Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 7

Free To Be You and Me

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Like in the best X-Files episodes Trust No One is the real plot for this episode.

    Kyle accepts the request of Amanda to go together at the local dance but he didn't understand that this will be their first date. After asking confirmation to Lori and Nicole he starts thinking about the event and Josh teaches him some dance steps who he likes. After some pression from the director of the school about sex opinions (about gay couples) Lori and Andy start working together to organize and alternative dance with the help of Nicole. At the dance a blackout stop Kyle and Amanda to give their first kiss. During the episode Kyle try to decode a message sent from Baylin before he died in which he tell Kyle to not trust Tom who disappear.
  • Well. Lori is in trouble or is Foss?

    Well after a first period protest the Tragers, Kyle, and Amanda are suspended from the dance. Andy was a part of it so she didn't go either. So they create an alternate dance. At the end Nicole and everyone else gets a feeling Emily isn't helping Jessi like she should be. Jessi feels bad that Lori likes Declan still. Declan tells Kyle at the end that Tom Foss did all this and shows him the recon photos. And then Lori is hit in the head from behind. Was it Foss? MAybe? I can't wait to find out/ or see what it leads to. I a so excited for the next episode.
  • Good, Episode but some parts didn't need to be there.

    this episode was a good one, But some of the sense didn't have anything to do with the Story. The Dance was ok, but it just kept poping up, it got anoyying really fast. I mainly like the part where Kyle and Amanda almost kissed then to be de-parted. that stunk. Then when Lori got hit in the head (mainly by her eye) that was a good cliff-hanger. this episode was mainly about Jessi reveilling her iner-power, and Kyle and amanda. i did like this episode but it was a dry slait. They could have done, a Tiny bit better..
  • Kyle XY focuses on rights and freedom and especially dancing...

    Once again, another wonderful installment from Kyle XY. This time, the episode focused about human rights and freedom. Moreover, "Free To Be You and Me" is also about dancing and dancing. I like the collaboration of Kyle and Josh. It's great that Kyle can dance in addition to his many talents. Kyle also is making a move to Amanda. But it was disgusting that their kiss didn't come out when Jessie became so angry that the lights turned off. I also like the twist in the end. Lori is in danger so I'll be expecting anoher good episode next week. Two thumbs up to Kyle XY.
  • Kyle learns the meaning of life!

    Kyle really learns the meaning of life and all that
    He wants is Floss out of the way. As he
    Prepares his first ever date. And with Amanda whom he almost
    Gives a kiss to. Hinting a second date will likely be in the cards for them.
    He also meets Jessi as she is in the tub. The tub that Kyle sleeps in.
    Jessi and Declan kiss for the first time!
  • Nothing better than pushing the gay agenda!

    Congrats to a mainstream show using its power to push an important message about gay rights. However, they loose two points for up-playing the lesbian aspect and downplaying the gay male one. This makes the episode come off overall positive but with a touch of sexism. Still, regardless of the negative aspects of the episode, the message is a positive one albeit much needed in this world that still needs to be a little less closed minded. Besides the message, the development of the show is pretty on key at the moment. I often feel that a lot of shows tend to drag on or move way too fast. And initially I felt that the show started off moving way too fast. But as it stands now I think it is moving along swimmingly.
  • A nice episode, maybe lacking in out and out excitement and action but setting up/advancing various storylines. What I don't understand is how this very mild picking up of gay issues can spark such controversy.

    It's hard to fathom that people (especially in a Western and supposedly free country like America) are still getting so uptight and scared by a mild case of advocating personal freedom as done in this episode.

    You would think that tolerance was a bit more advanced in this day and age but apparently not. I mean come on why is this even still an issue? In this vein moving on to the actual story.

    Kyle and Amanda are advancing nicely in their innocent virginal relationship. Kyle is so engrossed with her that he almost totally ignores all the signs that a new XY is in the house.

    Charly is jerk enough to finally piss off Declan enough to loose his friendship (such as it was). What a turn around for that character. At the beginning he came across as such a nice guy.

    Anyway, Declan seizes the instant attraction with Jessi to further distract himself from his feeling of hurt and loneliness and what guy in his position would not? And Jessi is experiencing her first guy attraction. And remembering how intense that can feel (and in light of the fact that for her it is actually the first genuine emotion of this kind she has ever felt) it is not hard to believe it was her who hit Lori over the head at the end of the episode in a misguided attempt to vent her jealousy of her and Declan's still smoldering feelings.

    At least I am pretty sure it was her and not someone like Foss because of seeing Kyle and Declan talking together again. And I really like those two getting back into trust mode.

    Well, and let's not forget about the adult front with Emily sidling up to Stephen. I'm not sure whether this is just a regular trying to get close to keep and eye on things or another attempt to rob Kyle of a secure home life by seeing whether she can drive a spanner into that marriage. Well, her tough sister act in dragging her sister from the dance should be enough to put Stephen off in any case.

    Andy and Josh are the quintessential young teen couple to be still pulling each others tails rather than admitting their attraction. A bit stereotypical but good for the occasional comic relief I guess.

    Anyway, all this showcasing of the developing strands of relationship within the show sets up the things to come and stresses the fact that in the end all development is based on the relations people form with each other. Kyle says it best when he says, he can finally do what Foss tried to prevent him from having. An actual life.
  • The vibe felt off with this episode, and the episode felt like it was derailed from it's main story. Let's hope the next episode is not as poor as this one was.

    The episode was pretty meh overall, it didn't feel quite as good as the others before it, but it picked up a little near the end. I am just starting to feel that Kyle XY is a little less mature then other shows like it, I mean I love the sci-fi element, but I really hope that the drama element matures soon. It feels a little childish at times, but other then that I love the show, though something about Jessi's character is just off. I think it might be the fact that she is sort of "programmed" to be someone, that might make her true personality be watered down so to speak. This episode had some issues in the dance scenes for me, the dance seemed really boring, and the acting was not great in the dancing scenes. I love the show, but I can't lie about how I felt about this episode, definitely not one of the better ones. The end however was great, the twist it presents was very unexpected, and when the show ended it felt as if it was cut off, leaving you with the feeling of wanted to watch the next episode. I liked the idea the end presented, but again, it felt a bit off with the acting, the spark that made this show didn’t shine as bright, let's hope this was a one episode fling.
  • I liked it.

    Kyle and Amanda have a date! Some people protest when the school won't allow same-sex couples. Josh is grounded. Jessi wants to see Declan, but Emily forbids her to. Andy, Lori and others plan an alternative dance on the same night as the school dance. Declan shows Kyle the warning from Tom Foss and Kyle decides to tell him everything.

    This was a good episode! I hated the homosexuality in it though. I'm against it and the uplifting of it was the part that I did not like. I thought that Lori and Hilary kissing was unnecessary. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!
  • And love conquers all. :D

    Right from the start of the episode, the dance is brought up, and Kyle and Amanda make it a date. The whole episode pretty much dwells on love and relationships, especially those of the characters in the story.

    Kyle and Amanda finally get things together, and taking away the power outage, might have kissed. Josh and Andy seemed out of it, but were in reality into it. Jessi and Declan like each other but Jessi's sister does not approve. And does Declan still care about Lori?

    On the other hand, Lori and Hillary have hung on tough. I don't really have a thing against lesbians, but I thought that their "scene" could have been shown more discretely. :P

    Also, Declan chooses Charlie and his buddies as his friends, but later on mends some things with Kyle.

    It was an episode dealing more with the emotions and some patterns of love. In the end, though, we get a glimpse for next episode's premise, as Lori is hit from behind by an attacker.

    It was a nice episode, but anticlimactic given last week's exciting one. :D
  • Kyle and Amanda go on their first date, Josh realises he may like Andy and Kyle promises to tell Declan everything.

    This was an exciting episode with Kyle and Amanda's first date. Nice bit of writing which progresses their relationship further.

    Josh and Andy also seem to realise that they may have a relationship, to Josh' surprise perhaps.

    While I have no problem with the message of tolerance that was shouted from the rooftops in this episode, I felt the way in which it was done was overdone. It disrupted the normal flow of the episodes and made this episode stand out. The message could just as easily have been conveyed in another way.

    I loved the last bit. I've always liked Kyle and Declan being friends, as I think it's important to both of them to have a real friend. The end of the episode seems to hint that this is possible again, particularly if Lori is under threat.
  • It was one of the best episodes so far. It was so good, so nice, so full of emotions… I love it. I totally love it.

    I’ve always liked the relationship between Kyle and Amanda. And in this episode it was really great. She invited him to the dance and he totally freaked out, because he knew he liked her. And she said she liked him too. They almost kissed, but then something happened. Not between them, just the lights went off. I’ve always liked Declan, too. In this episode we finally are able to see why he’s been acting like a jerk lately. And I thing he really likes Jessi. I’m not so sure if he still wants to be with Lori, bit he likes Jessi. He said why. “Being with her is better than being alone.” And I totally like Jessi. She’s great. I fell sorry for her and I like her. She’s something that Kyle could be, if he hadn’t Tragers. She’s alone. She doesn’t have family, she doesn’t have friends. And all she needs are friends. “Your lonely.” she said to Declan “ I’m lonely, too.” It was so nice… And she has Kyle’s powers. When she’s angry or confused or something like that, she can… do some things. It really was great episode and I totally love it. ^^
  • What's with the social message?

    I’ve been a fan of Kyle XY since it came out last year and have been eagerly awaiting each new episode to find out what happens next (including this one), but after watching it, I’m sorely disappointed. There’s going to be a spilt between people on whether or not you like, hate, or tolerate this episode, but after seeing every episode so far, I have yet to see any show “pandering” to any group of people, till now. This show has a very positive gay message in it. I didn’t like it and I know a lot of other people won’t be happy with it either. My reasons are my own, and I wish I was more open-minded about it, I just believe “alterative lifestyles” should remain private.

    The show picks up where the last episode left off with Kyle not knowing who to trust. Uncertain who to trust and feeling more alone than ever, the only thing that make him feel better is that Amanda ask him out to the school dance, which has banned same-sex coupes from attending. Outraged by this, Lori, Hillary, Kyle and all their friends join together to have an alterative party, open to gays, to protest the schools ban.

    The overall problem is that this is practically the whole episode. The event’s that further the main storyline comes at the end and are small, predictable and not all that surprising. It just seem like an hour long, liberal message praising gays and putting down those who don’t approve. It would have been easier to swallow if they had someone voicing the other half who don’t approve, which was done by Josh in the beginning but he saw the error of his ways and joined the rest by the end. The good in the episode was done by Kyle and Amanda. The portrayal of their attraction felt very real and was the highlight of all the episodes before it, leading up to them finally taking the next step in becoming more than just friends.

    No episode before this one really touched controversial topics such as this. It felt forced and unnecessary and I only hope that they don’t do it again, or they might start to lose some of their audience.
  • waste of time, very bad episode

    there are 2 types of kyle xy episodes. there are those that explain what kyle is and where he comes from, and there are those that display a new ability of kyles. this episode did neither of those things, therefore it was a bad episode. usually there is a little cliffhanger at the commercials. "i'm grounded, i can't go to the dance" is not a cliffhanger, not commercial worthy. and what was the deal with bringing in all the tolerance talk? i understand, you have to be tolerant, but why mention it in kyle xy? i think the whole point of this episode was to have lori and her friend kiss so the show could get higher ratings. it worked, because i was gonna rate this episode a 2 until that moment, that bumped it up to a 4, then the last 2 minutes of actual plot development boosted it to a 5. hopefully it'll do better next time
  • This episode was probably my favorite so far...

    I really thought that this episode was amazing. So many things happened in it. Lori realizes that she still has feelings for Declan. Declan might still have feelings for Lori. Josh realizes that he likes Andy. When Andy kissed Josh's cheek, I definetely thought that Josh was going to say something back like "All right!" but he didn't. He just stood there looking amazed. Kyle and Amanda went on a date and Amanda actually disobeyed her mother. She always seemed like the kind of girl who wouldn't do that, but she really wanted to go on a date with Kyle so she snuck out. Go Kyle&Amanda! I also really loved when Lori and Hilary were acting lesbian in front of Charlie, and then Declan just raised his glass to them and laughed at Charlie. But the ending of the episode creeped me out, when Lori fell over. I think that the next episode is going to be better than this one. The episodes seem to get better and better as the series goes on. I just wonder how the rest of the Trager's are going to react...
  • Amanda and Kyle go on their first date...Josh realizes he likes Andy...and the kids stand up for a good cause

    In this episode there was a sring fling dance being held...Amanda asked Kyle to go with her and Hilary and Lori decided to go together so that way the tickets would be cheaper...but the school wouldn't sell same sex couple tickets to Andy, Hilary, Lori, Kyle and Amanda decided to plaster the school with flyers protesting the dance but they get caught and arent allowed to attend...which means no first date for Kyle and Amanda...but Andy comes to the rescue and she and Lori organize and alterna dance...So Kyle and Amanda get their first date which was so cute...and i think that Josh realized in this episode that he has feeling for Andy...Also Kyle decides that he want to tell Declan Declan shows him the warning that Foss sent him...

    so next week is going to be awesome...i cant wait :)
  • Amanda invites Kyle to the Spring Fling dance, then Kyle panics when he realizes it's a date. Meanwhile, Hillary, Lori, and Andy organize an alterna-dance after learning that the school refuses to sell tickets to same-sex couples.

    When this episode delved into the controversial issue of same-sex couples, I was shocked, but in a good way. Then again, I shouldn't be so surprised after last year's episode about erections and teen sexuality. Some viewers may have been appalled that this show took the stance that it did, but being a relatively open-minded person, I, for one, am proud that ABCFamily had the guts to go ahead with the storyline. Granted, it didn't do much to further the overall story, but it was still a refreshing change in the way shows deliver messages of tolerance. Instead of being preachy, the writers had Kyle, the most naive in the ways of humanity, question the hypocrisy of narrow-minded viewpoints, including Josh's discomfort with guys dancing with other guys. In addition to the message of tolerance, this episode also included Jessi and Kyle's first meeting (finally!), and demonstrated some of Jessi's Kyle-like abilities. Example, what Kyle can do with glass, Jessi can do with electricity. Hopefully, the writers will delve more into the connection between Jessi and Kyle in the next few episodes, seeing how the two are practically twins (which might explain how they're able to sense each other's presence when in proximity).
  • Amazing!

    Each episode has gotten better than the last this season, and this one was no exception. There was comedy and drama. And Kyle trying to learn to dance was a highlight to the episode. The moment I've been waiting for also happened. Kyle and Jessi finally talked. Kyle seems to realize that they have something in common. Wait till he finds out what!
    Also, the show had a current social issue addressed. I think that they handled it well. How sweet were Kyle and Amanda? I don't really care for the couple, but it was still nice. Hopefully they'll get their kiss next week!
  • bloody awesome!!!

    i saw it was one of the best episode yet,kyle nag amanda on a date,i was so happy,then when she walked in crying i was like oh crap,then she said grounded i started jumping up and down like NO! NO! NO!!! but then when she walked into the dance room i was like YES! YES! YES!!! and then josh and andy are going to be a great couple,it wasome that deklan and her might get together,and then that jess girl kinda freaks me out,but no one really can put 2 and 2 together and figure out its her,and i want to see if kyle wil really tell him the truth and what he will do to tom foss!!!
  • Nothing special really happened, it was just an okay episode

    This episode had potential to be great but it kinda went nowhere, the whole storyline about same sex couples at the dance was sorta taken too far, i get they were trying to make a statement but it kinda fell flat, i was expecting more because last weeks episode was amazing but this was an easily forgettable episode. There were some good parts of this episode, like every scene between kyle and amanda as well as josh and andy, jessi is annoying and i want her gone, tom foss was absent and that was kinda expected considering the last episode, here's hoping next week will be better
  • I can even begin to accutrly discripe how awsome this show is! This is beyond cool! Child eyes is one way to say it but this is beyond awsome this show really makes you want to watch tv again!

    I've been totally blown away by all that has happened on this show. This jsut keeps getting better and better! Well one thing will be certiend till time ends. Boy are cluelles in love! It doens't matter if they're from land, sea, or air or the past present or future of in Kyle case a clone! Boy are utterly clueless in love! They chock ever time! This show has a very creativy way of really looking at what is huaminty. What makes Kyle human isn't he smart. No you could be the smartest perosn ever or you could live forever with great illsion of power and stuff but what matters is love. In the end unless you can love and care about the world and all that in more then yourself your are notign but a wairth! We've adress drugs, we have adress respecting woman and many other aspect of being human. But this issue I've reacently been very keen into. I don't see Gay or "Lesiblen" I just see two people who make the other happy to be alive. Love has no boundires of any kind. Also what really differce to you see? All of us live under the same sky with the same sun and moon and breath the same air. We all have familes and dreams. I don't see anything but one race, the human race that needs to really think about things serecily before we commeit gensiod to ourselves. Kyle is speical becasue he sees the world throught the inncoent eyes of a child and he will love unyeilding. He won't allow the evil venimos that have clamied so many others take him. I love this show and it keeps getting better. A very unqie look a humainty indeed. Also I thought that Emily would devlope feelign for Jessi like the Taggerst did for Kyle. I guess I was worng. Kyle got to save his sister. That what she is. They are both the son and daughter of Adam because they used his DNA to created them. What will happen next is anyone guess. Oh Josh's car needs a serious paint job and he needs to get his fat head out his fatter ass or he going to really be in tourble!
  • Billthecat needs to get spade!!!! If you don't like Kyle because it shows the hypocrisy of anti-gay sentiment then I for one say good riddens!

    Kyle has his first da te with Amanda. But things don't go as planned because Jessi screws it up. This was a really great episode. It had all the humor, heart and coolness of Kyle XY. I really liked it, but more than anything I'm writing this to say that anyone who doesn't want to wathc a great show because it presents a evolved point of view on homosexuality needs to go home. As for the episode, Kudos writers on Kyle. Great job. Just one question, did Foss really punch Lori? Really starting to like where they're going with Jessi.