a 10!
  • a good episode but nothing much to say about this episode..

    it's still a good episode of kyle's normal..kyle xy always comes up with an interesting episode.this episode developped both the character and the relationship in this 2nd season for the upcoming events in this series.i can feel that the following episodes will be really ineteresting as jessie(XX) will interfere in the tragers life.i can't wait for this storyline to develope but i hope it won't change too much for tragers.i hope for the upcoming episode that kyle's frequent dissappearance would no longer be an issue.kyle could minimize the time he spends with tom foss or the tragers themselves could understand kyle's privacy and his wish to keep it secret.because i think that this issue id quite boring and irrelevant to be repeated each episode!come on...move on!but i'm sure the next episode would be explosive like the third episode!can't wait!
  • Kyle starts traning properly with Tom Foss and Declan is curious.

    Another great episode which really shows the character development in some of the characters.

    First off, Kyle's accepted Tom's help and training and offers his help in return. However, he realises the importance of family!

    Lori has grown a lot from the spoilt brat she occasionally was in the first series. Her relationship with her mum seems excellent and she handles the Declan situation with great maturity. Excellent script writing and acting from all involved.

    Josh too has grown. The way he deals with the disappointment of not getting a new car as well as the way he deals with his 'girlfriend' show that he's no longer a kid.

    The introduction of Jessi into Kyle's love will come about soon. That will be interesting to watch!
  • Great episode, but it feels like things are just getting started.

    Another great instalment, but this episode was a bit different then the last one. Last episode was very intense and a great episode, but it was a different type of episode then we saw with this one. Now don't get me wrong I thought this was a great episode, because we need to have breaks and small build-ups to bigger things, we can't just be bombarded with action (so to speak) otherwise it gets old. This episode had all it needed to be a good episode, it had character development, it had some unanswered questions, and it had more future plot build-ups. We now see a new turn of events, as the show brings more questions to the table and more dangers for Kyle. The great part about this episode is that we see character development from characters other then just Kyle, and though we have seen this before, it's refreshing to find out things about other characters as well. The episode also brought more problems to the table, as you would expect, but in ways that are unexpected. For me, this is a good thing, as everything seems to mesh well in this show, the way we learn about things, and the way new plots develop all seem realistic to the world which has been created, and in most ways seem possible and believable. Again, great episode, but I would like to see some more things happen soon, as there are a lot of things that seemed to started building, and I would love to see how they result. As well I would like to see some things touched on more, like the ring that Kyle received, so far it has been left alone, but I hope it gets picked up on soon.
  • Best so far :P

    I thought that this episode was one, if not the best episode so far in season 2. The title not only refers to the balancing of weights during Kyle's training, but also on balancing his life between his family and training.

    Kyle misses Josh's party, but makes up for it by finding a "new" car. It wasn't entirely for nothing as Josh rides the perfect girl with it. (It would have been cool if the car suddenly drove itself like in the Transformers :P lol)

    Declan finally finds out where Kyle is going, but is threatened to back off. Is it Foss? It's weird though why they threatened Lori, when Declan supposedly didn't love her anymore. (Or maybe he still does, as he visited their house before chasing Kyle)

    Jessi doesn't appear in this episode, but it looks like her role in Kyle's life will be revealed soon enough. There's plenty to look forward to next week.

    I just wanted to mention that the musical selection for this show are excellent. They bring out the emotions currently felt by the characters. Kyle even brings out a dramatic tune when he plays the guitar. Good work! :D
  • awsome, it was such a cool episode, really wizard and fun to watch, Tom Foss and Kyle are cool as friends!!

    I really loved this episode cuz of how Kyle was so busy doing his training with Tom Foss, and trying to sneak around his "parents".
    I think how hard Foss was pushing him is good for the show, and all his training was really cool, I also liked the way we found out more about Tom's past, I hope they keep it up!
    I feel bad for Lori and Declan, but I think its open for them to either get back togeather or stay broke up.
    I also think that Kyle and Declan's friendship status is good for the show right now, but I hope eventially they're good friends again.
    And the way Kyle and his Dad got Josh that car was soo sweet, and Jessi worming her way in already..Yikes LOL!
    The show is just so cool, Declan getting told to back off was intense too, I can't wait to see if he'll back off or keep searching.
    I LOVED this episode!!!
  • A great story that deals with Ykle trying to maintain is life with the Tragers and still continue his training.

    The episode starts with Kyle coming back from his training with Foss, Kyle then has to lie again to keep his training secret. This epsisode focused on Kyle trying to keep a sense of balance in his life.

    Amanda is still mad at Kyle for not telling her about Charlie, giving him the cold shoulder and refusing to talk to him but at the end she seems to have forgive him.

    Lori also had a nice little side plot, recovering from her break up with Declan, and is trying to do find a hobby that will make people recognize her for something.

    Speaking of Declan, Kyle's secret is driving him to spy on his best friend now. It's clear over the last few episodes that Kyle's secret has been tormenting him but he seems to have gotten into something big because at the end he found some pictures that basically told him to back off Kyle's secret or Lori gets it.

    Nicole and Stephen have their own little plot with Stephen losing his job, giving Nicole an opportunity to treat Jessi as her therapist, which seemed to work out a little too well.

    Out of all the main cast, except Kyle, Josh had the most important story, not because it was the most interesting(although it was interesting) but because his story served as a perfect example of the consequence of Kyle losing balance in his life. Josh's birthday is coming up and he is getting a car, while he is excited about the car, he really wants to spend time with Kyle but unfortunately Kyle's training interferes with this and Kyle is unable to keep his promises to Josh. He missed going car shopping with him and missed out on Josh's birthday dinner which really upset him. Josh tells Kyle that he can handle losing the car because he thought he would still have his best friend, Kyle, but feels like nothing Kyle says means anything. In the end Kyle makes it up to him by finding him a car that he, Josh, and Stephen will fix together(mostly kyle because he just read the manuel).

    Tom Foss also had a prominent role in this episode and gets some much needed character development. While he does seem to be pushing Kyle too hard, he admits that he does this only because he believes in him and even takes it down a notch on the training. We also learn that he killed his family while he was driving drunk, this explains why foss is the way he is and why he is so protective of Kyle, he's all he has left.

    All in all it was a good episode, not much suspense but good none the less.
  • This episode had all the fix-ins for great future episodes.

    Through this particular episode, I was not sitting at the edge of my seat, not by no means, and actually at times the episode was a kind of slow. But what I did enjoy was watching Kyle try to figure out how he was going to handle being there for everyone for everything but failing miserably at it. By the end I feel he did survive it and knowing Kyle and his mind he will find that medium balance for everyone involved. It seemed like many different things were happening with all the family and friends, preparing for future episodes. Kyle has been learning a lot about what human behaviour is about and I think it is only the beginning of his teaching.
  • Kyle is balancing his new life with the Traegers and training with Tom Foss. Josh is excited to be a licensed driver. Nicole is forced back into work in an unfortunate twist. Lori struggles to find something to define her, while Declan grows distant.

    So I personally loved this episode, the writing brought the old dynamics of season 1 with the new dynamics of season 2. As soon as I heard Kyle's opening monologue I knew it would be good, I personally like it when Kyle has to understand these things that are so normal for us that he finds strange. Last night it was abotu routines, Kyle's new dual life of training with Tom and living with the Traegers, and both become sacrificed as Kyle is finding it hard to balance his dual life. With Tom's training Kyle is being challenged to use his mental abilities while keeping his physical ones in tact, I thought this was cool, watching him lifting cement blocks whilst doing complex math was quite interesting, I feel Tom knows what he is doing, but Kyle just doesn't see it yet. He is also struggling to win back Amanda's trust she seems more mad a Kyle than anyone, but I still support that it was not his place to say. Now she won't even speak to him.

    Stephen lost his job, which I had always wondered about, because in the episode in season 1 where Kyle won't sleep he takes Kyle to work where Kyle fixes the server, but Stephen's boss hints that he will have to lay off people. While what happened in tonight's episode was different it filled that gap for me. I also loved how Kyle broke the code. It also allows for Nicole to see Jessi, cause she will need to bring in some extra cash. This brings us to Jessi, while she was absent in this episode, if she wasn't then I missed her. This was a good play on Emily's part how she timed the coffee spill, she is not one to mess with, and realized who Nicole is and asks her to help Jessi.

    Lori is now on the path to self discovery she needs soemthing to distract her from Declan and his issues. I liked what she said to Nicole, all she wants is for someone to say "Hey there's Lori Traeger, she's really good at whatever..."

    Declan pushed his suspicion's to a new low, he is now following Kyle and getting himself and Lori into trouble, how creepy was that, it doesn't sound like something Tom would do, so is our mystery stalker?

    Poor Josh all he wanted was a car to have some social freedom, he obviously was the one affected the most by Kyle's dual life. I thought the ending of the episode brought back this show's true magic, Kyle has already memorized the manual and they should have the junker fixed in no time. I am gald too that Josh didn't complain about it, it would have made him seem too too spoiled, plus he is hanging in there with his job at the juice place where they all hang out.

    In the end I am glad Kyle made it clear he wanted to stay with the Traegers, and that Amanda was able to wave back.
  • Amazing relationship development with Foss and Kyle. I loved the way he had to choose between Josh's bday and helping Foss.

    This was an excellent installment of Kyle. From the outset I was totally engaged. I think the show just keeps getting better and better. Matt Dallas and Nick Leah have great chemistry. I can't believe Foss was the one who killed his wife and daughter. Also, really liked that Declan is onto Kyle. I wonder where taht will go? Next weeks episode looks awesome, too. Kyle XY rocks. gg ggg ggg ggg gg ggg g gg ggg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
  • "Jessi Hollander" has Started her "Councling" with Nicole, Lori Get's Sesitive about Declan, Josh's Birthday is Terrible, and Great at the same time, Kyle Continues His training, And Tom Foss is Reminded of his Past.

    This Really was the Worst XY episode, but it was nonetheless great! nothing really happened, but i have a feeling later on Every thing that happened in this episode has a lot to do with upcoming episodes, and am very excited. However i am also upset because every 10 minutes there is a commercial.
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