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Song Lists for episodes

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    For the last 2 weeks I've songs I'd really like to try and find to download and/or buy the cd but I can't find a song list to find out what the song was called... I can't find a list on the website and was wondering if any of you could help me out?

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    Season 1 music can be found in post #4, below.

    ***Season 3***

    301 It Happened One Night
    "Radio Christiane" by The Virgins (Andy & Josh arrive at the prom after party)
    "Burn The Good Ones Down" by Red Letter Agent (Declan finds Josh & Andy playing video games in their hotel room)
    "Thinking It Over" by Freddy (aka Freddy Litwiniuk) (Kyle looks for Amanda at her house)
    "Sunshine and Cinnamon" by Kid Lightning (Kyle checks Amanda's room; Lori talks to her mom about Declan)
    "The Queensploitation" by Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel (Lori looks for Amanda at the party; Declan & Hillary joke around)
    "Rich Girls" by The Virgins (Lori phones Mark about Amanda; Lori sees Hillary & Declan kissing)
    "Hide Your Love Away" by Red Letter Agent (Andy & Josh get ready to leave the party)
    "Lighting Candles" by The Weepies (Josh takes Andy home)
    "Home" by Thirteen Senses (Kyle takes Amanda home; Jesse finds Sarah gone; Amanda thanks Kyle)

    302 Psychic Friend
    "Story" by Willoughby (Lori & Mark talk about dating)
    "Anne" by Santogold (Nicole visits Sarah & Jessi's apartment)
    "Birds Collide" by Trances Arc (Boy-girl conflict at the cafe)
    "Show My What I'm Looking For" by Carolina Liar
    (Kyle contemplates the psychic's message)
    "Killin' Me" by Faber Drive (Amanda & Hillary line up for the concert)
    "Summer Fades To Fall" by Faber Drive (Kyle tries to reach the boat)
    "Fresh Pair Of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner (Kyle apologizes to Jessi for ignoring her problems)
    "Out Of The Shadows" by Matthew Perryman Jones (Declan apologizes to Lori; Nicole arrives to take Kyle & Jessi home)

    303 Electric Kiss
    "Not Your Savior" by Peasant (Declan advises Kyle; Lori 'accidentally' runs into Mark)
    "Midnight At The Wall" by Denny Jiosa (Stephen catches Josh watching porn)
    "Fine Is Fine" by Peasant (Mark gives Lori flowers)
    "I Should Be Lost Without You" by David Condos (Kyle analyzes the scan on Amanda)
    "Keep It A Secret" by Malbec (Lori explains things to Jessi)
    "Sonata for Piano No. 8 "Pathetique": Adagio cantabile" by Beethoven, arranged by Jim Long (Kyle arrives for Amanda's performance)
    "Still Lost" by Tom McRae (The electric kiss; Amanda performs)

    304 In The Company Of Men
    "Wish I Could Forget" by The Weepies (Amanda & Kyle are advised by their friends)
    "What Would Wolves Do?" by Le Savy Fav (Declan talks Kyle into having a drink)
    "Paisley Pattern Ground" by The Black Hollies (The guys discuss their girl problems)
    "Move To The Music" by American Bang (Kyle shows off his dart skills; male bonding; repeats as Kyle arm wrestles)
    "Hangin' With You" by Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel (Kyle's shot glass trick)
    "Stormy Weather" by The Kooks (Kyle tells a girl he's 'a science experiment' )
    "Gonna Set You Free" by Mathew De Luca (Kyle gets up on stage, then hangs up on Foss)
    "So Much For Amazing" by Michael Logen (Lori & Jessi meet up with Michael at The Rack)
    "Gonna Live For Today" by Mark Cook (The guys try to get their car back)
    "Peace of Mind" by Trances Arc (Michael tells Mark he's changed his mind about Lori)
    "Breaking Out The Windows" by Matthew Perryman Jones (Jessi tells Michael about her mom; Mark & Lori kiss)
    "If Something's Wrong" by Aidan Hawken (Declan tells the guys his basketball career is over)
    "Without You" by Fauxliage (Lori & Mark go to Jessi's apartment; Jessi mentions Kyle to Michael)

    305 Life Support
    "A Bad Dream" by Keane (Kyle tries to free Nicole from the car; emergency services arrive)
    "Anywhere But Here" by Safetysuit (Kyle gives Baylin's formula to Nicole as the Tragers wait for news)

    306 Welcome To Latnok
    "Wolves" by Colin Barstow (Cassidy shows Kyle the Latnok lounge)
    "A Few Hours Of Light" by The Windupdeads (Kyle meets Jackie & Nathaniel)
    "Fall Apart" by Five A.M. (Lori catches Andy & Josh making out)
    "Please Concrete" by Wye Oak (Mark tries to sell Kyle on Latnok; Cassidy sends Kyle home)
    "Always For You" by The Album Leaf (Kyle asks Cassidy & Mark about cash prizes; Lori talks with Declan & Amanda at The Rack)
    "Me Veda" by Devin Lima and The Cadbury Diesel (Nathaniel tries to discourage Kyle; Jackie thanks Kyle for his help)
    "The End" by The Windupdeads (Mark tells Kyle why he likes Latnok & asks for advice on telling Lori)
    "Two Birds" by The Everyday Visuals (Kyle confronts Cassidy about Jessi)
    "Satellite" by Junk (The Tragers help Kyle with the hoover board)
    "Every Light Has Blown" by South (Nathaniel introduces himself to Amanda; Kyle asks Jessi to explain her deception)

    307 Chemistry 101
    "Best Defense" by 16 Frames (Kyle & Declan discuss Jessi while Jessi & Lori talk about Cassidy)
    "Neighborhood" by The Noises 10 (Jessi tell Kyle she takes back her feelings)
    "Tell Me Where You're Going" by Trances Arc (Kyle interrupts Amanda & Nathaniel's conversation; Mark tells Lori their relationship has nothing to do with Latnok)
    "Auctioneer" by The Broken West (Jessi asks Nathaniel for help)
    "Is There Anyone Here?" by Eulogies (Lori tells Jessi the next step is 'neutralize' )
    "February Song" by The Noises 10 (The Chemistry Party starts)
    "Perfect Games" by The Broken West (Declan tells Kyle to keep to his plan)
    "Two Ways Out" by Darker My Love (Declan meets Jackie)
    "For The Birds" by What Made Milwaukee Famous (Josh & Katie talk; Kyle confronts Nathaniel)
    "Cinnamon Scars" by The Hanks (Lori confronts Jessi about Kyle; Josh tells Katie he's already taken; Cassidy congratulates Kyle on the party)
    "Bad Connection" by Eulogies (Lori & Mark run into Jackie & Declan leaving the party)
    "Kyle & Amanda's Theme" by Michael Suby (Kyle tells Amanda they can't be together)

    308 Tell-Tale Heart
    "Reasons To Love You" by Meiko (Kyle & Jessi fall asleep together)
    "Fire Fire Fire" by Dappled Cities (Kyle & Jessi hang out in the Latnok lounge & talk with Cassidy)
    "Bounce Dat Booty" by ER Inc (Declan catches Lori dancing in her kitchen)
    "Get Out While You Can" by Last Days Of April (Kyle distracts Cassidy as Jessi downloads his cellphone's memory)
    "Without A Word" by Headway (Andy films Josh at work; Declan tricks Hilary & Lori into meeting)
    "Where Do We Go" by Ben Jelen (Declan takes the girls supplies for a food fight; Jackie arrives)
    "Hold On Slow Down" by Earlimart (Declan, Lori & Hilary make up; Nicole checks on Jessi)
    "Sweet & Low" by Augustana (Josh & Andy have a food fight; Stephen hugs Josh)
    "Let's Not Pretend" by 16 Frames (Jessi looks at Sarah's pictures; Andy holds Josh; montage)

    309 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
    "Always Love" by Nada Surf (Kyle & Jessi talk at The Rack; Lori asks Amanda about Nate)
    "Under The Knife" by Eulogies (Kyle & Nate work on their project)
    "Always In Your Mind" by Jennifer O'Connor (Andy arrives at The Rack & chats with Amanda)
    "Fever" by Takka Takka (Lori & Declan meet up with Mark & Jackie)
    "Sour Shores" by Portastatic (Lori & Declan ask questions about Latnok)
    "Hold On Tight" by Autovaughn (Lori asks Jackie about her work)
    "Sultan" by What Made Milwaukee Famous (Cassidy arrives at The Rack)

    310 Bringing Down The House
    "Hiding" by Meiko (Jessi comments on Kyle's physique)
    "Sleep In My Clothes" by The Sammies (Kyle takes Nicole to see Cassidy)
    "Buildings & Mountains" by The Republic Tigers (Josh complains to Declan about Andy leaving)
    "Before It Gets Better" by Earlimart (Declan sets up a video link between Andy & Josh)

    ***Season 2***

    201 The Prophet
    The Prayer - Bloc Party (party at the Trager house)
    Love Doesn't Last Too Long - The Weepies (Declan & Lori kiss, then end up talking about Kyle)
    Follow Me - Thirteen Senses (Kyle returns to the Tragers)

    202 Homecoming
    Must've Been The Devil - Old Reliable (XX attacks the hunter)
    Ordinary Day - Griffin House (Kyle runs from Declan)
    Something - Cary Brothers (Mrs. Trager talks with Mr. Taylor)
    Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs (Kyle overhears Lori & Josh talking about him at the cafe)
    So Far We Are - The French Kicks (Kyle sees Amanda at the cafe)
    Welcome To The Family - Michael Suby (Kyle secretly phones the house during dinner after predicting the phone will ring)

    203 The List Is Life
    Rescued - Jack's Mannequin (Amanda gives Kyle a pendant)
    No Mean Time - The French Kicks (Lori, Hillary & Kyle discuss telling Amanda about her boyfriend's indiscretions)
    Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson (Kyle & Lori discuss Declan)
    Lovers Who Uncover - The Little Ones (Lori, Hillary & Amanda talk about virgins)
    Say Anything - Marianas Trench (the bonfire starts)
    Alibi - Marianas Trench (Declan breaks up with Lori)
    Skin And Bones - Marianas Trench (Jessi chokes a guy & the fire starts)
    Set The Story Straight - Tom McRae (the list comes out)

    204 Balancing Act
    Living A Lie - Aqueduct (Kyle training)
    Who You Are - Cary Brothers (Amanda won't talk to Kyle)
    Nevermind The Phonecalls - Earlimart (Kyle reads a comic book at the cafe)
    Thread - Kid Lightning (Lori & her mom discuss Declan)
    Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi (Josh & Andy talk about girls & cars)
    Living In Twilight - The Weepies (Kyle tells Amanda she looks for the good in people)
    Live To Be Free - Griffin House (Josh gets a car; Kyle waves to Amanda)
    Take It From Me - The Weepies (Andy gives Josh a pair of fuzzy dice)

    205 Come To Your Senses
    My Heart - The Perishers (Lori & Declan 'exchange hostages' )
    Still Alright - Adam Merrin (Josh & his dad talk about not smoking pot)
    Closer - Travis (Amanda gives Kyle money for the bracelet)

    206 Does Kyle Dream Of Electric Fish?
    Tickets To Crickets - Ferraby Lionheart (Kyle & Josh discuss Josh's plan to date his lab partner)
    Middle Of The Night - Sherwood (Andy & Josh talk about dates)
    Alley Cat - Sherwood (Amanda tells Lori she should play at the open mic night)
    Mode III - Sonic Adventure Project (A Madacorp video plays as Stephen enters the office building)
    Canon - Pachelbel (Kyle finds Amanda listening to music at her house)
    Nobody Knows Me At All - The Weepies (Andy coaches Josh on date ettiquette in his car)
    You Made Me Like It - The 1990s (Andy finishes coaching Josh; Lori warns Declan about Jessi)
    Dayvan Cowboy - Boards of Canada (Kyle scans his memories)
    All These Days - Turn (Declan arrives for Lori's performance)
    Will You Remember Me (Lori's Song) - April Matson (Lori performs)

    207 Free To Be You And Me
    Respectfully Proceeding - The Tacticians (Jessi starts school / Josh admires the radio in the drunk driving car)
    Two Directions - Ampop (Emily catches Jessi & Declan kissing)
    Take A Walk Outside - The Coast (Andy & Lori discuss Phase II)
    Baby Boomer - Coburn (Josh teaches Kyle about dancing)
    The Best In Me - Sherwood (Jessi tells Lori about her family)
    For The Longest Time - Sherwood (The alterna-dance starts)
    Something Going On - ide (Josh & Andy argue)
    Baby Boomer - Coburn (Amanda arrives at the dance / Kyle & Josh dance)
    Come Out Of The Shade - The Perishers (Kyle & Amanda dance)
    Real Time - Stars Of Track And Field (Kyle & Declan talk about secrets)

    **continued in post 4 below**

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    Wow! Impressive list, thanks for taking the time to do this. Really glad I stumbled across this thread.
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    208 What's The Frequency, Kyle?
    Wrap It Up - Whitey (Declan & Kyle talk on the basketball court)
    Ships - New Ruins (Declan visits Lori)
    Ride - Cary Brothers (Declan & Jessi discuss Lori's attack / Kyle draws a mural)
    Dragonfly - M Craft (Declan climb's into Lori's room after she cancels her party plans)
    Fly Straight - Aidan Hawken (Amanda tells Kyle about her dad; they kiss)

    209 Ghost In The Machine
    Risque Pictures - The 1990s (the group debates the trip to the woods)
    Fire Island, AK - The Long Winters (arrival at the murder site)
    How To Destroy A Relationship - The Servant (Scooby Doo discussion)
    Nocturne No. 8 In D Flat Major - Fryderyk Chopin (Flashback of Foss playing Kyle music at Zzyzx)
    Gonna Love You - The Group (Josh's 'nice night' conversation)
    The Funeral - Band Of Horses (Kyle rescues Jessi)
    Ordinary - Grand Avenue (aftermath)
    Nocturne No. 8 In D Flat Major - Fryderyk Chopin (Kyle contemplates Baylin's message being changed)

    210 House Of Cards
    We Will Remain - AM (Nicole, Josh & Lori discuss dinner)
    What You Hide - AM (the Tragers have dinner with Amanda & Ballantine)
    Maybe Tonight - William Tell (Amanda tells Lori about an opportunity in New York / Josh tries to offer Andy food)
    Middle Of The Night - Sherwood (Emily uses music to hide her activities from Jessi)
    Intro - Steve Reynolds (Jessi arrives at the party and meets Paige)
    Swans - Unkle Bob (Amanda confronts Kyle about their relationship)
    The Salt Wound Routine - Thirteen Senses (Andy tells Josh her cancer has returned)

    211 Hands On A Hybird
    Countdown - Jupiter One (Jessi & Lori talk about Kyle & Lori's necklace)
    Love In My Pocket - VHS Or Beta (Kyle & Declan discuss the picture / the contest winners are announced)
    The Only Song - Sherwood (the contest for the Hybird starts)
    All For Yourself (Instrumental version) - Ari Shine (Kyle & Jessi discuss the contest & family)
    Today's The Day (Instrumental version) - Saturn Missiles (hour six of the contest)
    Talk About Us - Tuppert (Lori warns Amanda about Jessi's interest in Kyle / Hillary & Lori chat)
    It's About Nothing - Turn (Amanda brings Kyle a 'survival kit' )
    Fa Fa Fa - Datarock (Hillary asks Declan & Lori to look at video of Jessi)
    Do Anything, Go Anywhere (Instrumental version) - Rich Cronin (Jessi asks Kyle to help her)
    I Used To Dance With My Daddy - Datarock (Lori & Declan review video of Jessi)
    The Hill - Bombay Bicycle Club (Hillary tries to apologize to Josh / an angry Lori goes looking for Jessi)
    Along The Wall - Leigh Nash (Andy tells Josh she's going public with her cancer; they kiss)

    212 Lockdown
    Million Holes - Black Daniel (Josh offers to help Lori plan revenge)
    Hospital Drama - Help She Can't Swim (arguments break out in the The Trager house)
    Much Too Young - The Good Luck Joes (Andy explains her 'last day' comment to Josh)
    Steal You Away - Adam Merrin (Josh & Andy's make-out conversation)
    Canon - Pachelbel (Amanda plays the piano as Kyle leaves the picture for her)
    Frozen - The Good Luck Joes (Josh & Andy and Declan & Lori make up / Kyle finds Jessi)

    213 Leap Of Faith
    Carry The Weight - The Bads
    (Lori, Kyle & Declan discuss Kyle's plans)
    The Last One - Cary Brothers
    (Jessi & Kyle find the diner in Adam's picture)
    Trillion Things - Gus Black
    (Kyle & Jessi ask the waitress for directions)
    The Alchemy Between Us - Young Galaxy
    (Jessi & Kyle arrive at Route 12)
    Save You - Matthew Perryman Jones
    (The Tragers decide to wait for Kyle to come home / Jessi runs after she & Kyle communicate with Adam)

    214 To C.I.R., With Love
    Obrigado (aka 'Jobim' ) - Chris Burton Jacome (Madacorp's open house; repeats as Andy asks Josh what secret he's keeping)
    Bow & Scrape (aka 'This Life' ) - Saturn Missiles (Lori helps Declan 'move forward' )
    Time Goes By - Air Traffic (Emily tells Jessi to run; Declan & Lori share a tender moment; Kyle is put in the chair; Nicole sneaks into Madacorp)
    Let There Be Morning - The Perishers (Declan & Lori say goodnight; Kyle & Amanda say goodbye)
    Life Is Beautiful - Vega4 (Kyle & Tragers share a candlelight dinner)

    215 The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
    Contrast - The Features (Career fair)
    One More Time - AutoVaughn (Lori sees Jessi jump in Hillary's video)
    Too True - Headway (Kyle tries to explain to Jessi why she can't do 'tricks' )
    A Tried And Tested Method - The Longcut (Jessi gets noticed at school)
    Stay Another Night - AutoVaughn (Josh & Lori chat with Jessi)
    Water Of The Gods - The Changes (Declan & Lori discuss the Jessi situation)
    A Moment Like This (instrumental version) - Rie Sinclair (Kyle apologizes to Jessi)
    If One Of Us Should Fall - The Slip (Josh tells Andy he plans to become a doctor and save her)

    216 Great Expectations
    All My Life - The Stereotypes (Spring cleaning)
    The Last Transmission - The Comas (Josh tests Kyle's abilities; Stephen tells the boys he's giving a lecture at U Dub)
    Remind Me To Miss You - Headway (Kyle tries to electronically communicate with Amanda)
    Canon In D Major - Pachelbel (Kyle plays the guitar to get Amanda's attention)
    Montagues & Capulets - Prokofiev (Amanda's mother tries to talk to her)
    Life's A Holiday - Saturn Missiles (Jessi joins Kyle, Josh & Lori's planning session)
    Song Beneath The Song - Maria Taylor (Lori expresses her concerns about Kyle & Amanda to Declan)
    Rise On (instrumental version; aka 'So Many Times Before' ) - Anna Coogan & North19 (Nicole asks Stephen if he has regrets about not teaching)
    Cut Back - The Elliots (Kyle tells Jessi that Amanda might be staying)
    Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers (Lori gives Kyle some dating pointers; Amanda arrives)
    In The Dark - The Changes (Hillary serves dinner to Kyle & Amanda; Lori & Declan talk)
    Red Meets Blue - Matt Wertz (Amanda's mom interrupts the date)

    217 Grounded
    Heard It All Before - Meiko (Kyle & Amanda get ready for bed)
    She Could Be You - Shawn Hlookoff (Taylor finds Jessi listening to Adam & Sara's song; repeats as Kyle plays Jessi's record while Amanda tells him what happened with her mom)
    Hold It Down - Unkle Bob (Declan tells Lori she owes him; Josh expresses his concerns about Kyle's 'bed' )

    218 Between The Rack And A Hard Place
    Don't Let Love In - Lowgold (Kyle discovers what went wrong with the blender)
    Apologize - The Honorary Title (Andy & Josh discuss concert tickets; Amanda asks Kyle for assistance)
    I Wasn't Ready - Turn Off The Stars (Josh 'deputizes' Kyle; Jessi helps Kyle fix the blender)
    The Lines - The Stereotypes (Lori & Amanda talk; Lori sees Declan with another girl)
    Under Starlight - Red Letter Agent (Josh, Amanda & Kyle contemplate who could have stolen the money)
    One By One - Unkle Bob (Jessi storms out after Kyle asks her to wait longer; Amanda confronts Kyle about Jessi)
    Two Kinds - Film School (Declan gives Kyle advice on girlfriends & fights)
    Right Where I Belong - David Condos (Kyle apologizes to Amanda; she accuses him of not trusting her)
    Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers (Josh debates what to do about the missing money; Kyle asks for Declan's advice; Kyle tells Amanda he wants to talk)
    Apologies - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (Andy gives Josh the money from the tickets; Amanda & Kyle exchange secrets)

    219 First Cut Is The Deepest
    Summer's Almost Gone - Adam Merrin (Lori & Hillary ask Amanda about music for the prom)
    Came To Say Hello - The Stereotypes (Andy & Josh 'play doctor' )
    Hooked To You - Red Letter Agent (Lori & Declan discuss the lack of excitement in their lives)
    Hide Your Love Away - Red Letter Agent (Hillary & Lori volunteer to help with the music for prom)
    Book Lung - New Ruins (Mark shows Kyle & Jessi pictures of Sara)
    Cut Back - The Elliots (Mark tells Jessi & Kyle about Sara's pool record)
    Sunndal - Apples In Stereo (Amanda avoids Jessi; Hillary proposes a plan to avoid being carded)
    Nothing Is Logical - The Bell (Jessi breaks Sara's record)
    Did You Know - The Stereotypes (Lori runs into Mark)
    Energy - Apples In Stereo (Kyle plays against Jessi)
    Next To Argyle - Scissors For Lefty (Bar fight)
    The Glass Parade - Cary Brothers (Kyle & Amanda kiss; Kyle comforts Andy)

    220 Primary Colors
    Everything Has Changed - Adam Merrin (Amanda & Kyle make plans to spend time together)
    I Am History - The Bell (Kyle gives Declan a personal study guide)
    Burn The Good Ones Down - Red Letter Agent (Kyle gives Josh a study plan & is distracted by Jessi's humming)
    She Could Be You - Shawn Hlookoff (Kyle puts music on to relax; repeats as Adam asks Kyle to listen to the song again & as Kyle hears the subliminal message)
    Better Run - Army Of Me (Andy announces that her cancer's in remission)
    She Could Be You - Michael Suby (Amanda plays the piano for Kyle)
    Bad Sun - The Bravery (Josh & Lori discuss Kyle's problems; Mark & Lori make a deal)
    Sometimes - Alex Lloyd (Kyle & Josh discuss Andy's remission; The Tragers have dinner)

    221 Grey Matters
    Cult Status - The 1990s (Kyle & Declan talk on the basketball court)
    Naive - The Kooks (Josh & Kyle discuss the cheating accusation)
    On And On - The Bell (Declan tells Kyle that everyone thinks he's the one that posted the exam)
    Be This Way - Perrin Lamb (Kyle asks Amanda if she cheated)
    Steal It Back - The Bell (Kyle tells Josh he has proof of his innocence)
    Dear Me - Film School (Stephen tells Josh he's proud of him)
    Let It Go - Graham Colton (Lori & Declan discuss his injury; Kyle asks Amanda to prom; Andy & Josh talk at The Rack)
    She Could Be You - Shawn Hlookoff (Kyle meets Sarah)

    222 Hello...
    Never Even Told Me Her Name - Air Traffic (Prom discussions at The Rack)
    The Stars Where We Came From - VHS Or Beta (Mark criticized Lori's lyrics; Amanda gives Josh advice on his prom plan)
    Pony - Erin McCarley (Lori & Mark argue; Lori, Hillary & Amanda talk about prom)
    Feel Like I Do - Jordan Lawhead (Lori, Hillary & Amanda talk about the prom problems)
    Your Move - Ian Ball (Josh tells Andy what he did with the money)
    She Could Be You - Shawn Hlookoff (Kyle finds Jessi at the diner)
    Oceans / Full Moon Drive - Highwater Rising (Declan asks Lori to prom; Jessi & Sarah talk)

    223 I've Had The Time Of My Life
    Our Time - The Stereotypes (Amanda bars Kyle from decorating for prom)
    Kyle & Amanda's Theme - Michael Suby
    (Amanda sees the altered prom decorations)
    Bounce With Me - Ben Gidsjoy
    (Kyle & Josh lead a line dance)
    I Can't Understand - Air Traffic (Lori, Kyle & Josh compare prom stresses)
    Mothership - Kid Beyond (Mark tells Lori they didn't win the song contest)
    Right In Front Of Me - April Matson (Mark plays Lori's song)
    Come On Ladies - San Deego (Kyle heads back to the prom & runs into Foss)
    With Someone - StL (Josh & Andy kiss in the hallway)
    Thin Colored Wall - Red Letter Agent (Kyle & Amanda meet up as prom ends)
    Far From The Discos - The Bella Fayes (Hillary, Lori & Declan leave the school)
    Best Days - Graham Colton (Amanda & Kyle dance; montage)

    ***Season 1***

    Compiled from: Episode World & Kyle XY Net

    101 Pilot
    She will Only Bring you Happiness - McLusky (Lori & Declan wake up in Lori's bed)
    Born on The Cusp - American Analog Set (Kyle arrives at the Tragers' )
    Canon in D Major - Pachelbel (Kyle hears Amanda play the piano)
    Hold the Line - Pilot Speed (Stephen meets Kyle)
    Sounds - Earlimart (Kyle follows Lori to the party)
    Flock - DJ Harry(the police arrive at the party)
    Supposed To Be - Cary Brothers
    Welcome To The Family - Michael Suby (Kyle carries Lori home / Nicole asks her family if Kyle can stay)

    102 Sleepless in Seattle
    Second Son - Elliot Brood (Kyle raids the fridge)
    The Airways - Castle Project(Lori, Hillary & Declan talk at the cafe)
    So Many Ways - Mates of State (Lori talks with Declan on the phone **DVD only)
    A Kind of Hope - Pilot Speed (Declan & Lori talk about Kyle)
    Sunday Morning Blues - Waking Eyes
    Summer Song Summer - Radiogram (Lori & Kyle discuss sarcasm)
    Falling - Paper Moon
    Honestly - Cary Brothers (end of ep)

    103 The Lies that Bind
    The Songs We Knew Best - The Bonaduces (before the elevator scene)
    Surround - In-Flight Safety (Declan & Lori in the pool)
    Citizen's Arrest - Wolf Colonel (Josh does homework)
    Vallee of Cobras - The Summerlad (Kyle does Josh's homework)
    Crush - Aiden Hawken (Lori & Hillary stake out Declan's house)
    Three Lights - Kids These Days (Lori & Nicole talk)
    Lost (The March Song) - In-Flight Safety (Nicole & Stephen surprise Kyle with his own room)

    104 Diving In

    When Good Things Go Bad - Vanlustbader (Kyle dreams of Amanda)
    Love and Memories - O.A.R. (Lori, Kyle & Josh arrive at the pool)
    Wonderful Day - O.A.R. (Josh & Kyle check out girls)
    3 AM -Sean Hayes (Amanda gives Kyle swimming lessons)
    Scratch - Kendall Payne (Amanda shows Kyle her dad's art)
    Amanda's Theme - Michael Suby (Amanda shows Kyle how to put emotion into art)
    Between Us and Them - Moving Units (Lori, Josh & Kyle arrive at the party)
    Rest Tonight - Kids These Days (Lori & Declan kiss / Josh gets caught)
    Satellites - Beneath Augusta (Lori & Declan exit the bushes / Hillary flirts with Kyle)
    All I Need - Mat Kearney (Kyle meets Amanda's boyfriend, Charlie)

    105 This is not a Test
    Hide Another Mistake - The 88 (Kyle arrives at school)
    Along Comes a Smile - The Meligrove Band (Kyle in the cafeteria)
    Welcome To The Family - Michael Suby (Deekman & Kyle talk)
    Pillows and Records - Aiden Hawken (end of ep)

    106 Blame it on the Rain
    Stay - Blue Merle (Lori & Declan talk)
    Help Me Mom - Michael Suby (Nicole helps Kyle ease off)
    All The Rage - Cary Brothers (Lori & Declan talk about the accident)
    Out of Sigh" - In-Flight Safety (Declan hugs Lori & tells her 'Happy Birthday' )
    Lucky Boy - In-Flight Safety (Kyle & Lori blow out the candles)

    107 Kyle Got Game
    Oh The Way You Move - Mic Check (Lori drops Kyle off for basketball practice)
    I'm Fresh - Mic Check (Kyle's first basketball lesson)
    Scratch This - Big Rush (the game starts)
    Too Hot - Swollen Members (Kyles scores)
    Bastian Cooper - Cinderpop (Hillary & Lori make up)

    108 Memory Serves
    Bug Bear - Climber (Lori, Declan & Kyle discuss 'U Dub' )
    Care, I Don't Care - Irving (Lori, Declan & Kyle arrive at 'U Dub' )
    I'll Write The Song, You Sing For Me - Irving (Lori, Declan & Kyle make plans to meet)
    Take Me To The Sun - Meligrove Band (Lori meets a guy)
    Set It Up - Sign of the Fox (Declan & Kyle talk about Amanda & Lori)

    109 Overheard
    L-O-V-E - Irving (Josh & Kyle on the basketball court)
    Want You Now - Velvet Crush (Josh listens to music)
    Burning the Cow - Earlimart (Declan, Kyle, Josh & Lori arrive at the fair)
    Ride - Cary Brothers (Kyle & Amanda ride the carousel)

    110 Endgame
    I Wouldn't Do That To You - Carey Ott (Hillary & Lori discuss Charlie)
    Forever In A Day - Helene (Declan & Lori talk about Kyle leaving)
    Bug Bear - Climber (Kyle & Declan talk at the goodbye party)
    Replay - Martyrs and Poets (Hillary, Lori, Amanda & Kyle talk by the pool)
    Where We Gonna Go From Here - Mat Kearney (Kyle leaves the Tragers)
    I'm Here - Climber (End scene - extended DVD version only)

    Edited on 01/12/2009 9:01pm
    Edited 11 total times.
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    The song playing while Kyle scnas his memories is "Dayvan Cowboy" by Boards of Canada.
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    Thanks for posting the new info...
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    Filled in some blanks thanks to Kyle XY Wiki
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    added some of the 207 songs
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    thanks again for keeping the info updated. The music on the show is great and it surehelps to know where to find it.
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    thanx for the list, now i just have to find the songs to download, that should be easy
    Edited on 07/26/2007 9:27am
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    Anyone know a good place place to go to get these songs? I can't find them.
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    ? [same song as 'Josh teaches Kyle about dancing] (Amanda arrives at the dance / Kyle & Josh dance) Hey man, can you find the artist and the song title. I like this song. I tried to find it, without lyrics it kind of difficult. The only thing I heared was "Be bop" or "Don't be shy" may be "Hold me back". The voice is kind of computer generated, therefore preety hard to figure out. I hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks anyways great list bro!
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    I couldn't make out anything in that song, but I read somewhere that the lyrics were "reach out", which it does sort of sound like.

    Based on some posts in their forum, someone over at KyleXY.net has a direction connection to the music supervisor of the show and says she will post the songs titles as soon as she recieves them, so hopefully it won't be too long before the other songs are known. I'll update this list as soon as I find anything out.

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    Taltos19, or anyone for that matter, do you know what song was played in the episode Diving In (Season 1) during the party after Lori and Declan first have sex and she and Kyle are sitting on the sofa? Lori was looking really sad coz she also had that fight with Hilary. Thanks in advance!
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    Rachitha the Kyle/Josh dance song is "Baby Boomer" by Coburn.

    sugarwoofer here is a list of music for the ep:

    "When Good Things Go Bad" Vanlustbader
    "Love and Memories" O.A.R.
    "Wonderful Day" O.A.R.
    "3 AM" Sean Hayes
    "Scratch" Kendall Payne
    "Between Us and Them" Moving Units
    "Rest Tonight" Kids These Days
    "Satellites" Beneath Augusta
    "All I Need" Mat Kearney

    The songs should be in the order they appear, and without seeing the ep recently, I'd guess its the Beneath Augusta one (#5 here).

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    Thanks, I never would have found it. Thanks again for the link too.
    H.A.N.D- Have A Nice Day & PEACE!
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    Hey, in the last episode, Free To Be You And Me, does anybody know the name of the song playing in the background while Kyle and Amanda are dancing towards the end of the episode?
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    As I noted on the list on the first page I *think* it's "Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers but I can't confirm that, as the album isn't out until September and I haven't been able to find either an audio clip or lyrics. My assumption that it is that song is based on the title, which was heard as lyrics during the show, as it is rather unusual, and the fact that it sounded like The Perishers and their music has been used on the show previously (many artists have had multiple songs on the show). I'll update the list as soon as I know either way.
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    It's confirmed that the Kyle/Amanda song is "Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers. The Perishers' new album "Victorious" is now available on iTunes.
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    Added some of the 208 songs (to list on first page)
    Edited on 07/30/2007 11:48pm
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