Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 18

Between the Rack and a Hard Place

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Do I see a Mark and Lori thing going on? *crosses fingers*

    K few things I must say for starters... Mark is the cutest guy with glasses I've ever seen. Kyle must NEVER wear that shirt again. And Nicole needs to get a new flipping job already! Alright so, good one... I watch this show mostly for the science aspect, and there wasn't too much of that, but I still agree it was well written and alot of thought was put into the characer development aspect of this epeisode. At the moment I have absolutely no idea what they're going to do with Adam Baylin, hopefully he will get Jessi under control... or murder her if we're all lucky XD. Can't wait to see next episode, hopefully there will be more of the cool Kyle alien thing going on. =)
  • Jessi is such a troublemaker!

    That Jessi is such a troublemaker to Amanda. That you have to feel for the latter. As she begins her first day at a new job. As it doesn't go according to plan. Then there is Jessi on top of everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Jessi wants Kyle to herself. But Kyle seems to love Amanda way too much. Then there is the thought of the $120 missing from the register. Shows you that Kyle is truthful as well as honest and a good friend who wouldn't lie. Plus wants to do the right thing. Really good episode. It is only getting better and better.
  • Pretty much the same thing!

    There is a subtle change from last years shows to this years shows and I'm beginning not to like it too well. This show really set that thought off in me. Although my own teen years aren't that far behind me I find this is becoming a teen show and not the awesome show it was last year full of mystery and suspense.
    The only real thing that I liked was the Amanda/Kyle relationship. It's really going to go far in my opinion. Jessie is really becoming a problem but it isn't always her fault. When she needs help no one is there to help her.
    Baylin's return is creeping me out. I will keep watching but I hope this show goes back to what it was last year.
  • Pretty good episode.

    I thought this episode was able to keep it at it's normal standards. Mostly what I liked about this episode, was that it involved a nice little mystery that didn't have to do with any enemies. And at the same time, the writers were able to show some of Kyle's powers by going through everything that happened that day. And on;y to find out in the end that it was the man in charge that took the money from the register.

    All in all, I really liked this episode. I hope to see more promising episodes that show more mystery that require a lot of solving. And if I know Kyle XY, there will be!
  • Amanda and Kyle's relationship goes to the next level when we find out that Kyle is ready to really be Amanda's first, but Jessi makes Amanda extremly jealous. Towards the end Kyle promises to tell all about himself as long as Amanda does as well.

    This episode was a not the most exciting out of the bunch, but still very good. I felt like it didn't lead up to all of the hype that everyone was talking about. I thought it was supposed to be extremely exciting. When i was watching this episode it made me wonder if Amanda wasn't the right match for Kyle. I would say that this was probably their first real fight as a couple. this episode also shows us that Kyle is ready for more than just challenging his mental obstacles. I feel that this episode will show how Amanda finally feels about Kyle and if by him telling the truth does he lose the love of his life?
  • Kyle XY

    This was an ok episode. It had it's ups and downs, Balin returned and he is starting to tell Amanda his secrets. Also, the Jessi situations worsens. I like how they added her character last season. This episode was like a normal one, it didn't really give away that was interesting to me but it was a nice episode. I do want to see next week's episode to see what happens to Kyle in the warehouse but I rate this a 7.6 because it didn't have that mich action. It just showed a sort or ranky plot in a resturant, but it was ok, not horrible.
  • Sweet in places, but the Jessi situation worsens

    OK, I know better than to use bullet points this time. There are just those days when you're yelling at the screen, you know? And this was one of them. "I TOLD you not to let her move in with Brian Taylor, you morons!" To no avail. It's so saddening to watch Jessi go through that abusive relationship dynamic while Kyle's life gets better and better.

    Highlights of this episode include Kyle's great decision to tell Amanda the truth, Nicole's kind nature re-asserting itself (but too late), and, finally, the signal that we're getting back to action in the plot with the return of Adam Baylin. Am I the only one who didn't like him and didn't see the warm qualities Kyle ascribed to him? I know he's supposed to be a grown-up Kyle but I just don't get that vibe from him.

    Lowlights: Andy wants her boyfriend to be the one who spends money in the relationship, and uses her ta-tas to get it. Laurie is wrong and bitter and angry, and has to be told off by a guy. Again. Please, the sexism needs to stop. Amanda also needs to show some compassion for someone who's not herself. Looking forward to next week! Oh, and I almost forgot. There was an actual black person on this episode. Who was not a villain. Granted, we''ll probably never see her again....
  • Overall an average episode, it feels like the same stories re-used over and over, but in a different way. The only thing that made this episode make me hopeful was the last minute.

    Another good installment that didn't starts off like all the others, but comes out in the end (sort of). We see early that Josh is left in charge of the Rack, on a day that is supposed to be pretty easy, but turns out to have many more customers than usual. Kyle struggles with Amanda as she knows there is something more about him that he isn't telling her and this causes tension in their relationship. The one thing that really pissed me off was the end; we see one of the main points of the preview, but in the last seconds of the episode. So basically we see all that happens with the last scene in the preview, minus the actual shot of who it is. Overall a good episode, but I am starting to get a bit tired of the constant same problems with Amanda, it seems all Kyle and Amanda's problems stem from her. This show was once sci-fi, but it feels a lot more like teen drama with Kyle's abilities mixed in for an extra special addition. I know I have said it before, but I do hope the show gets back to its science fiction roots soon, because the reason I liked this show was for that main element.
  • Disappointment!

    I know some people are gonna disagree w/ this review but I gotta be truthful, this episode was completely boring, the worst episode ever ! With the exception of Mark & Lori, nothing happened but the same thing that's been happening the last couple of episodes...

    Lori & Declan's Friendship/Non-Friendship

    Andy and her stupid cancer card (it's getting old, are the writers trying to ruin this character ?)

    Amanda and her trust issues Jessi crying

    Brian Taylor lying

    Atleast Adam Baylin is back so maybe we can move to the good storylines, I'm hoping that the last five episodes will be some of the best we've seen but I doubt it
  • Kyle helps out at the Rack and Josh is in charge so needless to say everything that couldn't possibly happen on a Sunday, happens.

    This episode was very well done. Taylor is starting to show his true colors, Jessi is desperate for guidance and for the first time decides on her own to reach to the two people she thought would always be there for her only to have her ex-therepist Nicole,who's being watch by Social worker/spy for mixing her career and personal life together,turn her away and Kyle ,who's helping out Josh and Amanda at the Rack, again put her off. So she goes back to the one person she shouldn't trust.
    Declan decides to move on with his life on to have Lori 'cut the tires off his uhaul truck' unintentionally. She might not have been happy to see him with another girl but she tried to be nice and Declan in his usual manner threw it back in her face. LMAO.

    So the best part for me was Lori finally meeting her match in Mark. Azz hat Society vs Psycho **** league. What a match indeed. All around this keeps getting better. When the season 2 re-started it was slow but what do you expect? They were slowly but surely getting to the action. So now Kyle will be up front with Amanda one day at a time, and Josh is a crazy wannabe manager but for his girlfriend to give up there concert tickets to help him out of a jam his boss put him in was very touching. I though Josh was going to let it go but like a man he did his thing and I applauded him. Gosh, I applaud very HARD as if i was on an Arsenio Hall show. LOL.

    This show rocks