Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 9

Ghost in the Machine

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on ABC Family
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Lori, Kyle, Jessi, Declan and Amanda stumble upon the ruins of Zzyzx while on a camping trip in the woods. Andy shares a life-changing secret with Josh.

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  • Kyle and Jessie founds out about their past... Now it's time to patch things up and focus on what to do next

    The episode brings a lot of sense in the story since it shows how important Jessie is in order for Kyle to completely unlock his past. Jessie might be the key to reveal the secrets of Adam Bailey's research as she can probe Kyle's mind but having the same conscience as Kyle it would impossible for her to completely assimilate all the information Madacorp needed her to retrieve. This episode can be considered as a vital part in the whole season.

    It unfolds more of Kyle's past and since Jessie began to enter the picture the writer put up Jessie's past as well. The two both need to learn something about their past. I don't believe in destiny but they are really made for each other to begin with. Adam Bailey created Kyle into his image using his own genes as a basis for the experiment. What do you think was the basis for Jessie's genes in the coming episodes it will be revealed. But for now things needed to be cleared with the research facility gone it's time for Kyle and Jessie to move on and concentrate more at Madacorp. The research facility in the woods can't affect them anymore since it's nothing but rubbles and debris.moreless
  • This is exactly why I watch this series. Every time I think I know the real story another mystery pops up. I cannot wait for Kyle XY Season 2 DVD release.moreless

    Tom Foss returns and Kyle questions him about where he went, the warning he gave Declan telling him about Lori's attack, and Baylin's message which appeared to warn him to not trust Foss. Little does Kyle know at the beginning of the episode that the message was tampered with. By the end of the episode he discovers the truth the warning was for Taylor not Foss. Brian Taylor had tampered with the message wanting Kyle to lose faith in Foss. So Kyle was right about his instincts the man not to be trusted was not Foss but in reality it was Taylor.

    I cannot wait till next week's new episode. I wish ABC Family would re-air new episodes twice every Monday night. Monday nights they have always aired new episodes and they continue to do so but before there were 2 airings -- I would get to see a new episode aired twice the same day once at 5pm and another at 8pm. Since Greek started Kyle XY only airs once on Mondays at 5pm and I might not always be able to see it at 5. This upcoming Monday I will have to ask someone to record it for me so I can see it that day itself but after 6 or 7pm local time.moreless
  • This episode was definitely my favorite so far.

    This episode was the first one to actually make me cry. The part that I cried at was near the ending when Andy told Josh not to tell anyone that she had cancer. I just felt so bad for him. I mean, he finally has the confidence to tell a girl that he likes her and then he finds out that she has a deadly disease! That's just so terrible! I just really wonder what the show is going to be like from now on because Josh was the one that brought almost every bit of the comedy into the show, and now that he found out about Andy, he probably won't make jokes as often as he used to. I really hope that nothing happens to Andy because then Josh will be so depressed. Besides Josh, Andy is my favorite character and I really think that they make such an adorable couple. It would be terrible to see the always hilarious guy become a depressed loner. However, I am glad that Josh is finally having a bigger role in the series. He was always the backup guy and he deserved better. Now he has a bigger role, but for the wrong reason! Poor Josh!

  • Wow! What an episode! Pack your seatbelts, because you are in for a real ride with this one.

    Pretty confusing episode at first, but it all starts to make sense later on. The Amanda Jessi complex looks like it might bring problems for Kyle later in the future. This episode was really revelling, both in good and bad ways. Parts of what we learn I kind of expected, but one part in this episode really shocked me. I have to say, this episode was exactly what I have been asking for, it answers a lot of old questions and paves the way for future conflicts and answers. I was really happy with this episode, best episode in a while.moreless
  • Finally, Foss is back. :D

    After a couple of episodes without him, it's good to see him back. Especially so that we could know what he has to say about Baylin's message. The first few scenes were a bit weird for me. If I was Kyle, I'd try to see what Foss's actions would look like first before telling him Baylin's message. In the end though, Kyle's decision was better since he finds out that Foss is innocent and has been with him since the start.

    The camping trip idea was weirder though. I don't see any rational reason for Lori to think that they have to go to that jungle, right where Zzyzx was. It looks as though the scriptwriters were forced to make her think that way just so Kyle would be able to go back to Zzyzx.

    Anyways it was still a good episode now that we know Taylor is the one not to be trusted. He probably was the one following Declan and the one who hit Lori. We still have to find out though why he still gave the ring to Kyle, and what the ring's significance is.

    I would have to say that Josh and Andy's story was really sensitive and touching. :P lol I'd like to see them again next episode. Also, Jessi now seems to be falling for Kyle, now that her system has been "re-booted". I'd like to see how that story pans out. :Dmoreless
David Quinlan

David Quinlan


Guest Star

Magda Apanowicz

Magda Apanowicz

Andy Jensen

Recurring Role

Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins

Brian Taylor

Recurring Role

J. Eddie Peck

J. Eddie Peck

Adam Baylin

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lori: It sucks, doesn't it? When the person who turns you on turns you off.

    • Kyle: (talking about Zzyzx) I'd spent my whole life fearing them, when in reality they feared me. I was the ghost. The ghost in the machine.

    • Josh: This is exactly how those movies start. They kill the impishly handsome young comedy relief first.
      Andy: The only comedy going on here is you trying to start that fire.

    • Jessi: (to Amanda) Are you a natural blonde?
      Amanda: Excuse me?
      Jessi: I heard blondes have more fun.
      Amanda: Um? I guess it depends on the blonde. Why?
      Jessi: Kyle likes you, I thought that was the reason.
      Amanda: My hair color?
      Jessi: Why else would he like you?

    • Andy: Losing the sun here. How's that fire coming Prometheus?
      Josh: Almost got it.
      Andy: I thought you'd be better at rubbing wood.

    • Josh: (Talking about Andy to Kyle) I think I like her. In that 'I wanna be alone with her in a dark place' sort of way.

    • Josh: (to Kyle) Listen. I need you to do me a favour. I want you to read Andy's mind. I don't know, note her sweat glands, analyze her aura. Work your extraterrestrial mojo.
      Kyle: What are you talking about?

    • Josh: I like you.
      Andy: (at the same time as Josh) I have cancer. (looks at him) What?
      Josh: What?!

    • (talking about going into Zzyzx)
      Lori: This seemed like such a good idea four beers ago.

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    • Featured Music
      "Risque Pictures" by The 1990s
      "Fire Island, AK" by The Long Winters
      "How To Destroy A Relationship" by The Servant
      "Nocturne No. 8 In D Flat Major" by Fryderyk Chopin
      "Gonna Love You" by The Group
      "The Funeral" by Band Of Horses
      "Ordinary" by Grand Avenue

    • International Airdates:
      New Zealand – 25 November 2007 on TV2
      India – 19 January 2008 on Star World
      Sweden – 2 March 2008 on Kanal 5
      Brazil – 1 January 2009 on Sci Fi Channel
      Slovakia – 5 April 2009 on Markiza