Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 18

Between the Rack and a Hard Place

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Amanda gets a job at The Rack, but her first day does not go well. Meanwhile, Jessi's presence in Kyle's life continues to irk Amanda, and Josh is placed in a difficult situation when $120 goes missing from The Rack's cash register.

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  • Do I see a Mark and Lori thing going on? *crosses fingers*

    K few things I must say for starters... Mark is the cutest guy with glasses I've ever seen. Kyle must NEVER wear that shirt again. And Nicole needs to get a new flipping job already! Alright so, good one... I watch this show mostly for the science aspect, and there wasn't too much of that, but I still agree it was well written and alot of thought was put into the characer development aspect of this epeisode. At the moment I have absolutely no idea what they're going to do with Adam Baylin, hopefully he will get Jessi under control... or murder her if we're all lucky XD. Can't wait to see next episode, hopefully there will be more of the cool Kyle alien thing going on. =)moreless
  • Jessi is such a troublemaker!

    That Jessi is such a troublemaker to Amanda. That you have to feel for the latter. As she begins her first day at a new job. As it doesn't go according to plan. Then there is Jessi on top of everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Jessi wants Kyle to herself. But Kyle seems to love Amanda way too much. Then there is the thought of the $120 missing from the register. Shows you that Kyle is truthful as well as honest and a good friend who wouldn't lie. Plus wants to do the right thing. Really good episode. It is only getting better and better.moreless
  • Pretty much the same thing!

    There is a subtle change from last years shows to this years shows and I'm beginning not to like it too well. This show really set that thought off in me. Although my own teen years aren't that far behind me I find this is becoming a teen show and not the awesome show it was last year full of mystery and suspense.

    The only real thing that I liked was the Amanda/Kyle relationship. It's really going to go far in my opinion. Jessie is really becoming a problem but it isn't always her fault. When she needs help no one is there to help her.

    Baylin's return is creeping me out. I will keep watching but I hope this show goes back to what it was last year.moreless
  • Pretty good episode.

    I thought this episode was able to keep it at it's normal standards. Mostly what I liked about this episode, was that it involved a nice little mystery that didn't have to do with any enemies. And at the same time, the writers were able to show some of Kyle's powers by going through everything that happened that day. And on;y to find out in the end that it was the man in charge that took the money from the register.

    All in all, I really liked this episode. I hope to see more promising episodes that show more mystery that require a lot of solving. And if I know Kyle XY, there will be!moreless
  • Amanda and Kyle's relationship goes to the next level when we find out that Kyle is ready to really be Amanda's first, but Jessi makes Amanda extremly jealous. Towards the end Kyle promises to tell all about himself as long as Amanda does as well.moreless

    This episode was a not the most exciting out of the bunch, but still very good. I felt like it didn't lead up to all of the hype that everyone was talking about. I thought it was supposed to be extremely exciting. When i was watching this episode it made me wonder if Amanda wasn't the right match for Kyle. I would say that this was probably their first real fight as a couple. this episode also shows us that Kyle is ready for more than just challenging his mental obstacles. I feel that this episode will show how Amanda finally feels about Kyle and if by him telling the truth does he lose the love of his life?moreless
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Christie Laing


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Martin Cummins

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • New powers exhibited
      Kyle can access his holographic memory to replay his experiences of the day.
      Kyle can judge the weight of an object he lifts to an accuracy of at least 9 grams.

    • Nitpick: When Kyle counts $397 in the till, Josh says there should be $570 and change. He then says that this means they are $120 short (a figure which is repeated often). In fact, they are $173 short.

    • Nitpick: Andy states that her last chemo session was two days ago, which means she had chemo on Thursday. In a previous episode, Josh tries to play the cancer card on Nicole, and she replies that Andy has chemo on Tuesday.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kyle: Can I help?
      Josh: Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to uphold the principles of the Rack and not do anything that will get me fired and/or sued for labour law violations, so help you Josh?

    • (As Mark leaves the Trager house)
      Declan: Who was that?
      Lori: Some guy I pepper-sprayed.
      Declan: Why'd you do that?
      Lori: He pissed me off.

    • Josh: The money is still missing, can't you do something Kyle-like?
      Kyle: I can access my holographic memory, it lets me re-examine past events from every angle.
      Josh: Oh, I though you could do something cool, like make money.

    • Declan: Amanda doesn't have to know you're hanging out with [Jessi].
      Kyle: I won't lie to her.
      Declan: Then try the four magic words: 'You're right, I'm sorry.'
      Kyle: I should apologize even though I think I've done nothing wrong?
      Declan: Hell yes! Sometimes you gotta let them be right, even though you know they're wrong.
      Kyle: Or they'll take their business somewhere else.
      Declan: (Confused) What?
      Kyle: The customer is always right.
      Declan: Yeah... something like that. I'm telling you, those four little words are an instant cure - the fight is over. You can move on right to the make-up sex. Or, in your case, make-up... hugs.

    • Lori: (After a door hits her, spilling coffee over her.) That did not just happen.
      Mark: I'm sorry.
      Lori: You should be! Holding the door would get you, what, kicked out the asshats society!?
      Mark: Maybe you can put in a good word for me at the psycho-bitch league.
      Lori: Tell you what, let's settle this out of court. Let me buy you a coffee! (Lori throws coffee over Mark.)

    • Kyle: Am I too late?
      Amanda: For?
      Kyle: I wanna be your first.
      Josh: Uh, being somebody's first can mean something completely different.
      Kyle: (confused) I wanna be your first customer.
      Amanda: I knew what you meant.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Lori: (to Amanda) Easy there, Lady Macbeth. You've been scrubbing that spot for quite some time now…

      Lori refers to the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. In that play, after spurring her husband to murder the king, Lady Macbeth desperately tries in vain to wash his imaginary blood from her hands.

    • Josh: Do your holodeck whatever thing.
      A holodeck is a facility in the Star Trek universe that simulates reality.

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