Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 10

Bringing Down the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • This absolutely cannot be the series finale!

    Bringing down the house is an episode only half way into telling the story of Kyle XY! This was a great SEASON finale! We are finally getting a lot of answers along with getting a ton more questions. The character development with Kyle and Jessi really took off this season and when Amanda decked Nate and stood up to Jessi in this episode, it was awesome! This episode really saw Kyle come into his own with making a decision to finally stop something he felt incredibly strong about. It also saw Jessi become someone who could actually be sweet. The writing, as usual was great, the music rocked. I am so upset that we do not know when the next season is so that we can see the resolution and continuation of this wonderful show.