Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 5

Come to Your Senses

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Amanda and Kyle finally make up. Woo-Hoo.

    Wow it started ot with a nag. Amanda's house was broken into. I can't wait to see how Jessi acts around Nicole especially with Kyle there and her weird Kyle sense. This Declan thing just got a bit more interesting. From Lori to Jessi. Now another chance of Kyle seeing her. Wow Stephen and Nicole must have been the old partiers with their magical shoebox. I liked the Lori Kyle stakeout scene. Cute and funny. Wow then Amanda's mom sold he bracelet to a pawn shop. I never really nderstood her. Oh Well. Finally Kyle and Amanda make up. Then Madcorp is back. And Stephen is joining. Ah-Oh!!!
  • I loved it!

    Kyle wants to help Amanda when a robber breaks in. Her special bracelet is missing. Kyle finds the thief and possibly saves his life. Kyle and Lori find the braclet at a pawn shop and finds out that Amanda's mom sold it. Kyle gives the man his ring for the bracelet. Amanda and her mom give Kyle the money from the bracelet so he can buy his ring back. When Kyle returns, he finds out that it was sold and that they payed a lot of money to rip up the receipt. Nicole starts sessions with Jessi. Declan meets Jessi and seems interested in her. Stephen and Nicole find out that Josh has smoked pot. But Josh got it from Stephen and Nicole's bedroom. Stephen and Josh both agree to no more pot. Stephen gets a job at Madacorp.

    This was a great episode! I loved it a lot! What Kyle did was extremely nice! He gave up Adam's ring for Amanda, but it sucks that he didn't get it back. This episode gets a 10!
  • Amanda's house is robbed and her charm bracelet (given to Amanda by her father) is stolen. Kyle will do anything to help get it back, because he wants Amanda to forgive him for not telling her about Charlie.

    I really thought this episode was one of the greatest in the entire series. I was getting bored with the new season until this episode aired. This is one of those episodes that made me scream when they cut to commercial (not really.) It really had a good plot and I bet the ring could could lead into some other plots. The whole idea of this episode ruled. I thought that it was well written and it was action packed, which is one of the reasons I love kyle xy. The Conclusion? I can say it in three words. GREATEST. EPISODE. YET.
  • Another awesome instalment, it seems the more the show progresses this season, the better it gets. I can’t wait for the next episode!

    Wow, this was a great episode! Sure it didn’t have much action, but it had a lot of human drama! We get development from a wide range of characters, and we also get the re-uniting of some characters. The show seems to be taking the road to success as it climbs a hill ever so high. Episode by episode it throws new ideas and new plot twists, one can only take so many before things start to develop into full bloom. I expect the show to become better as it goes on, and to end this season with awesome results. The way it looks now, so many things could happen, and it’s killing me to have to wait a week more now then every before. The bad thing about shows this good is that when they become this great, it is very hard to wait a week for the next episode, and even more hard to wait for the next season (if there is one). I love this show, it’s awesomely laid out, the way the characters develop with one another and the way they interact is just perfect. Kyle’s voice does seem to change from different pitches at times, but that doesn’t really bother me and it certainly does not change my view on this show. This episode had me clenching my fists at the end at the screen; I almost wanted to yell in frustration and enjoyment. Enjoyment for how great the episode I saw was, and frustration for last second double whammy twists the show sprung on us. I won’t give it away for those who haven’t watched the episode, as is par with almost all of my reviews. Spoilers are something I don’t like to give in my reviews, as you never know who is going to read them! Once again, awesome episode, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do so as soon as you can, as you will not regret it!
  • this series never stops getting better and better!! this week's episode centered mostly around the relationship between kyle and amanda and it was nicely written!

    one thing in mind after watching this episode : kyle xy is a must-watch show for everyone!this episode combines the interesting plots in relationship as well as the incessant revealing and existence of the mysteries.

    i love all the way the storyline of kyle and amanda this definitely strengthen their the end(at kyle's bathtub),i know that everyone must expected that they would kiss at the end.the fact that they didn't and instead,they hugged blew me away in a sense that it touched more and the effect was rather sublime!

    now i'm crazy about lori!it was really provoking(in a good way) the way she sent daclyn away from her room!and after that she broke down a bit with her guitar was just showed how much she's hurt and at the same time being strong and this message was really well delivered!bravo!

    the whole jessie-nicole thing was great as well and i adored too suprisingly the storyline of josh and steven!

    all in all,what a great episode!
  • Best episode of the show! The first time you actually didn't expect the twist!

    This is definitely the best episode of the show! The story was great! The humor was excellent! Character development was great! The Kyle story finally picked up again. The "twist" was finally the first in the show that was very unexpected and well thought out. This show really picked up from the last two episodes. I like the Jessie story a lot more than I did before as well! Excellent episode! Hope it has a good follow up.
  • Another well written episode.

    Right from the start, we get to see new plot lines springing up when Declan gets his things from Lori's house and inadvertedly bumps into Jessi. (He could have put the box down, opened the door, got the box, put it down, and close the door behind him. Instead he had to do it all with his hands holding the box. :P lol) It looks like Jessi will be Declan's love interest in the future. :P

    They've made an interesting twist at the end of the episode when it turns out that the robber wasn't the one who stole the bracelet. I didn't expect that, and it was quite interesting. Aside from that, it looks like Kyle and Amanda are getting closer to each other.

    Again, alls well that ends well, as Kyle even writes a note to the robber to have a heart check-up. We'll have to see next week to find out what the implications are of Madacorp's hiring of Stephen and their acquisition of the ring. I hope we find out what the ring's significance is.
  • Kyle is trying to strengthen his senses and hears heartbeats and senses Amanda is being robbed, vowing to catch the thief enlists Lori to assist him on a stake out. Stephen's unemployment has consequences for Josh. Jessi begins her therapy with Nicole.

    I really liked this episode. It was reminiscent of season 1, the drama surrounding Kyle's mysterious past was put on the backburner to allow for more of the shows human interest stories that we all love.

    So this episode introduced some interesting plots, the main one being Kyle's strengthened super-hearing allowing him to hear the heartbeat of Amanda and the burgelar in her room. It was awesome to see him chase him down. This turned out to be great, Kyle was drawing again and he and Lori went on a stakeout which was great, Kyle's joke about Lori and Declan was priceless. Due to Kyle's powers of deduction they did find the burgelar, but come to find out he was not the one that stole and pawned Amanda's bracelet, but Amanda's mother. The reason though was sad, after her father's passing the family has gone through som money problems, which led to Amanda thanking Kyle and giving him the money to get Adam's ring back that he pawned to get the bracelet, but someone offered a lot of money to get it without a paper trail.

    Stephen and Josh had a good father-son story, so it turns out Josh has been smoking pot that he found in his parent's closet. I have to applaud the writers for two reasons, the way Stephen found out by going online to play his son's video game because he was tired of finding a new job, and for showing that it was the parent's pot for ABC Fam this was bold. The heart to heart that Stephen had with Josh abotu his father and drinking was a fine example to me of good parenting, none of this authoritarian stuff.

    Lori seems to be hiding her true feelings for Declan well, after returning his stuff she began to lose it, I can relate to that when you box up the stuff they gave you it definately sets in. Now onto to Jessi, so her first therapy session with Nicole began and it didn't seem like it went well. Why is it though that Jessi seems so cold and withdrawn, when Kyle was never like that when he was first hatched or whatever. The heartbeat thing still freaks me out, why are her and Kyle connected that way? As she leaves to go home I love that she acted so odd around Declan clearly she is attracted to him, but does she think that he is Kyle? I love how she picked up his condoms, and her comment about them being ribbed, another bold move by the writers. The episode winded up well, with Stephen getting a new job with the company that owned Kyle and that guy is now wearing Adam's ring. Lori wondering about Jessi now that she saw her and Declan acting flirty. Josh understanding his dad a bit more and them acting like friends. And to top it all off Kyle informing the burgelar of his heart condition.

    I cannot wait until next week, I hear Kyle and Amanda will start dating.
  • Wow, very thrilling! YOU did NOT expect what actually happend at the towards the end!!!

    I LOVED this episode. First off, I think what Kyle did for Amanda was the sole reason that I KNOW they're going to get together. I was waiting for a smooch. But, remember Kyle is a gentleman, and Amanda doesn't do those kind of things so quickly. I was kind of mad at what the brother said about pot. That stuff is bad for you. But, I understand it's just his lines. I kind of felt that the new job for the dad was going to be at the experimental company. For the pure fact that the testers are trying to get closer to Kyle. AND, there is no way to get closer to him is by going through his dad first. I thought Kyle was so sweet about the ring on his necklace. That is TRUE love. You can learn real life-lessons from this show's main character "Kyle!" He's the sweetest. And, XX was really strange. I really hope she doesn't get in contact with Kyle anytime soon. I just hope Declan doesn't fall in her spell, and like her in the next episode. Bec., then the waterworks will start-a-pouring! Can I get an AMEN!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!
  • Kyle and Amanda's relationship is progressing whereas Declan and Lori's is deteriorating.

    A lot of character development in this episode. Amanda is getting over Charlie's cheating but then her necklace is stolen. With Lori's aid, Kyle manages to find it.

    Lori shows her willingness to help Kyle and Kyle is still willing to do everything in his power to make Amanda happy.

    Steven, who starts off the episode out of a job, discovers something about Josh and, in the end, this discovery seems to strengthen their relationship. Some great scenes in this storyline and excellent acting from the actors involved.

    Nicole has her first session with Jessi and Jessi has her first encounter with Declan. Where will this go...
  • Getting better each and everytime!

    Kyle has been trying to get back with his "family"
    As another patient comes into the family. She was sent
    By her "sister" as she had a tramatic childhood but in
    Fact the real reason she was sent to the Tanners. Is
    To get more closer to Kyle. Kyle also has a task
    For him as to find a missing bracelet. Loving this show
    Each and every minute.
  • kyle xy is a great show. this show has caught the eye of ppl everywhere. this show is definately one of the best of all time. i love how in the show the family takes him in as one of their own.

    kyle xy is a great show. this show has caught the eye of ppl everywhere. this show is definately one of the best of all time. i love how in the show the family takes him in as one of their own. they plan it to be so that they keep him for only a week or 2. but after that the mother of the family decides she wants to keep him. that rlly got my attention. after that i watched the show whenever it came on. when the show had the finale for season 1 i think i speak for alot of ppl in the fact that i couldnt wait for season 2! the kids rlly learned to get along with kyle. well all i have to say now is that this show is amazing and i think that it should run at the least 9 seasons hopefully more!!!! i love kyle xy....!