Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 6

Blame It on the Rain

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2006 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Kyle becomes frustrated when he experiences his first flashes of memory. Also, it's Lori's birthday but she's not excited about it.

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Kurt Max Runte

Kurt Max Runte

Detective Jason Breen

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Bill Dow

Bill Dow

Professor William Kern

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Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

Thomas Foss

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This episode is the first where we see the house number where the Tragers live: 1903.

    • Goof: When Declan, Amanda, Lori, and Josh are sitting in the hallway talking, the first shot of Lori shows her sitting at the door to Josh's room and the second shows a different room behind her (one with a hardwood floor, a polka-dotted box, and a chest).

    • Nitpick: Declan climbs into Kyle's room through the window, then when he needs to sneak out, Lori takes him through the house. Why does she risk getting caught if he can just climb back out the window?

    • Nitpick: No one noticed that Declan was dry after supposedly coming in out of the rain.

    • Goof: The electricity was out when Josh heard the doorbell ringing.

    • Goof: When Kyle notices the newspaper picture of the missing professor at the end of the episode, you will notice, if you pause it, that the text in the newspaper article is just the same couple of paragraphs repeating over and over.

    • Goof: The drawing Amanda pins back on the board changes when the camera angle changes.

    • Trivia: The game that Josh and Declan play is Kameo: Elements of Power.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Nicole: By the way, Lori's not a virgin anymore.
      Stephen: You segue to that?!
      Nicole: Thought I'd rip the bandage off quickly.

    • Nicole: Where's Declan?
      Lori: Geeking out with Josh. Put a guy in front of a video game and there goes half his personality.
      Nicole: Well, try growing up in the Pink Floyd era and replace video games with pot.

    • Kyle: (narrating) Birthdays, baby pictures, blueberry pancakes. They were talking about memories and traditions... but I had none of my own.

    • Kyle: (to Josh) This is fun for you! Everyone around you gets a kick out of it... but this notebook, this is the only thing I know about my entire life!

    • Amanda: (to Kyle) I think you should get out of the tub... you're wallowing.

    • Amanda: The power is out at my house... and I didn't wanna be home alone, so I thought I come over here.
      Kyle: Where's Charlie?
      Amanda: At his house.
      Kyle: Why didn't you go over there?
      Amanda: I guess, I just wanted to come over here.

    • Amanda: (talking to Kyle as she holds her locket) But see the rest of us, as we grow up, memories get dimmer. And we try anything we can to stop them from disappearing completely. If you ask me, you got the better deal.

    • Kyle: (to the board game) When's my birthday?
      Lori: Kyle, you know it's just a game.
      Declan: For twelve year-olds.
      Josh: Hey, if anyone can get a Ouija board to work, it's him.

    • Kyle: Thank you.
      Amanda: For what?
      Kyle: For making me feel better. You make me feel like there's hope.

    • Lori: Do you know what you're gonna wish for? Don't say it out loud or it won't come true. It's another birthday tradition.
      Kyle: That doesn't make any sense.
      Lori: You're right, screw it.

    • (On the phone about Kyle)
      Thomas: We've got a problem. He's starting to remember.

    • Kyle: Let's play.
      Josh: It's totally fake Kyle.
      Kyle: I don't care.
      (Amanda tries to grab the game but Josh starts to walk away.)
      Josh: No! Seriously, find another game!
      Lori: Josh…
      (Lori tries to take the game from him and porn spills out everywhere.)
      Lori: It looks like the spirits are total pervs!
      Declan: One word dude, internet.

    • Kyle: What are you doing?
      Amanda: I'm gonna wallow with you.
      (Amanda sits down in the tub with Kyle and they stare at each other.)
      Kyle: This is strange.
      Amanda: Yep!

    • Declan: Seriously, what's your deal?
      Lori: I'm just feeling particularly friendless right now, makes celebrating another year of life sort of bleak.
      Declan: I'm your friend, kind of, I think?
      Lori: Yeah, after you duped me into losing my virginity!

    • Kyle: Don't worry Lori, the average life span for the American woman is 79.2 years, if you were Japanese you would have a few more years but, it's still not so bad.
      Lori: Whose idea was it to let him read the encyclopedia?

    • Kyle: If your birthday means you are one year older, doesn't that mean we're celebrating one year closer to death?
      Stephen: Well, that's one way to look at it.
      Lori: I think I just lost my appetite.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      India – 6 October 2007 on Star World
      France – 12 April 2008 on M6
      Slovakia – 15 February 2009 on Markiza