Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 10

Bringing Down the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Revealing as in the season finale is incredibly good and shows how far this show could go but after that comes disappointment.

    This finale was incredible, finally we see some action and Kyle getting serious, even Amanda kicked some ***, and then it ends like that? and its the season finale? and the shows gonna be cancelled? I was incredibly excited for next episode but then.. its the season finale and like in the previous seasons everything would be toned down and gone back to the steady slow development.. but only when I was checking the dates for next season I find this talk about caneling the show..
    I wonder whats goes thru their minds? Why is so many good shows dying without a proper ending? and why so many horrible useless waste of time "things" on tv??

    Something died in me.
  • Kyle begins his crusade against Latnock's experiments and discovers a shocking secret about Cassidy. Will Kyle's fans be able to farewell him in a proper fashion or will we be forever left with the final image of Kyle's hand around Cassidy's throat?

    Only because it is the "Series Finale". I had not bothered to join any of the "Save Kyle" campaigns before but I will definitely be doing it now! The massive cliffhanger that this episode ends on shows that the idiots running ABC have no respect for this show or it's fans. The 10 episodes of this season were in the can well before the decision was made to cancel the show and they knew full well that this was how they would end it. ABC had better pull their fingers out and allow them to film a 2 hour finale or tv-movie and give the fans a satisfactory conclusion to this great show. It is the least that we deserve!
  • Ok then. I have to go with "AHHH!" also. You CAN'T do this in a series finale. A last minute (no, last 1/2 second) character re-birth.? OMG. This finale can have only ONE final long term outcome, seriously.

    Seriously now. I've been saving up all of my Sour-patch Kids candy all month long for this episode. Despite that the candy hasn't even been referenced this entire season. If this weren't a family channel, I would've categorized this in a "WT#" section.
    We had action, action action last week, and we needed finite resolution this week. The only way I know how to measure whether or not an episode is gonna have a satisfying ending, is by checking how much time is left after each scene (funny huh). So, 3 min. to the ending, I notice that there is no way this series is going to be resolved in anyway closely satisfying. The show dropping the bomb of "you cant... I'm your brother"... What the HEY.! Prison Break has decided to end, but its announced a final few episodes to resolve the series. Either KYLE XY was never re-written when it found out its cancellation, or there is some secret to resolve it. Though I doubt it. Here are the ONLY ways this finale can be accepted, for it to survive as an ended show. 1. New show: "Dark XY" or "Kyle and Jesse: A Darker Beginning" (My favorite really)
    2. Final few episodes like Prison Break is doing in April. 3. A made for TV Kyle XY "Movie" (forget the After-school special) 4. ABC will have to write-off Kyle XY as never having aired, to explain its finale ( ;) )

    I can't think of any other way this series can ever go down in TV show history without having the reputation of another ended show that was abandoned before it was over. I'm still shocked on the ending. Gimmie a Break, and Give me A New Kyle XY on Friday or Thursday evening so we can finally see (outside of the family living room) what ABC meant to have done with Kyle's dark last 1/2 second re-birth.
  • In the final episode of Kyle XY, Kyle embarks on his mission to take down the Latnok project once and for all, after learning that they are reviving his creator's experiment for unknown purposes.

    This episode, while providing a very satisfying resolution to many of the smaller storylines in the episode, fails to fully wrap up the series itself, but instead opened another can of worms which viewers can now only speculate about, due to the incomprehensible decision of the ABC Family network - the Kyle XY series was generating excellent ratings, though they did suffer a bit in Season 3, which was not unexpected. However, it was still successfully bringing in the viewers. But now that Kyle XY is over, I have no plans to watch the ABC Family network again, as Kyle XY was the only series of theirs that appealed to anyone outside the teenage genre, including me.
  • Ok this episode.... You.... I dont even.... Its.... AAAAH!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!! If you saw this episode you know what im talking about. Great episode. Fantastic episode. HORRIBLE ENDING!!!! But wait... Its not the end. No way. .

    Ok I speak for everybody who watched this episode when I say What the hell is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not going to go into full detail about the episode. Im going into detail about the ending. This was a fantastic episode. I start out with that. But the ending was awful for a series finale. I mean seriously. "Im your brother". and its over??? No way man. No. Im going to say its NOT over. It cant be. ABC will renew it or another station will pick it up or a tv movie will be made but let me tell you. We have NOT seen the last of Kyle XY!!!!!
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