Kyle XY

Season 3 Episode 7

Chemistry 101

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • The Science of Love

    In a way this episode was the first time I acctually saw Kyle act like a jelious jerk. I thought this episode did a good job at capturing that well, I think most of us have been down that bad road once or twice. Jeliousy is always an act of deperation that in the end only gives you nothing. I really think Kyle underestimates and is wrong about his competator from Latnox. That competator might seem a bit like an ego centric jerk, but it may be a mask on the outside. Also when he is interacting with Amanda he's playing fair he's not doing anything underhanded. Kyle probably knows that but he doesn't want to believe it and we see it leads him to do something really stupid which was lashing to the competator that he rigged his crystal to match her color, which he actually didn't. And Kyle just pushes her away further.

    Even though the main character was Kyle in the episode, I felt the person that really stole the show was Jessi, she I felt was at her humane best. I'll admit Jessi looks better in red then she does in black, it just I don't know gives her more of a glow. But even she acts in jelousy when we discover she rigged the crystals. Lori then gives her the best advice I've heard and thats the main lesson of the episode. In order to win in the game of love you have to always play fair, when you cheat you audimatically lose because it proves your unworthy of the other. This then gets Jessi to do something that I think truely makes her worthy and thats admiting the truth to Amanda. Yeah Jessi might lose Kyle to her but she might have already lost him if she didn't do this. The last moment tough when Amanda and Kyle interact possibly for the last time, we see Kyle makes a choice which is to love and protect Amanda from a distance, though I can't help but feel it could be the wrong choice cause I remember most superheroes have made tha choice and even though it minimized the risk it didn't mean they were out of danger. I'll admit a big part of me actually wants Jessi to get Kyle and I'll admit another thing Amanda isn't my favorite character, I'm not sure why but I just think it could be because shes not really my cup of tea. She's sweet but I just don't find she's that interesting, but like I said it could just be me. I like Jessi more because I felt she was a lot more complex emotionally. I even like the subplot with Andi and Josh's relationship, both the them now have some friction going on with the issue of the move, it has caused both of them to take out their frustrations on one another which results in both of them doing some really stupid things just to hurt each other. The interaction between both Josh and the new girl is sweet, it really showed that Josh can have another person and start again once Andi is out of the picture but that's just it she hasn't left yet and their not finished. That final moment I liked where Josh and Andy apologized to one another (both talked at the same time at a fast speed which was funny and sweet) and decide to make the best of the last time they have together. There are also the little subplot with Lori and Decklan. The chemestry between her and the new guy in her life is good. Same with Declan and the new girl, I think it's about time Declan had another person in his life and not just on the platonic level, I was getting a bit tired of seeing him single he's been that way long enough. In a way seeing also made me wonder if it's in the cards for Lori and Declan may'be it's not ment to but on a side note their crystals did match color, hmmmm. I really liked the last moments at the end when we discover the twist that Jessi's mmom didn't abandon her but was kidnapped. We see as Jessi is crying from that fact, Kyle comforts her and then suddenly
    both their Crystals light up After what happened with the crystals I couldn't help but feel that may'be Kyle and Jessi could be destined, those crystals might be the first sign of that. But as it's said Love is never an exact science.
  • A truly amazing episode that manages to top the last and bring back some mystery I have been longing for. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Warning, spoilers contained below.

    So for the first time, we see what a jealous Kyle is like. First time because Kyle has been with Amanda for a long time, and now that they are broken up, Kyle knows what it's like to be jealous. Now an interesting thing happens to Josh this episode. A girl out of nowhere comes up to him and knows all about him. Right away I had a sneaky suspicion it had to do with Andy. The mystery with Cassidy is still there, as Kyle finds more reasons to question his intent. I like that the writer still keep an element of suspicion and mystery with Latnok, it keeps you guessing and leaves room for more plots to arise. I really enjoyed this episode, but I think the end was what made it go from being very good, to amazing. I loved the end, they didn't force Kyle with Jessi, but you get the feeling it's meant to be. They both can tell each other everything, so no need for secrets, Jessi can take care of herself and they both come from two people who were together. I don't think they can fight it anymore, and now that Kyle put a nail in the coffin for a relationship with him and Amanada, it seems likely that Kyle will be with Jessi. Continuing with my love for the end of this episode, I loved how Kyle tells Jessi about her mom's ring being in Cassidy's case, and how we find out that maybe she didn't leave Jessi after all. What it seems like now, is that Latnok took her away, in order to manipulate Jessi into getting Kyle to join Latnok. Sneaky buggers, I knew that if they could pull off what they did to Amanda that they were not to be trusted. Now we finally get confirmation of something fishy. Absolutely brilliant episode, it was even better then the last, which is a great accomplishment since the last episode was also great.
  • Jessi & Kyle?

    Well, I watched like 3/4 of this episode and came here quickly to write this review before heading out.
    When I first saw Kyle XY, I thought it was a pretty interesting show. Solid plot and with great potential.

    But during season 2 and now this one, Kyle XY has become like some teen drama close to Beverly Hills or maybe Roswell, to be more accurate. The teen drama x odd powers.

    Just making jealousy and other stuff is not really trying to reach it's full potential. Sure, if you have typical characters, "normal" humans, sure you gotta appeal to the drama and work it way hard to make fine episodes.

    But we ain't seing enough danger and/or something that makes us expect the next episode. I mean, working with a group of smart people is not, by far, something that would make me sit on my chair focused on each episode of this show..

    Too bad it's the last season. Even like this, Kyle XY is way better than Heroes and current House and his weird plots and former stars now recurring with barely screen time.. lol, poor chase and cameron..

    Anyways, cheers and see ya next week!
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