Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 10

Bringing Down the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Bring it back!

  • ENDING??????

    I think this should not be perfect ending .whole season is awesome and at the end it made so worst and i think Kyle and Jessie would be a best couple rather than Amanda and when I first watched the first episode I think it would be a awesome and In whole day I watched all the three seasons by downloading it and it's so awful at the ending...
  • Need to bring this great TV show back!

    They needa bring this show back!! It's the best show I've ever seen!! Want it back so bad. Like idk what in the heck ABC was thinking when they canceled this show ugh wth they needa get their mind str8 & finish this show how it's suppose to!! Btw Kyle's so cutee!!
  • Is little good

    But this show has to be finish pleasee
  • The End?

    Have to completly agree with most of You. The worst ending ever. Would be great as a season end but it's completly inaccurate as a series final. Nothing finished and we don't know what will happen next. Maybe the station leave opportunity to continue but until this happen this is the worst series final which I ever saw.
  • de ending

    It has de worst ending ever, now how do we know wat happens next?
  • What a rip! how can that be the end? That's like ending Farscape with "to be continued". It just aint right. They so better do a movie. Let's here it people : We want a movie! We want a movie! Please :)

    I cant believe they would end the serious like that. It wasnt even one of their best episodes. Amanda annoys me. I always wanted Kyle to be with Jessie. Not just because Adam & Sarah were, or because they are the same but it just seems right to me. Jessie brings out a different and better Kyle. If he stayed with Amanda he'd just be a pansy his whole life. I'm so glad we got to see Cassidy get even just a little beat down. He was such an arrogant ass. The main reason this episode sucks as a finally is hello all the unanswered question it itsef raises. Why did they do that. surely they knew it was goin to end the could he tried to wrap it up in a nice little bundle. It's just so mean. We want a finale movie!!
  • A season finale posing as a series finale, not good! Well this stinks.

    I can understand ending a show, they all do, however, ending a show in this manner is just not right. If this was the end of season, the cliff hanger was masterful, impending battles between Jessi and Amanda, Kyle and Nate, Cassidy, Cassidy's mom, oh let's just say it, next season was going to be WAR!!! I want the war and I'm pissed I will not get it.

    This episode started ok with the usual dose of teen angst. Josh and Andy's sorrow, Kyle's jealousy about Amanda, Jessi pining over Kyle. After the angst portion of the evening, we move into the Nicole worry segment and the Stephen bonding portion. Let's not forget Jessi and Lori making peace (yes, Jessi in red was very hot).

    Onto the intrigue. Jessi trying to bust Cassidy's safe, Amanda finding Adams notes in Nate's room, Declan and Kyle break into Cassidy's apartment, Jessi and Amanda steal the files from Nate. Finally Kyle poisoning the growth formula he was tricked into developing.

    Now the end, Amanda challenges Jessi, Kyle and Cassidy face off,and for the close we learn that Cassidy is Kyle's brother!

    It was fabulous for a season finale, great cliffhangers, I'm already salivating for next season. Oh wait, there is no next season! ABC Family=DUMASS.
  • I love the show and I give score 1 because ABC made me really really angry. Go to hell with ending like this!

    I would like to give a better score, because this episode was not so bad at all. BUT! This poor score is well deserved for unbelievable cliffhanger. I mean, what is this?! What series finale is this?! That´s not how we should be treated. For three years of devoted watching, we get this?!
    Well...for the rest of episode...we see Kyle and Jessi again, trying to understand their relationship. And I have to say, I´m little disappointed about Kyle. I totally understand that he has a trouble, he´s confused about his feelings...that´s ok. But I don´t think he would "jump" from Amanda to Jessi and than back to Amanda and than to Jessi again like that. Also Nicole´s attitude suprise me, not to mention Kyle´s strange transformation at the very end...although he looked damn cool!:)
  • Not bad, not bad at all!

    I wasn't a fan of the show for a long time, the tv commercial seemed so stupid. But then I had a chance to see the first episode and that made me watch all the 3 seasons in a row (took me a few weeks :)) Since the 3rd season has not yet been aired in Estonia, I had to watch it on YouTube - not the best way to do it. But, bottom line, it does seem a bit different, the last episode. Everything's kind of confusing and hard to follow. But, to be honest, I like it (assuming I saw the whole thing, which I'm not very sure of - it is YouTube after all). In my opinion, the fact that nothing's really definite and we can actually draw the conclusions ourselves and there's nothing 100% sure, it's an advantage. So if someone wants Kyle to end up with Jesse can believe that that's how it goes, who prefers Amanda - well it's ok, maybe it's Amanda :) So I'm really pleased with the way the show ended... Again, assuming I saw the real deal :D So I'll just add that the final part in YouTube ended with Cassidy telling Kyle they're brothers. Is that it? If not, feel free to enlighten me, please!
  • Really just a RIDICULOUS way to end what started out as a good series.

    I continued to stare at my screen after the show was over, wondering if I missed the last couple of minutes. Did my DVR miss the last of it? They're prolonging Cassidy's character? What the heck was that about?

    They didn't resolve the Amanda/Jessi/Kyle angle. They didn't say whether Latnok was stopped.

    It was ludicrous. Maybe they wanted to create an opening to be able to make a movie out of it. I can almost guarantee, with the sub-par writing in this series, a movie by the same people would be an absolute FLOP. I loved these characters and these actors, so I'm really disappointed with the way ABC decided to end things. I guess it's status quo when they decide to cancel a successful series. It's okay to just chop it off at the knees and leave the rotting corpse. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
  • Kyle XY Finale? Are you serious??!!!

    I will CANCEL ABC from my options as well. Good episode, it would be a great SEASON finale, but for the love of god, not KYLE XY Finale. I don't even want to comment it, I am really disappointed, some bad shows keep going and a good one just disappear.

    ABC think it twice, and give to the loyal fans a closure, not a sequence of unsolved questions, show some interest and respect for the people who makes your company successful.

    I invite you to not only complain about this decision, at least let ABC know your opinion: Can we do anything?
  • A great season finale... a poor series finale!

    IT WAS GREAT...until it ended. As soon as the credits rolled, the message boards were filled with unhappy fans demanding a better ending. The tub deserves to be saved. you cannot end a show with as many loose ends as the producers did with kyle xy! It made us so angry. we've been following the show for so long and suddenly we're not important enough to get a proper ending. And the ending that JP came out with on the blogs was so open to interpretation and lazy! we will not rest until we get the ending we deserve.

    the episode was one of the better ones of season 3, again until the ending. it would have mad a perfect season finale... instead it made a terrible season finale. my rating is for the quality of the episode, not the quality of the ending!
  • Disspointed with 'Brining down the House' as the shows final episode.

    How dissapointing - at least release 1 more ep; people need to see a proper ending /closure - explosions!! *Kyle & Jessie get together,
    *Casidee be silenced,
    *Mrs. Kingsley be met and defeated (along with the other lat'nockers)
    *Foss bought back in for Kyle in ways Bailen utilised him
    *warehouse destroyed (up in flames) &

    Should there be a season #4
    Kyle use Bailen's wealth and all the rings to start his own rival scientific cult to ensure they do good!!!

    The episode 'Bringing down the house' didn't bring down anything at all - how could they think to leave it there and not even do another episode to finish all the open ended events they have running...
  • Episode so-so, as a series ender, excellent. Kyle and Jessie during the entire series evolve in reverse and with biblical connotations.

    (Spoiler Alert) As an individual episode,this was on so-so. The writers tried to do too much to fast. As a series ending episode is great one but, only if you actually take the time to think of the entire series. Kyle starts out as a pure innocent child in the world and by the time the episode is over that innocence (light) is gone and Kyle has "grown up" in that he now is acting like every adult by lying, stealing, and possibly by committing murder (dark) (tho, that one is debatable and Cassidy had it coming). One the other hand Jessie grew up in reverse. She started out dark by murdering the camper (he had it coming) and by the end of the series has now learned compassion, caring, and not to use force as a first instinct (light). The two evolved in reverse with Kyle from light -> dark and Jessie from dark -> light, excellent. The lie (yes a lie) from Cassidy that he was Kyle's brother would only work if Cassidy was Adam's brother since we know that Kyle was a clone of Adam and Since Adam was in the same generation as Cassidy's mom this lie falls apart. If the lie was true then that even pulls in a Cain/Able storyline with the first historical human murder, excellent again.
  • This is not the end...

    This show is one of the better ones out there, and like all good shows it keeps getting put on the back burner. It was originally never supposed to go over one season, but they realized that people loved it and made the second and third seasons. Now they are saying it is canceled, but I don't think this is the end for our navel challenged hero. I know that with all the buzz going around about this show that if ABC doesn't provide answers and conclusions then someone will. Fans will start creating fan stories that take kyle through to a real conclusion of his story. I don't know how it will look, but I know that this is not the end - ABC cannot control that.
  • In this episode Kyle is strugling to help Jessi and also to stop Michael Cassidy and Latnok in developing new Kyle Clones. It;s clearly not an appropiate finale for this excelente show

    I really enjoy this episode, as I did the ones before this. I have to admit that I found out the serie was been cancel just after I saw this one, and I find this surprising and unaceptable. Since the begining KyleXY has been a very refreshing story, full of warm feeling and healty exitment, it's and outlet for our day to day streesful lifestyles.

    This is a clear example of how good this story can get to be, there are so many storylines to follow, Please Do Not Ley It Finish Like this!!!!

    Thanks for taking our comment in account
  • This absolutely cannot be the series finale!

    Bringing down the house is an episode only half way into telling the story of Kyle XY! This was a great SEASON finale! We are finally getting a lot of answers along with getting a ton more questions. The character development with Kyle and Jessi really took off this season and when Amanda decked Nate and stood up to Jessi in this episode, it was awesome! This episode really saw Kyle come into his own with making a decision to finally stop something he felt incredibly strong about. It also saw Jessi become someone who could actually be sweet. The writing, as usual was great, the music rocked. I am so upset that we do not know when the next season is so that we can see the resolution and continuation of this wonderful show.
  • ABC i believe made a grave error against this show. It in no way deserved to be cancelled. This episode is a prime example of the show's future.

    We start out this season with a great plot. This episode as a finale for the season would be fantastic. It is the kind of episode that just makes one itch to see more. That being said one cannot end anything , as a matter a fact, with not only unanswered questions but worse with more intriguing plots and twists manifesting. It leaves a bitter sweet taste on the tongue. On the one hand we have a great episode full of all the storylines we have come to love , even with new plots as in Jessi/Kyle/Amanda as well as the relationship Cassidy has to Kyle being sprung on us at the end , on the other hand I believe this episode did not conclude anything but just left us the FANS devastated not only at losing a show that many of us have welcomed into our lives but the greater injustice being done to us is the fact that now and from now on we will never know how all the plots really end.
    I don't know about you but that just makes me very frustrated. ABC made the wrong choice by cancelling this show. All that is left is the hope that some other network will see their foulhardy decision and decide to continue on with the series at least till we get a proper ending.
  • What a utterly stupid way to end a very good series.

    I just got finished watching Kyle XY and every episode including this final episode left me wanting more!! This is a very well thought out and written series....EXCEPT abc's decision to just up and quit making more episodes or actually come up with a decent ending is just utterly stupid. You can tell theres supposed to be more to the story, just way to many issues not answered. This series and the decision just to quit making episodes does not stand alone in the annals of great showes ended b4 they're time.......firefly, the dresden files, the list goes on. I hope there is a movie in the works or something, would be a crime to end such a great series this lamely.
  • This cannot be the end....

    because if it is the TV executives need a good kick in the teeth for cancelling yet another amazing show. Kyle XY is such a fantastic and beautiful show, the new perspective on the world that is provided by Kyle and Jessie. The character relationships like the one between Josh and Andy, I have not had a Sci-Fi that has reached out to me on so many levels and always hit the mark. If this show really does end here because I would gladly watch more 4, 5, 6 or even more seasons of this show, as long as they keep its heart and its soul.
  • the best scene of this episode is the kiss beetween jessi and kyle :)

    kyle xy is great!i really love it and i wanna see the love story between jessi and kyle.. the fight against latnok... this episode is the best: it finally shows another kiss between jessi and kyle, a dark side of amanda that finally wake up and it ended with the fight
    against cassidy and his secret: kyle and cassidy are brothers.. it can't end... i wanna know how it will continue... i wanna see if kyle will kill cassidy or not... if jessi will be finally kyle girlfriend... if josh and andy will keep their feelings alive... if declan and lori will be together again... i won't kyle xy leave us so
  • A bittersweet farewell.

    A bitterwsweet farewell. The open-ended conclusion made me hopeful that there still is a chance another network picks up the show, but then I read an interview about where the show was supposed to be headed and they sounded resigned to this being the end..*sniff*. So, ya in conclusion I don't know whether I really love the ending, or really, really hated it - check back with me in about 6 months on that one. Also, this episode had some great music in this episode, especially "Before It Gets Better" by Earlimart, which is the song playing when Declan is at The Rack talking to Lori...
  • Kyle discovers Cassidy and Latnok's true intentions, and how all of the inventions shown this season are being used to restart Adam's old experiment. Kyle decides to stop them, and discovers a long lost branch of his family tree.

    Let me just start off by saying this episode was amazing. It answered a few basic questions, but posed several more pressing and thought proving questions. The only problem is that as a series finale, there should only be answers, no new questions. There is a very good reason why this happened, and it has no blame being passed onto the writers, only the network; the series was canceled after the season had already been completed. The cast, crew and writers were all under the assumption that they had a fourth season, at the very minimum, to wrap up the show, so they decided to had a typical, cliff hanging season finale, which was converted later into a series finale. The episode would make even a non viewer want to tune in for the season premier, just to see the resolution of the immediate problems that were faced. This was either a major network mistake, which will cause serious repercussions in terms of viewers, because many have claimed to only watch the network for this show, or a brilliant idea, to fain a cancellation to get viewers up in arms, and then bring it back next season, or even take a year off and be back in the spring, or even a feature length film.
  • Kyle strives to stop Latnok from making a clone factory out of his DNA. And the love triangle between Jesse and Amanda gets reformed. Fade to black!

    This is my first and probably only review I'll end up doing for Kyle XY. You don't have to have been a viewer for a long time to realize while watching this that this episode had been intended as a season and not a series finale.

    It was very rushed. They at times almost skipped over scenes and we had to take their word for it that things happened. So, at first you might have had the impression that maybe they reworked this episode due to the cancellation but once you watch the whole thing sadly we would have been mistaken.

    As a viewer who only started watching around the middle of season 2 I know I missed things that might have been significant. Maybe how Amanda went by the window. And references to Kyle's creator. But this was such a great show in one of the worst time slots you could possibly have. Only my DVR allowed me to watch it and that was for the replay mind you! By the way I am really mad as I fastforwarded through the commercials at the shows they advertised as Kyle XY's replacement.

    It was bittersweet and the ending was very eerie. There was a moment of time I thought everyone except Kyle might have been dead. And than he had his supposed brother in a chokehold and family / shmamily if I was Kyle I would have killed him and turned his atoms into bird feed. But alas we're not going to find out what happens next. I have a feeling Kyle wouldn't have done it. They would have had someone else do it for him. And the cop out jury is out on who Kyle was going to end up being with. Jesse or Amanda. By the end I felt like I was holding an onion ring for a second. Like I was looking right through the hole and had gone full circle and was left nowhere. Now, the only finale we're going to have is only in our dreams.
  • Kyle gets Cassidy to open up about Latnok's plans for the future of Adam Baylin's experiment. Kyle and Jessi must find a way to put a stop to it.

    I just had a chance to watch this episode and was very eager to do so because I knew that this is the final one.. It started well, dealing with what happened in the previous episode. Some characters had their final moments like Josh & Andy, but as a whole, it really left all of us hanging. Mark helped Kyle, then what? Amanda confronts Jessie about how she'll try to win Kyle back, and then what? What happens to Lori & Declan? and the part that left as hanging most is when Cassidy revealed that Kyle is his brother... no explanation for that at all... :-( Is that the way a season or show ends?
  • How can this possibly be the series finale?

    How can this possibly be the series finale? I refuse to accept that, I really am losing all faith in TV as they keep cancelling good shows.. but in this case we don't even get a conclusion. Sure, some answers are given but meanwhile they raise alot more questions. As I said I refuse to accept this is the end, they should atleast give us faithful viewers a movie or something to wrap things up.. christ.

    The episode is actually one of the best Kyle XY episodes to date and it just proves this series has a lot more to offer us, and to send off such a great series without a proper ending is unforgivable, CURSE YOU ABC FAMILY
  • Best episode ever to air in this show!! But it made me want to yell at whoever decided to cut the show's life short!!!!!! Warning, spoilers ahead.

    Well it's finally here, the season/series finale, and though I wish it was not the end of the show, it doesn't look like there was enough interest to save it. It's too bad really, though I admit the start of this season was nothing special, the second half of it was simply awesome. It was nice to see a flash back to episodes from the last seasons at the start of this episode, it really didn't help me miss the show less, and the episode had not even begun. For the first time in this show we get a sexual spark, and it happens between Jessi and Kyle. I just kept thinking how much Jessi and Kyle fit together, Amanda and Kyle had a lot of love, but they were never as hot as Jessi and Kyle together. This episode was epic, in a lot of ways, I won't explain it all, but the episode was just amazing. The one thing I will mention, is the kiss in this episode. I know it was hard to top Amanda and Kyle's first kiss, but this kiss blew it out of the water (well the lights out). The episode just kept getting more intense, and it built up so much, but I kept looking at the time left, and really hating it being the end more than ever. And at the end of the episode, we get the biggest cliff hanger this show has ever seen. I don't know how to put this to you, but this episode was so good, they have to bring the show back!
  • Why are they doing this to the loyal fans who have no life sitting around gawking at a sexy guy with no belly button(I have no life 'cept Kyle.) So many cliffhangers, so little time. ABC FAMILY ruins lives. BOYCOTT! Revolt. Bring Kyle Back!!!

    The Episode was so painful...Squealing because they're finally moving somewhere-- Andy/Josh still can work their relationship. Kyle really does like Jessi. Kyle really does like Amanda.Jessi and Amanda are beingsomewhat civil toeachother, even though they both have vicious knives behind thier back, ready to carve out eachother's faces as soon as the other one lets down thier just keeps getting worse. We don't know if they really sabbotaged Cassidy and Latnok,don't know who Kyle Picked...Kessi of Kanda.Or Cassidy's Kyle's half brother? Seriously? I was waiting the whole time for them to say,"Tricked you, the other half is coming up next,so stay tuned." or "Really? We lied, we aren't canceling the show." It sounded better in my head. Last night. After I stopped freaking out over the injustice of the fact that GREEK and SECRET LIFE is still going. Why won't they cancel them. Or see that the loyal fans Love Kyle and make the second half of the finale so we GET ANSWERS. or move the show to another network. Something. What they did last night was **** out some loyal fans who made ABC FAm. popular. I have nothing to watch on that channel anymore. I'm pissed that they could be so wrong to those fans. Where's the justice ABC FAMILY. where's the love. Bring Back Kyle XY.
  • Some questions get answers, other not. And the last minute cliff hanger is in danger of having no answer! So actually, no conclusion at all!

    The third season was darked than the two previous one. And contrary to the previous seasons' finales, not all the questions are answered before the cliff hanger appears.

    The darker tone of the 3rd season may be the explanation of the decreasing audience. As teens are growing up, the Tragger family structure may evolve. And Kyle has much less things to discover from our world, as he did during the 1st season, and that was really funny.

    This 3rd season was clearly planned with a 4th in mind: so many new characters, so many new unexplained connections... But definitively, Kyle XY deserves a more comprehensive and elaborate finale. Why not a last special episode to bring explanations and put an end?