Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 6

Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • A series of messages left by Adam Baylin gets Kyle curious.

    Right from the beginning of this episode, I could tell that this was going to be a good one. Josh is talking with Kyle about girls and dating, when suddenly, Andy pops along and says the following: "remember this moment". Kyle has a vision and sees three objects (a fishbowl, a postcard and a book). Words in another language are written on the postcard. However, for once, Kyle does not understand it. When his vision is over, he turns towards the door, where Jessi has just entered. Next, Kyle turns over to Josh and says, "something bad is about to happen". As soon as Kyle finishes his sentence, an earthquake hits the small coffee shop. Luckily, all of them are safe when it stops.

    Throughout the rest of the episode, Kyle goes over to Tom Foss, asking him questions about what the postcard really says. Foss doesn't know, either, so Kyle tries looking for himself.

    By the end of the episode, Kyle has another vision and remembers a moment when Adam Baylin told him to "remember this moment". As Baylin was telling Kyle that, he had a book in his had and Kyle had noticed that he had slipped a CD inside.

    The next day, Kyle finds the book that Baylin had placed the CD in. Much to his surprise, the CD remains inside of the book. Kyle quickly removes it and heads back home to play it on his computer.

    Strangely, the CD only plays some robotic language, but Kyle knows that Baylin wanted him to think harder. Spending another whole day of thinking, Kyle finally finds out how to play the CD: he must be under water.

    The CD plays a message-recording by Adam Baylin, congratulating him on getting this far. He tells Kyle that this is just a "simple test" and that things will get harder as he continues to seek his purpose.

    Kyle's next plan is to try and translate that the postcard is written in. After another day of working hard, Kyle manages to realize that the text is written in sound waves. As Kyle is working on translating it, he recieves a text message from Foss, saying that he "needs to get going and that they will meet again". When Kyle finally manages to translate the text, it reads "Don't Trust Foss". Kyle rushes over to the warehouse, where he expects Foss to be, but everything, including all of Foss' belongings have vanished. The episode then ends.

    In my opinion, I thought that this was one of the most creative Kyle XY episodes yet. It really had me thinking the entire episode, which is really the purpose of the show. Like most episodes of Kyle XY, it left off at a cliff-hanger, which is usually always a good thing, because it leaves the viewer asking questions. I'm really looking forward to the next episode. All of a sudden, this series is beginning to get interesting.
  • Jessi and Kyle finally meet! Tom Foss is back in this episode after a 1 episode break.

    Well first off I liked Andy and Kyle's conversation about Josh. It totally blew my thought of her liking Josh. But later when Josh and her were in the car she started to flirt again. I like that couple and I think soon it might happen. Just my Kyle-sense. 8) Oh I can't wait Lori on Open Mic Night. Wow clever power. He can relive his memories. So 'Remember this moment' is all I have to say. Adam is very clever as well. He sent an under water message to Kyle. Wow Emily has a daughter. I didn't know that. Whoa! Declan and Jessi kissed. And Lori isn't that bad at singing. Oh wow. Don't Trust Foss. What a cliffhanger. Why would Foss be his bodygaurd if he doesn't trust him?
  • Kyle and Amanda begin!!!

    I thought it was one of the best episodes i had seen of Kyle XY since the show started and i wanted to say thank you so much to who ever posted the name the song Amanda was listening to when Kyle showed up at her house, i spent a hour searching the net for the name of that song until i found this site! Kyle XY rocks! Peace Everyone.
  • another interesting episode of kyle xy! kyle learned about his new ability,vision of his memories which at first,he taught the visions were the future.

    i like this episode.there's nothing much to say but it did reveal some secrets and most importantly,adam bailen's message at the end about foss.this sure leads to greats upcoming events.

    i love josh and andy!seriously,they were really cute in this was very well written their storyline this fact,this was the most interesting pasrt of this week's episode in my opinion.they're really belong to each other.

    lori experienced a tragic moment this time.she was strong,true but she was still touched seeing daclyn and jessie together.nevertheless,this would make her even stronger and honestly,April Matson was really good doing lori's part!

    i don't have much to say about kyle's discovery of his new ability.sure it's interesting.they're really smart of bringing adam bailen in kyl's becomes more interesting.

    can't wait for next week!
  • The show gets better and better.

    While I found the first season to be tedious and cheesy, the second season has definitely been more interesting. While the mythology is still kind of corny, it is much less predictable.

    I'm curious where the writers are taking this show with the Jessi and Stephen. While I don't really like Jessi, she certainly gives me the creeps, making me wonder whether she'll randomly strangle someone again. Stephen's new job is also exciting as we'll see how everything is going to collide soon.

    As far as the relationships go, I certainly adore Josh's the most. Andy is a fantastic character and the two actors have great chemistry. We all saw their relationship coming but it was still fun to watch.

    Next week we'll check in to see what Krycek...errr Foss... is up to!
  • I totally loved it!

    Kyle has visions of the future. He figures out that Adam Baylin is trying to tell him something. Josh goes on his first date. Andy teaches him all she knows about girls and dating, but Josh is stood up, so Andy goes on the date instead. Lori writes a song about Declan and performs it. Jessi and Declan kiss. Amanda has to give up her piano and car because of financial problems. The message Adam was trying to give Kyle was not to trust Tom Foss. Kyle gains the ability to revisit his past and move within it. Foss is gone from the warehouse when Kyle goes there.

    This was a great episode! I really like Declan and Lori together, not Declan and Jessi. I love Josh and Andy! They are so cute! The twist at the end was brilliant! Foss started off in the show as being bad, but then he was portrayed as good, and now bad again! I don't know what to think now! This episode gets a 10!
  • This was a good episode made great by the ending. Kyle receives a message from Adam Baylin warning him about someone. Josh enters the world of dating, Lori performs her song, and it seems that Emily leads a double life.

    This episode started out kind of so so for me, but the ending totally made it a very revealing episode. So Kyle can go back into his memories and become part of them allowing him to notice thing he may have missed, and through this he realizes that Foss may not be so trustworthy.

    Lori is facing some troubles it is bovious she still has strong feelings for Declan, she questions Jessi but is still nice to her inviting her to hang out, I am guessing to keep an eye on her around Declan, who I thought was being a jerk walking out right in front of Lori, he should have gone out the back or something.

    Josh's storyline was good, the ending again made it, we all knew it wouldn't be long until he realizes Andy's feelings for him, but when his foot tapped while they were sitting on the food of the car talking eating ice cream or something and watching the stars I thought it was great.

    Another big surprise was Emily, so she is leading a double life, pretending to be Jessi's sister while she has a daughter and mother at home, you know Jessi will soon learn of this. The other thing about Jessi is that she seems to be missing that inquisitive charming characteristic that Kyle has, but I think they programmed her that way.
  • Oh my God! Can this show get ever more exciting? I really am longing to the next episode!

    I knew that Kyle shouldn't have trusted Tom Foss. It was something fuzzy about that guy. He never wanted Kyle to tell something about what he sees or can. Tom Foss annoyed me alot. He starts to scream at Kyle for nothing. I hope he won't put Kyle in danger once again. I hope Jessi will become as nice as Kyle but I doubt it. The show is amazing. I have never watched any show that was so exciting as "Kyle XY". This show is now one of my favourites. It gets better by each episode and I love that how Tragers has to deal with Kyle and his secrets. Hope he will tell them all about who he really is and I hope they will accept him in their family again.
  • Kyle discovers a new ability and receives a warning. Josh goes on his first date and Lori performs on stage.

    What a fantastic episode.

    Kyle discovers he has a new ability and with the aid of this ability he discovers a message from Adam, warning him about none other than Tom Foss.
    The ability to review, relive and interact with memories is interesting and will probably be useful in the future.

    Josh receiving dating lessons from Andy was hilarious. I loved the little father-son talk Josh had with Steven. Very life-like and the tapping reference was sweet, especially when Josh later had the same experience.

    I felt sorry for Lori and I still hope she and Declan will get together at some point in the future. For now though, she's showing great courage and strength of character. Such a change from season 1 and a testament to the writers' ability to portray realistic character development.

    Steven's started work for Madacorp, which undoubtebly will be developed further, as will Emily's real family.
  • Again, a perfect episode, filled with everything needed to be one of the best episodes thus far.

    My jaw keeps dropping; I don't think it can drop any farther. This episode was so good, it had a little bit of everything, and it built up a climax and then it left you hanging at the end! I know some people hate these, sometimes I do to, but the way Kyle XY does it, it’s just so awesome. I can not wait for the next episode, every time you think you know this show, it does a complete 360 on you. This episode proves once again that this show has fully developed into a mega hit classic. This episode had it all, and it also had the cherry on top to make it one of a kind. I can’t explain what it is, but this show drives me insane, every time I watch an episode now, I find myself on a sort of “sugar high” this show is food for thought! I would absolutely recommend this episode, it is a must watch for all!
  • Kyle receives a warning!

    Kyle receives a warning from the late Adam Baylin that someone maybe out to get Kyle. As Kyle needs to be on his guard you think with this warning. Josh and Andy enter the world of dating which is kind of cute. Declan and Jessi kiss as well. While Emily maybe leading a secret life away from her "present life!" What if Tom Foss isn't as trustworthy as Kyle thinks he is or then again, maybe not!
  • It just gets better every episode.

    Well, all I have to say is that it just gets better. Baylin gives an interesting riddle for Kyle, and it looks like its worth it, as Kyle deciphers it and finds out Baylin's message. I can't say that I wasn't expecting it, but Foss's character really was a bit confusing. He starts out as a bad guy, then turns out to be a good one, and now it looks like he's bad again. I am excited about next week's episode. :P

    Josh and Andy might not look like the best couple, but they sure blend together, and it's always fun to see them. Jessi and Declan might have gotten into it too fast, but it's also interesting how Lori might react to it all.

    We still don't know about what's in store for Stephen at Madacorp, but it looks like we'll get a hold of their plans next week. (hopefully :P)

    Another nice episode with an interesting twist at the end. Can't wait for next week. :D
  • Not the best episode, but still intersting and good ^^

    I really like this episode. It goes more and more interesting. I can’t wait to see what means this “Don’t trust Foss” thing. Are Foss ans Jessi’s “sister” connected? Is she his true wife? She was looking his picture with really strange face. I thing she’s his wife. But that brings only more and more questions. I like Declan/Jessi storyline. Jessi can love deeply and unconditionally and it’s really interesting to see what will happen. But after all, I believe that Declan will be with Lori in the end. Lori loves him, and maybe he loves her, too. There wasn’t a lot of Amanda in this episode, but I hope in the next one we’ll see much more scenes with her ^^
  • Josh and Andy go on a date. Declan and Jessi kiss.

    This episode has made me start shipping Andy and Josh. They are so cute! When she said "This is my date now!" I laughed. Josh likes her too, you can tell. Kyle totally knows too. ;] I am still waiting for Jessi and Kyle to meet though! I am guessing it is happening in next weeks episode though considering they showed her sitting in his tub and then him walking in. I can't wait for that! But I really enjoyed this episode. I'm not feeling Declan/Jessi though. /=
  • SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!!! SURPRISE!!!! I am not kidding!!!

    The episode was so awesome and at the end was very shockig!!!!.... Kyle get's this visions that leads him to a book that Adam Baylin left. Inside the book there's a CD that it's only understanded underwater. The point is that Kyle had to solve a code and when he finally revealed the code it said "Don't trust Foss" it's so surprising you just have to see it to see what am I talking about!!!!
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