Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 19

First Cut Is the Deepest

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on ABC Family
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Hoping to work things out with Jessi, Kyle takes her on a trip to research Sarah. Meanwhile, Lori and Hillary con Amanda into visiting a college bar in search of a DJ, and Andy and Josh seek relationship counselling.

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  • It was a great episode.Love the kyle and Jessi scene. It really showed alot

    One of my favorite episode so far. It was strong but also funny and not too serious but serious enough. This episode makes me want to see the next episode even more. But the confusing part for me was the end when Kyle started bleeding. I hope they describe on the next one. Great episode and I hope they make more like this one. Unlike the last one this episode had action. Like the fight in the restaurant when the boy tried to beat up Kyle. The begginning was kind of boring but they really picked it up in the middle and end.moreless
  • This episode is about Jessi's father pushing her way to far. As Jessi & Kyle try to figure out their past. As Jessi finds out more about her mother Sarah. Step by step Jessi is following in her mother's footsteps.moreless

    This is my favorite episode of Kyle XY. It is the best. I love the part when Jessi starts to push herself. More & More. Kyle starts to realize it too. Kyle & Jessi go to where Sarah's school. They find that she used to be rebellious. She always used to be the best at everything. Which makes Jessi push herself more. Kyle finds out that Sarah died because she pushed herself. Now Kyle needs to get through Jessi before she kills herself. Jessi has a near death experience. Then she promises Kyle she will stop.


    Lori searches for a DJ for the prom. She finds one. But to meet him she has to stay for the bar. She is underage. A bar fight starts. Lori finds out the DJ was some guy she already knew. Who wouldn't even do a high school prom. Josh's girlfriend wants some action before her cancer screening. Kyle heals her in the end. Great episode. I like how Sarah's past added up with Jessi. Perfect!moreless
  • Really good episode!

    OK, I know that I am in the majority in which nobody can seem to stand Jessi. But in order to understand her better, Kyle does his best in his sweet way to help her go to a college fair and research Sarah. Seems like both of those women would get along as they act like they are alike. Amanda gets dragged into a bar in order to see DJ. It seems as though the show is really getting better this season. As I can't wait for it to see inside what makes Jessi tick. Josh is the great comic foil to Kyle's straight man thing.moreless
  • LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dude i loved this and heres y: Josh and Andy are having relationship issues. Declan is back and awesome. Hillery is back which was awesome. Jessi is pushing herself and Kyle gets worried. Its an awesome episode!!!! And i loved how Declan appeared and defended Kyle!!!! Hes an awesome friend!!!!! And Kyle saving Amanda from that fight awesome!!!!! This episode is 1 of the best episodes this season. It had everything that i like!. Ans Hillery was hilarious in this episode!!!! The PILF comment and when Lori was about to say the F word she jumped in and said Learn From!!! Hilarious!!! I loved it!!!!moreless
  • I'm not really sure what to make of this episode. It seemed a bit of a filler episode to me.

    The whole thing with Jessi is getting really boring now. Every episode that I watch makes me like her less and less. She's just so ANNOYING. I do feel a little bit sorry for her because she is being manipulated really and that's not right. But taking all that into account I still can't help thinking that she's a b***h. I was glad to see there was much less Kyle/Amanda drama. I like them as a couple and they're really sweet together but it gets a bit tedious when there's one thing after another that's going on with them. To see them happy was a good change. I wish we could have seen more of Kyle and Adam. We've not really seen that much interaction between the two of them which is really interesting for me. I would love for Adam to meet the Tragers. Maybe he will next week?

    One of my favourite parts of the whole episode, surprisingly, was the stuff between Andy and Josh. It was nice to see her just being honest and it was quite emotional. And that scene where they make up was kinda sweet. The last scene is intriguing. Did he heal her? That would be interesting seen as it looked to me like he didn't do it intentionally and was just out of his compassion for her. It seemed to surprise him as much as anyone. Will there be consequences to that? Maybe, from the looks of next weeks ep. And let's hope so, that would be interesting. Hope next weeks is better. Sometimes I just wish they'd stop with so much teen drama, cos that's not what this show is. It seems there's some advancement of the story but then it just seems to stop and we don't learn anything new, or nothing's mentioned for a couple of episodes. It's a bit frustrating.moreless
Adam Thomas (II)

Adam Thomas (II)

Frat Boy

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Mittita Barber

Mittita Barber

College Girl #1

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Haley Beauchamp

Haley Beauchamp

College Girl #2

Guest Star

Magda Apanowicz

Magda Apanowicz

Andy Jensen

Recurring Role

Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Brian Taylor

Recurring Role

Josh Zuckerman

Josh Zuckerman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: Before being corrected, Josh thought that Andy's full name Andromeda meant that she was named after the TV show of that name. However, Andromeda made its debut in 2000, some years after Andy was born.

    • Nitpick: Jessie states she reverse engineered the program and locked Kyle out. Reverse engineering is for understanding and learning to build certain technology. She made it seem like reverse engineering was for erasing the program so no one else could follow.

    • Goof: The archived article Kyle and Jessi looked at in the library spelled Sarah's name as "Sarah Emerson", the picture at the bar was labeled "Sara Emerson".

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kyle: Josh told me about your test tomorrow.
      Andy: Yeah. Keep your fingers crossed.
      Kyle: Why?
      Andy: It's good luck.
      Kyle: Oh.
      Andy: It can't hurt, right?
      Kyle: Right.
      Andy: I just... wanna get it over with. Waiting is the hardest part.
      Kyle: Andy, everything's gonna be okay.
      Andy: You know, when you say it, I almost believe it.

    • Nicole: What?
      Stephen: Kyle's coming to work with me. That never ends well.

    • Andy: (to Josh) When I said I wanted to play doctor I expected inappropriate over-the-shirt action, not J. Trager, mini-M.D.

    • Hillary: (filming happily) I'm Hillary, and I'm in a bar fight!

    • Kyle: There's truth in the saying that, 'Time heals all wounds.' Physically the healing begins in moments, and our bodies do all the work. But when a relationship is injured, some wounds heal in a day; others lay bare for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we only have to heal ourselves, and sometimes our true work lies in healing others.

    • Mark: You wanna ask a D.J. who spins at the biggest parties on campus to do a high school prom?
      Lori: What's wrong with that?
      Mark: Well, for one, it's in high school. High school kids are, well, stupid.
      Lori: I'm in high school, jackass!
      Mark: You know, you're really making a good case for why I shouldn't bust you to your dad.
      Lori: You know what? Do whatever you want: be a suck up, contribute to me being grounded yet again for the rest of high school. And then, maybe, when I come of age I will come down here legally, and personally kick your ass.

    • Andy: Everyone thinks that Andy is short for Andrea, and I let people think that. But in actuality my mums named me Andromeda.

    • Hillary: Your dad is a total PILF!
      Amanda: What's a PILF?
      Lori: Professor I'd like to…
      Hillary: Learn from!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music
      "The Glass Parade" by Cary Brothers
      "Summer's Almost Gone" by Adam Merrin
      "Came To Say Hello" by The Stereotypes
      "Hooked To You" by Red Letter Agent
      "Hide Your Love Away" by Red Letter Agent
      "Book Lung" by New Ruins
      "Cut Back" by The Elliots
      Sunndal" by The Apples In Stereo
      "Nothing Is Logical" by The Bell
      "Did You Know" by The Stereotypes
      "Energy" by The Apples In Stereo
      "Next To Argyle" by Scissors For Lefty


    • Amanda: Now I know what it's like to be Lois Lane.
      Kyle: Lois who?
      Amanda: You know? Superman's girlfriend.

      Lois Lane is the primary love interest for Superman in the DC Comics' Superman universe.

    • Nicole: [Josh] was going through his Tarzan phase.

      A reference to the character Tarzan, who first appeared in Tarzan of the Apes, created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    • Andy: Everyone thinks that Andy is short for Andrea, and I let people think that. But in actuality my mums named me Andromeda.
      Josh: Andromeda? They named you for a TV show?
      A reference to the 2000-2005 television series Andromeda.

    • Hillary: When did Pollyanna learn to be facetious?

      A reference to the 1913 novel Pollyanna written by Eleanor H. Porter.

    • Episode title: "First Cut Is the Deepest"
      "The First Cut Is the Deepest" is a song written by Cat Stevens with covers by Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow.