Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 7

Free To Be You and Me

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Kyle and Amanda are preparing for their first date. Meanwhile, Kyle receives a cryptic warning that makes him wonder who he can actually trust.

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  • Like in the best X-Files episodes Trust No One is the real plot for this episode.

    Kyle accepts the request of Amanda to go together at the local dance but he didn't understand that this will be their first date. After asking confirmation to Lori and Nicole he starts thinking about the event and Josh teaches him some dance steps who he likes. After some pression from the director of the school about sex opinions (about gay couples) Lori and Andy start working together to organize and alternative dance with the help of Nicole. At the dance a blackout stop Kyle and Amanda to give their first kiss. During the episode Kyle try to decode a message sent from Baylin before he died in which he tell Kyle to not trust Tom who disappear.moreless
  • Well. Lori is in trouble or is Foss?

    Well after a first period protest the Tragers, Kyle, and Amanda are suspended from the dance. Andy was a part of it so she didn't go either. So they create an alternate dance. At the end Nicole and everyone else gets a feeling Emily isn't helping Jessi like she should be. Jessi feels bad that Lori likes Declan still. Declan tells Kyle at the end that Tom Foss did all this and shows him the recon photos. And then Lori is hit in the head from behind. Was it Foss? MAybe? I can't wait to find out/ or see what it leads to. I a so excited for the next episode.moreless
  • Good, Episode but some parts didn't need to be there.

    this episode was a good one, But some of the sense didn't have anything to do with the Story. The Dance was ok, but it just kept poping up, it got anoyying really fast. I mainly like the part where Kyle and Amanda almost kissed then to be de-parted. that stunk. Then when Lori got hit in the head (mainly by her eye) that was a good cliff-hanger. this episode was mainly about Jessi reveilling her iner-power, and Kyle and amanda. i did like this episode but it was a dry slait. They could have done, a Tiny bit better..moreless
  • Kyle XY focuses on rights and freedom and especially dancing...

    Once again, another wonderful installment from Kyle XY. This time, the episode focused about human rights and freedom. Moreover, "Free To Be You and Me" is also about dancing and dancing. I like the collaboration of Kyle and Josh. It's great that Kyle can dance in addition to his many talents. Kyle also is making a move to Amanda. But it was disgusting that their kiss didn't come out when Jessie became so angry that the lights turned off. I also like the twist in the end. Lori is in danger so I'll be expecting anoher good episode next week. Two thumbs up to Kyle XY.moreless
  • Kyle learns the meaning of life!

    Kyle really learns the meaning of life and all that

    He wants is Floss out of the way. As he

    Prepares his first ever date. And with Amanda whom he almost

    Gives a kiss to. Hinting a second date will likely be in the cards for them.

    He also meets Jessi as she is in the tub. The tub that Kyle sleeps in.

    Jessi and Declan kiss for the first time!
Magda Apanowicz

Magda Apanowicz

Andy Jensen

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Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns

Emily Hollander

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Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

Charlie Tanner

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    • Amanda: You're a good dancer.
      Kyle: This part's easy.
      Amanda: Slow dancing?
      Kyle: No, dancing with you.

    • Amanda: Kyle, it's okay if you don't wanna go with me to the dance. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable by asking you.
      Kyle: I do wanna go to the dance with you.
      Amanda: Then why are you acting so weird?
      Kyle: Nicole says it's 'cause I like you.
      Amanda: You do?
      Kyle: Of course. Don't you like me?
      Amanda: Well, yeah. Yeah, I do. I like you. So, we're going to the dance together. And you're okay with that?
      Kyle: It's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.

    • Nicole: What's the matter?
      Kyle: I have a date with Amanda.
      Nicole: Well that's great.
      Kyle: No, it's terrible.
      Nicole: Why?
      Kyle: Because I feel sick.
      Nicole: When did that start?
      Kyle: When I found out it was a date.

    • Josh: Sweet. Pizza.
      Nicole: I thought you liked when I cooked.
      Josh: Yeah, but ever since you got good at it, we never get cool food.
      Nicole: I'll try to remember that.

    • (Getting more flyers to hang)
      Lori: Hillary and I are going to wrap the flagpole. She wanted to chain herself to it naked with the words 'I Heart Gay' written on her body, but this seemed like a better plan.

    • Josh: (explaining why he can't go to the dance) I got nabbed trying to borrow the stereo from the drunk driving car.
      Andy: You tried to steal a dead person's radio?

    • Andy: Let's just say that I don't have a lot of tolerance for other people's closed-minded crap.
      Lori: I don't understand how you tolerate my brother, then.
      Andy: I like to think of Josh as a perpetual work in progress.
      Lori: Changing the world one moron at a time, huh?

    • Amanda: My mom said I'm supposed to be in bed by ten while she's out of town.
      Kyle: It's eleven.
      Amanda: Exactly.

    • Nicole: (Talking about Jessi) Since when are you two friends?
      Lori: She's not my friend, she's my frenemy.

    • Lori: (to Kyle) Hi mood swing, what's got you all peppy?
      Kyle: I'm going to the dance with Amanda.
      Hillary: Oh the hypocrisy.

    • Josh: Nice rims!
      Lori: Josh, the car is not on display for you to admire its accessories. Somebody died in it.
      Josh: Somebody who shouldn't have guzzled a bucket of vodka before driving.

    • Charlie: When did you two hop on the lesbian granola bus?
      Lori: Ooh, I don't know, Hils, you wanna give it a try?
      Hillary: Yeah, I've always wanted to be a granola lesbian.
      (They kiss)
      Lori: (To Charlie) If only to never kiss homophobic cheating jerks like you.

    • (Running up to Lori and Hillary)
      Andy: Hey potentially-sane Trager and perky blonde girl. In the mood for a little civil disobedience?
      Lori: Does it involve drinking?
      Andy: Only if rehab is your idea of social activism.

    • Lori: The stupid school won't sell us same-sex couple dance tickets.
      Nicole: What? Well, that's ridiculous.
      Kyle: What's wrong with same-sex couples?
      Josh: Nothing, if they're girls.
      Lori: Neanderthal.
      Kyle: Why are girls okay and not guys?
      Nicole: Both should be okay.
      Kyle: Then why is the school saying no?
      Lori: Because apparently they're still living in the 20th century.

    • Lori: You have a date with Amanda?
      Kyle: Oh no, it's not a date.
      Lori: How do you know?
      Kyle: She told me she's doing me a favor.
      Hillary: A favor?
      Kyle: Uh huh.
      Lori: Kyle, what exactly did she say?
      Kyle: She said, 'You've been such a good friend to me through everything and I was thinking - maybe – that I should return the favor. I thought we could go to the spring fling dance together. I mean, if you wanted to.' And then she said something about a cat.
      Hillary: Aw, sweet, clueless little muffin. You better put on your dancing shoes, 'cause you have a date.
      Kyle: I do?
      Lori: You totally do.

    • Josh: Go ahead. Throw the trash at my feet again.
      (Andy throws trash at the trash can)
      Josh: What are you doing?
      Andy: I think it's called cleaning.
      Josh: No, you're being nice. You're never nice.
      Andy: I'm totally nice.
      Josh: You make fun of me, you put me down, and you always have to have the last word.
      Andy: I thought that was our...thing.
      Josh: We have a thing?
      Andy: Well not like a thing thing. But you know. A vibe. A pattern.
      Josh: A thing.
      Andy: Yeah.
      Josh: Cool. Oh yeah your dates, they're...
      Andy: Gay, yes.
      Josh: Actually I was going to say they're pretty cool guys. (sighs)
      Go ahead, get in the last word.
      Andy: No need.
      (Andy kisses Josh on the cheek)

    • Hillary: How's a girl supposed to combat PMS when the chocolate machine's on the fritz?

    • Kyle: A single bright moment in an otherwise dark time. With Foss not around to dictate my days, I could finally pursue the very thing he wanted me to give up - a life.

    • Jessi: Hi.
      Kyle: Hi.
      Jessi: You're Kyle.
      Kyle: You're in my tub.
      Jessi: It's comfortable.
      Kyle: You don't think it's strange I sleep in a tub?
      Jessi: Is it?
      Kyle: Maybe a little.

    • (At the dance they've organized)
      Hillary: People actually came.
      Lori: Hils, you are such a pessimist about the human condition. We got our message out there. Of course people came.
      Hillary: Yeah, plus we sold our tickets for half the price of the other dance.
      Lori: Yeah, that helped. (Both laugh)

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    • Featured Music
      "Respectfully Proceeding" by The Tacticians
      "Two Directions" by Ampop
      "Take A Walk Outside" by The Coast
      "Baby Boomer" by Coburn
      "The Best In Me" by Sherwood
      "For The Longest Time" by Sherwood
      "Something Going On" by IDE
      "Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers
      "Real Time" by Stars Of Track And Field

    • International Airdates:
      New Zealand – 11 November 2007 on TV2
      India – 5 January 2008 on Star World
      Poland – 22 June 2008 on TVP1
      Belgium – 29 June 2008 on 2BE
      Brazil – 18 December 2008 on Sci Fi Channel
      Slovakia – 29 March 2009 on Markiza