Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2006 on ABC Family
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The Petersons, Kyle's real parents, arrive to take him home, but Kyle is skeptical about his biological ties, so he turns to Tom Foss for answers. Meanwhile, Stephen has trouble accepting that Kyle may be leaving.

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  • Kyle is going to live with Adam but it is so nice of him want to keep his foster family safe!!!

    It is Season one Finale!! But season one is pretty short!! I love this episode.. In the end, Adam meet Kyle first time, they really look so alike but different age 17 between age 40!!! Wow! In real life, they aren't related! Sadly, Kyle's foster family and his friends are so sad to see him go away with fake parents!! In their feelings, Kyle's foster parents really want Kyle stay but Kyle have real parents coming to get him to Conn. Kyle's fake parents are really Good Liars and already had fake pictures of Kyle, But it isnt real Kyle, just boy who dont exist or borrowed pictures.moreless
  • Great episode, but didn't live up to the hype.

    Endgame is a good episode and for many it will be very emotional. So much became clear in that moment when he returned home and announced his decision. We learned:

    - Kyle can and does have faith. He took Tom's word to go with the two people. He referred to Tom in a positive religious form.

    - Someone Tom trusted arranged for Kyle to continue on his journey.

    - Kyle had a clean way to protect the Tragers and everyone else in the neighborhood.

    OK, the episode didn't spell these facts out at that moment, but I was willing to trust Kyle and Tom.

    During Kyle's goodbye to everyone, I realized we weren't saying goodbye to Kyle as they were. Instead we were watching those characters leave us. Maybe the camera angle of Kyle's perspective helped me come to this realization. It became clear we maybe seeing the last of the Tragers and their neighbors. They have been an interesting, rewarding, and cool group of characters.

    The ending didn't live up to the hype, though. One advertisement said all would be revealed and in another one all of our questions answered. I still have questions and this means they missed the expectation they (not us or I) set for the episode.

    It does look like my guess of Kyle being a clone is true.

    OH! I wonder if the show's concept is along the lines of Star Trek's eugenics, because Kyle seems to be a heavily genetically modified clone. There are obvious differences between the two shows. For one Kyle doesn't seem to have the "flaw" Gene Roddenberry created in those whose genetic code God did not create. The show's creator has a positive view both of genetics and the part nurturing has on a person's development. Kyle’s increased abilities aren’t causing increased ambitions that empathy or love for his fellow man.

    I still wonder about “the Kyle” who is telling the story. Is someone reading a journal after his death? Is he writing a journal as we learn about his adventure? Is he alive, healthy and safe? Is he writing this journal so some record of his life will exist? Has a group opposed to what Kyle represents captured him and Kyle is trying to show they don’t have anything to fear? Maybe the creator has yet to think this far and only used this medium because he likes it. Yeah, I know renewal means leaving something for next season! Hopefully, the creator and writers will answer all of our questions by the series’ last episode, in 15 years (or however long Kyle-XY has).moreless
  • Season finale!

    Kyle goes along with his "parents." He leaves Declan some clues. Tom Foss tells him that he didn't exist before the night that Kyle always remembers. Kyle meets Adam Bailen. Hilary breaks up with Charlie. Amanda still doesn't know about Charlie and Hilary. The Tragers are really sad to see Kyle leave.

    This was a great episode! It just got more mysterious! I really hate Charlie! Not only was he cheating, but it was only for sex! I really like Declan now! The twist at the end also was very revealing! This was a sad, but awesome episode! I give it a 10!moreless
  • I`m amazed

    I live in North Cyprus the series are shown a little back in time right now Kyle just found out about Adam. I couldn`t wait and checked what happens next on the web but I still can not wait for the next episode. I must say i`m loving every single second of it and adore the person who wrote and is directing it. Additionally the acting is great. Kyle is perfect for his role but i think the most talented person in the show is Lori she is a great actress. Just an additional request i think Kyle must show more of his un-human skills to make the show more interesting.moreless
  • Does the Plot Thicken

    I feel that the producers of the show have thrown another twist into the mix for the second season of Kyle Xy in the dying last seconds of the first season we see \"The Mistery Miss and Not So Good hit man\" Over the top of a stasis pod, a mention of the new units number 781228 (remembering that Kyle is 781227)and the large black letters XX (which by the xx Cromer zones would stat is a female, possible a clone of herself. IS it possible for Kyle to eventally fall in love with this clone, will that be his goal. Hopefully not as we would miss out on watching the loverly Kirsten Prout (Amanda Bloom)her beauty and yet values are what make her any mans ultimate goal. In all i cannot wait until the season continues and makes them available to download(purchase) as the season has not even started here in Australia. Thanks TV.DOT.COMmoreless
Ken Tremblett

Ken Tremblett

David Peterson

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Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Rebecca Thatcher

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Cyrus Reynolds

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Chelan Simmons

Chelan Simmons


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J. Eddie Peck

J. Eddie Peck

Adam Baylin

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Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

Charlie Tanner

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: Kyle's "parents" say they are both allergic to animals when Kyle asks if he had any pets. But earlier, in the photo album, Kyle and his "mother" can be seen with a dog.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (At a church, talking about Ashleigh)
      Josh: God, she's hot... Oh my God. Can I even say God? (looking up) Sorry.

    • Charlie: (to Kyle) All right. Look man, I know you think I'm a bad guy. It's just, I know where Amanda stands on the sex thing. Look, I respect her for it, I do. I would give anything for the self-control to wait for her. I mean, this whole thing with Hillary is just physical, it has nothing to do with how much I love Amanda. (Hilary joins them) Great.
      Hilary: It's okay, I understand. You have needs. I have needs too. Right now I need to do this. (throws her drink in Charlie's face)

    • Josh: Aliens can't just land their craft on the front yard and retrieve Kyle without drawing attention. They hatched the perfect plan. We invite them into our home and they make off with our alien.

    • Nicole: (to Stephen coming home) Church walls crumble at the sight of you?
      Stephen: Very funny...

    • Josh: (to Kyle) Hey, tuck in your shirt, the Lord hates a slob!
      Stephen: Watch yourself, Josh, church isn't supposed to be fun.
      Josh: Oh, is that why you never go?

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