Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 10

Bringing Down the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Why are they doing this to the loyal fans who have no life sitting around gawking at a sexy guy with no belly button(I have no life 'cept Kyle.) So many cliffhangers, so little time. ABC FAMILY ruins lives. BOYCOTT! Revolt. Bring Kyle Back!!!

    The Episode was so painful...Squealing because they're finally moving somewhere-- Andy/Josh still can work their relationship. Kyle really does like Jessi. Kyle really does like Amanda.Jessi and Amanda are beingsomewhat civil toeachother, even though they both have vicious knives behind thier back, ready to carve out eachother's faces as soon as the other one lets down thier just keeps getting worse. We don't know if they really sabbotaged Cassidy and Latnok,don't know who Kyle Picked...Kessi of Kanda.Or Cassidy's Kyle's half brother? Seriously? I was waiting the whole time for them to say,"Tricked you, the other half is coming up next,so stay tuned." or "Really? We lied, we aren't canceling the show." It sounded better in my head. Last night. After I stopped freaking out over the injustice of the fact that GREEK and SECRET LIFE is still going. Why won't they cancel them. Or see that the loyal fans Love Kyle and make the second half of the finale so we GET ANSWERS. or move the show to another network. Something. What they did last night was **** out some loyal fans who made ABC FAm. popular. I have nothing to watch on that channel anymore. I'm pissed that they could be so wrong to those fans. Where's the justice ABC FAMILY. where's the love. Bring Back Kyle XY.