Kyle XY

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle is going to live with Adam but it is so nice of him want to keep his foster family safe!!!

    It is Season one Finale!! But season one is pretty short!! I love this episode.. In the end, Adam meet Kyle first time, they really look so alike but different age 17 between age 40!!! Wow! In real life, they aren't related! Sadly, Kyle's foster family and his friends are so sad to see him go away with fake parents!! In their feelings, Kyle's foster parents really want Kyle stay but Kyle have real parents coming to get him to Conn. Kyle's fake parents are really Good Liars and already had fake pictures of Kyle, But it isnt real Kyle, just boy who dont exist or borrowed pictures.
  • Great episode, but didn't live up to the hype.

    Endgame is a good episode and for many it will be very emotional. So much became clear in that moment when he returned home and announced his decision. We learned:

    - Kyle can and does have faith. He took Tom's word to go with the two people. He referred to Tom in a positive religious form.

    - Someone Tom trusted arranged for Kyle to continue on his journey.

    - Kyle had a clean way to protect the Tragers and everyone else in the neighborhood.

    OK, the episode didn't spell these facts out at that moment, but I was willing to trust Kyle and Tom.

    During Kyle's goodbye to everyone, I realized we weren't saying goodbye to Kyle as they were. Instead we were watching those characters leave us. Maybe the camera angle of Kyle's perspective helped me come to this realization. It became clear we maybe seeing the last of the Tragers and their neighbors. They have been an interesting, rewarding, and cool group of characters.

    The ending didn't live up to the hype, though. One advertisement said all would be revealed and in another one all of our questions answered. I still have questions and this means they missed the expectation they (not us or I) set for the episode.

    It does look like my guess of Kyle being a clone is true.

    OH! I wonder if the show's concept is along the lines of Star Trek's eugenics, because Kyle seems to be a heavily genetically modified clone. There are obvious differences between the two shows. For one Kyle doesn't seem to have the "flaw" Gene Roddenberry created in those whose genetic code God did not create. The show's creator has a positive view both of genetics and the part nurturing has on a person's development. Kyle’s increased abilities aren’t causing increased ambitions that empathy or love for his fellow man.

    I still wonder about “the Kyle” who is telling the story. Is someone reading a journal after his death? Is he writing a journal as we learn about his adventure? Is he alive, healthy and safe? Is he writing this journal so some record of his life will exist? Has a group opposed to what Kyle represents captured him and Kyle is trying to show they don’t have anything to fear? Maybe the creator has yet to think this far and only used this medium because he likes it. Yeah, I know renewal means leaving something for next season! Hopefully, the creator and writers will answer all of our questions by the series’ last episode, in 15 years (or however long Kyle-XY has).
  • Season finale!

    Kyle goes along with his "parents." He leaves Declan some clues. Tom Foss tells him that he didn't exist before the night that Kyle always remembers. Kyle meets Adam Bailen. Hilary breaks up with Charlie. Amanda still doesn't know about Charlie and Hilary. The Tragers are really sad to see Kyle leave.

    This was a great episode! It just got more mysterious! I really hate Charlie! Not only was he cheating, but it was only for sex! I really like Declan now! The twist at the end also was very revealing! This was a sad, but awesome episode! I give it a 10!
  • I`m amazed

    I live in North Cyprus the series are shown a little back in time right now Kyle just found out about Adam. I couldn`t wait and checked what happens next on the web but I still can not wait for the next episode. I must say i`m loving every single second of it and adore the person who wrote and is directing it. Additionally the acting is great. Kyle is perfect for his role but i think the most talented person in the show is Lori she is a great actress. Just an additional request i think Kyle must show more of his un-human skills to make the show more interesting.
  • Does the Plot Thicken

    I feel that the producers of the show have thrown another twist into the mix for the second season of Kyle Xy in the dying last seconds of the first season we see \"The Mistery Miss and Not So Good hit man\" Over the top of a stasis pod, a mention of the new units number 781228 (remembering that Kyle is 781227)and the large black letters XX (which by the xx Cromer zones would stat is a female, possible a clone of herself. IS it possible for Kyle to eventally fall in love with this clone, will that be his goal. Hopefully not as we would miss out on watching the loverly Kirsten Prout (Amanda Bloom)her beauty and yet values are what make her any mans ultimate goal. In all i cannot wait until the season continues and makes them available to download(purchase) as the season has not even started here in Australia. Thanks TV.DOT.COM
  • Great way to end the season and I can't wait for Season 2 to find out more....

    I thought they did a great job in giving us some information about Kyle and yet leaving some questions unanswered for the next season. You knew that they were not Kyle's parents and through out the whole episode kept wondering who was working for whom. One question: The numbers they use to identify Kyle and now the XX model are very high, yet there does not seem to be a lot of Kyle’s running around. Are there others like Kyle that are still held at in the lab or that have been killed? I am interested to see what they have in store for us.
  • A Thriller of an episode. It was a fairly good way to end the series.

    The Series finale of Kyle XY was good. It filled in a bunch of gaps, but in the process created thousands more. In short Kyle and the Petersons (not really his parents)left the tragers. We learn kyle is a clone, note the name of the show being kyle "xy" xy meaning he is a boy. At the end we see this pod containing some girl clone and on the side of the pod we see the letters "xx" which means its a girl. The whole chromosone thing seems to be a major theme in this show. Well i highly recommend watching this episode. I can't wait to season 2. It would suck if it never comes out. Well peace out.

  • The couple claiming to be Kyle's parents are not his parents but are protecting him from those scientists. They were sent by Tom Foss, Kyle's stalker. Foss had actually been protecting Kyle this whole time. Foss killed the professor to save Kyle.

    Kyle XY was the most magnificent television production of the early post-twentieth century world!!! Modern day life and scientific aspirations were all included into the plot to stir up audience imaginations and emotional responses. Although almost all your questions about Kyle XY were answered by the last episode, it still required a lot of thinking to figure out what really happened and who Kyle actually is or why he was the way he was. Kyle had been a clone of Adam, and Adam was in hiding for two decades. Kyle, just like the other clone revealed at the end of the show, was kept inside of a large laboratory tube for two decades and released when he was almost Adam's age when Adam was cloned. That's why he didn't have a belly button and why his teeth had never been used. He was born as an adolescent or young adult and was not carried inside a woman's uterus. He liked to sleep in a bathtub instead of a bed because he was kept inside a container resembling the shape of a bathtub. But the most important question answered here was why he didn't know anything or remember anything when he woke up in the woods in the beginning. He hadn't existed in this world yet until he was released from the lab. It is just like a baby out of the womb for the first time. Besides answering all the questions surrounding Kyle, some of the revelations were very unpredictable throughout the show. For instance, Tom Foss was actually protecting Kyle this whole time. He stalked Kyle to make sure nobody knows about him because Kyle and the Tragers would be killed if those scientists who created him knew he was still alive. Foss also killed the professor to save Kyle, as the professor was a loyal to those cloning scientists and obeyed their order to kill Kyle. You would've assumed that Foss was going to kill Kyle and that the professor was merely a victim of Foss. But it turned out that Foss was the one protecting Kyle. The season finale was a pretty emotional episode. While each question was being answered one by one, the Tragers and their friends were sad that Kyle had to leave them. They had accepted Kyle as family and went out of their way to help Kyle figure out who he is. Kyle had grown attached to them. But at least Kyle will finally have all his answers from his older clone, Adam. They are both safe with that couple and will hideout together and learn about each other. After all, they are identical twins two decades apart. They have a lot to learn about one another. Adam and the couple will now care for Kyle just like the Tragers did. It'll just take another process for Kyle to cope with leaving the Tragers and attaching himself to the Petersons and Adam. It is a turning point with major changes for Kyle, Adam, the Petersons, and most of all, the Tragers and their friends, who will never know the truth about Kyle without endangering their own lives.

    This was the best show in the world!!! It is very well-written. The show included many real life scenarios and themes such as sex, love relationships, family relationships, betrayal, caring people, and the question that we all ask at one time or another, "Who am I?" The only difference is that Kyle was asking that question in a concrete manner, and we all have asked that question in an abstract manner. We know our past lives but not really who we are in our true identity in this world. So, Kyle was really asking the same question we can't even answer for ourselves. The familiar aspects of the show interwoven with science fiction components are what kept viewers watching from episode to episode. We can relate to the real life situations and simultaneously stretch our imagination by creating our own theories and predictions about Kyle and what will happen in the next episode. This show kept you on the edge of your seat because its intensity caused you to stretch your imagination about what is going to happen and to put clues together to develop your own ideas about Kyle and where he came from. That's why viewers were hooked onto the show. Even now that the season is over, the suspense and the endless curiosity for clarification of those revelations from the season finale cause viewers to look forward to learning more about Kyle. Unfortunately, we have to wait almost an entire year to continue searching for those answers. In the mean time, we have ten months to establish our new theories about the show. The long wait will really cause us to become excited to watch it again next summer. Until then, let's invent a list of theories from the clues from this season and see how accurate we are next year. I kept creating my own ideas and predictions after watching each episode to see how close I was in the following episode during this whole season. I was right in that Kyle was created in a tube, since he slept in a bathtub. I also predicted that he had been in the lab until his current age, since he didn't have a belly button and had new teeth at this age. I had known all along that Kyle was either Adam's clone or Adam himself. But I wasn't sure which. I also logically predicted that Foss and the professor were involved in the creation of Kyle. So, some of my ideas were correct and some weren't. I can't wait until next year. Us fans should come up with some theories over the next ten months and see how precise our predictions will turn out. In addition to the remarkable story plot and film production, Kyle XY was the best television series of the first decade in the 2000's because of the actor himself. Matt Dallas is a very gorgeous young man. He is relatively new to film, as he has been a gorgeous model. It was the best choice for the directors to choose the most gorgeous guy to play Kyle. I'm sure he attracted most of his female audiences. The other actors, albeit very talented, were pretty ordinary looking. Dallas must be starting to use his talents in addition to his good looks. I hope he will be in more films in the future and become internationally famous. He would deserve such fame.

    I look forward very much to watching the next season. Until then, best of luck to the cast and crew of Kyle XY in their aspiration of a successful second season and to us fans in our ten-month wait for next summer's episodes! Tracy Cheung
    Turlock, California
  • As the Season 1 series final of Kyle XY we learned that Kyle May not be a mystery after all.

    As Series Final we find Kyle seeing the truth of not only his birth but also his so called family. but in which the story goes on the mystery of Kyle is not hidden as he takes a walk threw the woods with Foss. Now that Kyle has understand his past he is some what more egger to leave with these people who are indeed not Kyle's true parent, which leads to that Kyle may not have any true parent. The story, From what now we Know the Mystery is Solved has been a Sci-Fi for many episodes, But as the Story WILL go on this mite just change into an Action Series Of Kyle XY. Now we wait for the next Views of some yet mysteries to come of Kyle XY.
  • This episode really felt like a season finale though it didn't leave that sour feeling they usually leave. It creates the willingness and the need to watch the second season without making you hate the writers.

    This was a really good episode. All the time I was hoping it wouldn't end. I'm used to some japanese series where you watch every episode trying to find out more but all you learn is that you know nothing and that there's more to know than you thought and to make it worse, the series ends without anything being explained and you looking at the titles with that empty look on your face. In this case, the writers managed to sum up the plot and still create expectations for next season. Great job!

    Trivia: Did you notice by the end of the episode that the car's brand and name were covered in one scene and uncovered on onether one? It's a Hiunday Sonata.
  • This was the best episode in the whole series!!!!!

    When Kyle was in the hospital you got an idea that they weren't really his birth parents ( how do you lose a child for five years)When he goes to Amanada's confirmation he starts to wonder more about religion. Then later goes to church to try to figure out what he should do about his real parents. When he leaves the church he gets kidnapped and Tom Foss brings him out into the woods again to try to help him remember who he is. At the end of this episode Kyle leaves with the Petersons even after he found out that they weren't his real family and we found out that Kyle osn't just a normal kid he's just a science experiment that "went horribly wrong". Even though he acts like a normal kid. I can't wait untill the next season to see what Adam Baylin has to do with all of this and if Declan will find a way to get him back to tha Tragers.
  • This was a Great Season Finale!

    I can't believe this episode at first i wasn't sure how this episode would end but it ended very well!

    The Tregger Family said goodbye To Kyle and he thought he was going with his real family only to find out they were fake!

    I cannot wait until the season finale next year!
  • Kyle's parents "find" him - or, do they?

    People claiming to be Kyle's parents come to visit after catching a lucky break that led them to find him.

    Kyle seems to be in some danger from some extra friendly people in this episode.

    In the same vein, some of the girls in the show begin to realize that the guys they are friendly with maybe are not such good friends after all.

    Overall, this episode is more low-key than most of the previous episodes.

    We get a little more of a glimpse behind the curtain at the mysterious corporation linked to Kyle's existence, as well as his sudden appearance.

    One thing you should know. "XY" is the designation for an organism with the male chromosome. "XX" means female.

    Keep that in mind.
  • Painful to watch & tearjerker!

    A couple naming themselves the "Petersons" show up on the family doorstep. Claiming that Kyle is their son and are ready to take him home. But Kyle is skeptical and I wouldn't blame him for being that way.
    As he tries to ask someone for his biological ties.
    Meanwhile, Steven has a hard time adjusting to the fact that Kyle may be leaving them for good. Can't wait for season 2!
  • Some of the truth...

    The season finale did what it was meant to do... leave us wanting more. We have discovered that Kyle is in good hands for now and we have a good idea where he came from we just don't know the specifics yet. The family took his leaving hard but it was great to see Decland get the clues from Kyle. Hopefully it will lead to a reunion soon so that Kyle can get back in the family. I can't wait for another season and I really hope ABC proper picks this show up for a full 22 episodes someday.
  • In this episode of Kyle XY we learn that he's created by a company called Zzyx, it's an incredibly revealing episode but leaves us with just as many questions. It is without a doubt that the creators are trying to lead us into a second season.

    I Found "Endgame" to be particularly revealing. For one thing, we know have the company's name: Zzyx. Sadly enough, i'm sure the company name was just a last effort title made within 5 minutes of deadline. I imagine the writer was planning on a different name but obviously didn't come back to it. I was skeptical of the Peterson's to begin with, but how did no one see the obvious flaw in their story about why Kyle had no belly button? Their story is that his organs were all misplaced and he had to get surgery and it left him without a belly button, but according to an earlier episode, he had no marks of surgery anywhere on his body. Him meeting Adam Bailen confirms what many people already believed, Kyle XY is most likely a clone. He lets Declan know that he was lying about remembering, which makes me pretty happy. I'm glad that the tragers and the other characters won't just dissapear. The end was, without a doubt, to hook us into next season (assuming there will be one). A project 712288 is revealed, in a tube marked XX. I think, without a doubt, that a "kayla" (feminine version of kyle) will appear in the next season, and based on the satisfaction by the company members of Zzyx, she's likely to be more advanced than Kyle. I'm eager for the next season, even though this ending was obviously to hook us, it still wasn't as bad as the ending of POTC 2.
  • It was an awesome season finale! I can't wait to see what S2 is gonna be like.

    The episode was very well plotted. We learned so much on what happened to Kyle, and where he came from. We do have some questions still pending but that's only normal, since Kyle himself has lots of unanswered questions. I loved how the story played out and I cried when Kyle left. It was sad to see him leaving the only family he's ever known. But Kyle did what he thought was best. What more can you ask? He needs to learn more on himself, what has happened to him and why everything is going on. IMO, this was one of the best episodes of all. It was nerve racking, a tearjerker, but I wouldn't do anything different. It truly gave a following for S2. Can't wait!
  • There are lot of questions, however the thing that interest me is the significance of the Girl clone in the last episode in relation to the girl washed up in the beach with memory loss in the First episode. Is she a Clone also?

    Overall was a good show, although I felt the last couple of episodes kinda broke away from the mould of lost newly born discovering the world to brainac discovering the answers, I guess the logic of the plot makes sense, however there are a few confusing parts of the story I still don't get. In episode one there was a news report of a girl who lost her memory and was found washedup on the beach, as the series roled on and we discovered that Tom Foss was Kyle's gurardian and he was in contact, untill the final episode, a mysteries director who could be part of some bigger organisation freeing and protecting many "clones" like Kyle. In the final scene we see a pod of a female clone. I beg the question are there many clones free out there like Kyle? and if so why focus on Kyle what makes him special? what's the significance of the female clone in the pod? why are they cloning them and killing them off?, especially in the case of kyle if there are not even waken them up to be tested! The company scientists seem to know the potential of Kyle suggeting others similar to him were tested, however why did they want to terminate him before he was even woken up?
  • Season ending episode with not enough resolution and to many open issues.

    I understand that the purpose of season finale is to generate interest for the next season. That said, I don't like cliff hangers, I want resolution. If the series is good enough, I will come back reguardless of how the last season ended.

    While this show did clear up the obvious; Kyle is a clone, the number was his id/number in the series, and Adam was the base for the clone. I want to know what is happening with the Treagers. Were they in the show only for this season? If this is the case, then I will not invest the "emotion" or time on next family in the next season. Otherwise it was a good show and i do look forward to its return.
  • Okay, what's next? Kylie XX? (The reason the "company" was using the XY, and XX, is that those are the chromosomes that determine the sex of a child). Kyle learns how he ended up in the forest that day, and how Tom Foss was connected with Prof. Kern.

    Okay, I hope that the show returning next year means January 1! Kyle learned how he ended up in the woods, how Foss & Prof. Kern fit into all this; His "parents" arrive to take him "home". Adam Baylin is still alive and well, and has the answers to his questions. I'm hoping in season 2, His "parents" die or something, and he moves back in with the Tragers. I really like this series, and I'm looking forward to more episodes in the future. (For Kylie XX,) Maybe Kyle could work with Adam Baylin to help her escape or something.
  • Kyle finds out more about who he is.

    This was an excellent episode. The Petersons, Kyle's alleged mother and father, turn out to be fakes after all. However, they are hired by Tom Foss, in an attempt to protect the Tragers from harm. Meanwhile, intriguing clues are distributed, such as "Kyle has no memory beyond a certain point because there's nothing to remember- he didn't exist." Kyle claims to remember his childhood with the Petersons, and go off with them. They take him to Adam Baylin, who says he will tell Kyle everything. The most interesting part was by far when we find out there is a new clone/scientific experiment in process that appears to be female.

    It is assumed that this is another clone, as Kyle appears to be. Though there are many cliffhangers and questions that have yet to be answered, there's also another season. Unfortunatly, we have to wait nearly a year for it to come out. Over all, this was an excellent episode that gave some teasers as to who Kyle is. I'm looking forward to another season.
  • Great series, until all of a sudden it takes this religious turn and ruins the entire storyline.

    This show was pretty good, but all of a sudden there's non-stop references to religion and faith and stuff along those lines. It was an enjoyable, non-corny, non "lets make everyone christian" show, but all of a sudden we have church sequences and talks of religion and faith and praying. Come on guys. You sold out!
  • Kyle finds out more about his past and the season finale begins!!!!!1

    Oh.My.Gosh. I can't believe it! It was awesome! I loved the cliffhanger! I'm glad it was renewed! I knew Adam Bailen was that guy in the church! I knew it!!!! I think that's maybe the guy who plays Adam is related to the guy who plays Kyle. He looks EXACTLY like him. I'm serious. My theory: Adam volunteered to be cloned and then disappeared without a trace. Foss was supposed to kill Kyle but he didn't so Kern tried to, so Foss killed him. Now the company, wants Kyle dead. But they still want to experiment so they created another clone. WOW!!!! Amazing,huh? Anyway...awesome episode!!!!!!!
  • So AWESOME!!! Warning: Spoilers!

    Tjis eppy of Kyle XY reminded me exactly how good this show can be, I'm so glad that they saved this episode for the season finale, b/c it left so much room for a ne wseason! The entire episode was just full of twists and turns and it all kept you guessing until the very end, and even then you still had questions! This eppy was really cleverly written and juat sooo perfect. Although it did not really reveal too awfully much, the episode as a whole, was very worth while watching, even if you're new to the series, so if you have not yet seen this one, then you really need to watch it as soon as possiblie, b/c you will just be so amazed at how much more you'll be begging for afterwards.
  • Can't wait for season two! With viewers being bombarded with comic to TV/movie adaptations, KYLE XY has proven that it can compete with the rest. He's a new "superhero."

    Too often in sci-fi, the "stranger" arrives with a mission or motivation. Kyle, however, is experiencing fear and uncertainty. He will likely face his past life at some point, indicated by the fact that he's currently being trailed by a shadowy man carrying a thick file. And yet, even with this figure in place, Kyle XY steers clear of the dark tone prevalent in so many sci-fi shows. Part comedy, part family drama, and part sci-fi mystery, Kyle XY strikes the right balance between all three genres. No matter who Kyle turns out to be, so far, his journey looks like fun.
  • A great way to end Kyle XY season 1.

    Kyle XY last episode was great. Also the last episode was perfect. In this exciting episode we see Kyle still in the hospital. And then walk in his parents. In the end they take him home. But we find out the reason Kyle doesnt really remember any thing. And the people who said they were his parents aren't his parents. This was a great way to end this show's first season.
  • Great cliffhanger ending. Excellent first season.

    10 episodes in your first season is not a whole lot of time to make an impression, but this show did it. A great ending to a great first season. The characters really did a role reversal as the show went along. Tom Foss turned out to be a good guy. He saved Kyle from Professor Kern who turned out to be a sort of bad guy when he tried to kill Kyle or #781227. Seems Kyle was created from Adam Bailen's DNA and was to be used in some kind of experiment that did not go as Adam thought it would go, so he left. Tom, the Petersons, and Adam Bailen are all trying to help Kyle. Declan turns out to be the only one who knows more about what happened to Kyle than the Tragers do. Kyle left Declan some clues - Hawaii, Whispering Cooridors at Haleakala Science Museum, Waterfalls, Rainbow Sailboat. I guess he needs to go to Foss for help, but Foss was shot and is bleeding. Not sure if he's going to make it.

    Saddest part - when Kyle was saying goodbye to his family. Charlie turned out to be a jerk, cheating on Amanda with Hillary, then telling Kyle that he's only attracted to Hillary physically but he still loves Amanda. Rebecca Thatcher is creating #781228 - XX. From the MADA Blog: Red Doesn't Always Mean Stop. Red Holds The Truth. Can't wait for next season.
  • Fake birth mom gives kyle photo album to rememebr his past. Kyle Still doesnt remember. Kyle eventually fakes remmbering and goes with the fake parents to keep the Triggers out of danger

    This was the greatest episode so far. I was worried they would give away to much but they didnt.ABC Should have picked people who looked more like him to play the false parents because that is what a real company would have done. I can't wait untill next season to find out how Adam Baley is related to Kyle and Professor Kern. It would be very interesting if Adam was the previous experiment of the company that created Kyle and he too escaped from "termination". I suspect Kyle was the second experiment of the company becasue if you noticed at the end when the woman said " 781128 is doing very well", on the capsule it said XX, which could either mean female, or they go backwards like, XZ XY XX
  • This episode reveals more about Kyle's past and he is taken away by his "parents".

    I loved this episode. It was so sad when he was leaving the family, it actually made me start to tear up. I did not dare to change the channel because i didnt want to miss one minute of the show. It was so mysterious and suspicious. However, some parts confused me. Overall it was an amazing episode and i can not wait till the next season!
  • This is what I've been saying..

    I knew it. I KNEW IT! I've been saying it all season. I knew he was a clone. Why else whould he not have a belly button. Really loved this episode. It explained a whole lot! I first thought he was stupid for lying and saying he remembered all those things. But at least that way he now got to see the guy in the picture; Adam "whats-his-name". I just can't wait until the next season. I hope he gets back in touch with the Tregers and let them know whats going on. I too feel like a part of the family.
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