Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 9

Ghost in the Machine

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle and Jessie founds out about their past... Now it's time to patch things up and focus on what to do next

    The episode brings a lot of sense in the story since it shows how important Jessie is in order for Kyle to completely unlock his past. Jessie might be the key to reveal the secrets of Adam Bailey's research as she can probe Kyle's mind but having the same conscience as Kyle it would impossible for her to completely assimilate all the information Madacorp needed her to retrieve. This episode can be considered as a vital part in the whole season.

    It unfolds more of Kyle's past and since Jessie began to enter the picture the writer put up Jessie's past as well. The two both need to learn something about their past. I don't believe in destiny but they are really made for each other to begin with. Adam Bailey created Kyle into his image using his own genes as a basis for the experiment. What do you think was the basis for Jessie's genes in the coming episodes it will be revealed. But for now things needed to be cleared with the research facility gone it's time for Kyle and Jessie to move on and concentrate more at Madacorp. The research facility in the woods can't affect them anymore since it's nothing but rubbles and debris.
  • This is exactly why I watch this series. Every time I think I know the real story another mystery pops up. I cannot wait for Kyle XY Season 2 DVD release.

    Tom Foss returns and Kyle questions him about where he went, the warning he gave Declan telling him about Lori's attack, and Baylin's message which appeared to warn him to not trust Foss. Little does Kyle know at the beginning of the episode that the message was tampered with. By the end of the episode he discovers the truth the warning was for Taylor not Foss. Brian Taylor had tampered with the message wanting Kyle to lose faith in Foss. So Kyle was right about his instincts the man not to be trusted was not Foss but in reality it was Taylor.

    I cannot wait till next week's new episode. I wish ABC Family would re-air new episodes twice every Monday night. Monday nights they have always aired new episodes and they continue to do so but before there were 2 airings -- I would get to see a new episode aired twice the same day once at 5pm and another at 8pm. Since Greek started Kyle XY only airs once on Mondays at 5pm and I might not always be able to see it at 5. This upcoming Monday I will have to ask someone to record it for me so I can see it that day itself but after 6 or 7pm local time.
  • This episode was definitely my favorite so far.

    This episode was the first one to actually make me cry. The part that I cried at was near the ending when Andy told Josh not to tell anyone that she had cancer. I just felt so bad for him. I mean, he finally has the confidence to tell a girl that he likes her and then he finds out that she has a deadly disease! That's just so terrible! I just really wonder what the show is going to be like from now on because Josh was the one that brought almost every bit of the comedy into the show, and now that he found out about Andy, he probably won't make jokes as often as he used to. I really hope that nothing happens to Andy because then Josh will be so depressed. Besides Josh, Andy is my favorite character and I really think that they make such an adorable couple. It would be terrible to see the always hilarious guy become a depressed loner. However, I am glad that Josh is finally having a bigger role in the series. He was always the backup guy and he deserved better. Now he has a bigger role, but for the wrong reason! Poor Josh!

  • Wow! What an episode! Pack your seatbelts, because you are in for a real ride with this one.

    Pretty confusing episode at first, but it all starts to make sense later on. The Amanda Jessi complex looks like it might bring problems for Kyle later in the future. This episode was really revelling, both in good and bad ways. Parts of what we learn I kind of expected, but one part in this episode really shocked me. I have to say, this episode was exactly what I have been asking for, it answers a lot of old questions and paves the way for future conflicts and answers. I was really happy with this episode, best episode in a while.
  • Finally, Foss is back. :D

    After a couple of episodes without him, it's good to see him back. Especially so that we could know what he has to say about Baylin's message. The first few scenes were a bit weird for me. If I was Kyle, I'd try to see what Foss's actions would look like first before telling him Baylin's message. In the end though, Kyle's decision was better since he finds out that Foss is innocent and has been with him since the start.

    The camping trip idea was weirder though. I don't see any rational reason for Lori to think that they have to go to that jungle, right where Zzyzx was. It looks as though the scriptwriters were forced to make her think that way just so Kyle would be able to go back to Zzyzx.

    Anyways it was still a good episode now that we know Taylor is the one not to be trusted. He probably was the one following Declan and the one who hit Lori. We still have to find out though why he still gave the ring to Kyle, and what the ring's significance is.

    I would have to say that Josh and Andy's story was really sensitive and touching. :P lol I'd like to see them again next episode. Also, Jessi now seems to be falling for Kyle, now that her system has been "re-booted". I'd like to see how that story pans out. :D
  • I found this episode quite unimportant to the overall series

    I did find this episode as exiting as the others, I don't know why, but I wasn't that impressed with this episode. I think I'm just waiting for kyle to figure out who jesse is. The only thing that happened today that was a little important to the plot was kyle finding the box, even then, I realised straight away after seeing it that he needed the ring to open it. This episode was important in that it showed that Foss could be trusted though. Again, maybe it was my attitude toward the Jesse-Kyle thing that put me off this episode.
  • Kyle is a ghost in the machine

    The episode was just okay for me. Going back to the Zzyzx site is the best idea to know the secrets that lie in that organization. Kyle was again able to use his power to see things from the past. He now realized that it is not Foss who shoudn't be trust. It is Taylor. He also found the box that Baylin was hiding from his safe. He also saw himself in the where he lied for the past 15 years. Another interesting from this episode, "Ghost in the Machine" is that love is not constant. Before Jessie liked Baylin but now she's getting interested to Kyle. But Kyle and Amanda are strong and for the second time, we saw them kissing. I am sad about Joss for Andy having a cancer. That's all.
  • Kyle and Jessi both have visions of their life before escaping Madacorp.

    In this episode, lots of information is revealed about Kyle's and Jessi's past. Contrary to some of the season 2 episodes that focused more on the drama, the focus of this episode is clearly on Kyle's search for his past. The writers have delivered a great script with some interesting bits of information, not just from the past but also from the present. Josh and Andy's revelations were a shocker, well, Josh' wasn't that surprising but the combination with Andy's revelation made it shocking.

    Amanda taking a more active role towards Kyle, with an envious Jessi was great too.

    Declan and Lori have now experienced the same heartache and I hope this brings them closer together again.
  • A very informative episode with much clue to why Kyle and Jesse are important.

    I like when they get all the teens together for a field trip. I think that Jesse should start acting less robotic by now. She doesn't blend in as well as Kyle does. I was saddened to hear about Andy's cancer. I wonder if her character was not getting a positive response from the viewers. Poor Josh he is in love. Have they shown whether or not Jesse has a belly button? Everyone thought it was Odd for Kyle but never really thought twice about it and then never brought it up for Jesse. I guess the end of the season will be coming up soon. In a preview of what is to come they show a picture that looks like it might be Kyle and Jesse sitting together. It will be interesting to see who really is in the picture.
  • wow...this episode had a lot going on.

    All I can say is Wow. This episode was chock-full of character development. First with Lori trying to show that she isnt afraid of anything after her attack. Even though it was a bust and she ended up almost getting everyone killed, i guess she kinda learned a lesson. Her idea was retarded anyways. Declan , gets to feel what its like to, in Loris' words"get turned off by the same person that turns you on." Andy revealed she has cancer and Josh revealed he liked her, at the same time. How awful. I mean....what do you say to that? Finally, Amanda gets some backbone. Telling Jessi off and standing by "her" man. Its about time. For her, this episode was great for her character development. Kyle was being Kyle as usual. But its nice to see those two together. Foss is back in the picture too, now.
  • Lori, Kyle, Jessi, Declan and Amanda stumble upon the ruins of Zzyzx while on a camping trip in the woods.

    Wow. This episode was intense. I absolutely loved it! I really hope Jessi doesnt get in the way of Amanda and Kyle though.. :/ that would suck. The scene with Josh and Andy almost made me cry though.. i was like HOLY CRAPP. it was totally unexpected. The whole episode was phenomenal, kept me on the edge of my seat and I certainly did not want it to end. I loved all the flashbacks with Baylin, Foss, Kern, and taylor at zzyzx. It is by far one of the best episodes I've seen, although I still love them all. EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW. amazinggg.
  • Lori, Kyle, Jessi, Declan and Amanda stumble upon the ruins of Zzyzx while on a camping trip in the woods.

    Wow. This episode was intense. I absolutely loved it! I really hope Jessi doesnt get in the way of Amanda and Kyle though.. :/ that would suck. The scene with Josh and Andy almost made me cry though.. i was like HOLY CRAPP. it was totally unexpected. The whole episode was phenomenal, kept me on the edge of my seat and I certainly did not want it to end. I loved all the flashbacks with Baylin, Foss, Kern, and taylor at zzyzx. It is by far one of the best episodes I've seen, although I still love them all. EXACTLY WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW. amazinggg.
  • I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Kyle, Amanda, Declan, Lori, Josh, Andy, and Jessi go on a camping trip where Zzyzx used to be. Lori ventures down to the ruins, so Kyle and Declan go after her. Jessi follows Kyle and Amanda follows Jessi. Kyle sees into the past while he's there and learns more about Foss, Adam, and Professor Kearn. Methane gas starts to leak throughout the place so they must escape quickly. Kyle learns that Foss saved his life and that (I forgot his name) is the one he can't trust. Somebody messed with Adam's message. Jessi says that she and Kyle are supposed to be together, but Amanda says that she's with Kyle. Josh learns that Andy has cancer.

    This was a great episode! I loved seeing all the flashbacks! I loved the excitement and adventure in this episode! I wonder why Stephen and Nicole weren't in it. I'm glad that Foss is good again. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Definately, the most informative episodes to date. If you love or even mildly like the show this is the one episode not to miss... Especially to find out why Kyle was scheduled for termination!

    Definately, the most informative episodes to date. If you love or even mildly like the show this is the one episode not to miss ... Especially to find out why Kyle was scheduled for termination! Which explains Jessi's Character as well ... Her new download however is a bit sad. She is just a puppet basically... Foss's name is cleared and you find out who the real betrayer is which was pretty much a given. I don't recall that actor ever playing a real good guy on any TV show ... There is so much info. in this one show. A definate can't miss episode ...
  • Series classic!

    This show really is about not just the teen angst
    Drama type show. But about how the characters relate to
    One another. As the crew goes out on a camping trip
    To find out about one another. But most of all, about Kyle's past when they stumble upon a secret. As Declan
    Seems to know more about stuff then people aren't giving him
    Credit to know. As that is nice and maybe he ain't
    Such a bad guy. Though I like him and wished that he
    Got together with Laurie. Loved it that Kyle called Laurie
    His sister and feels like one of the family. Brings your
    Family and friends more closer to him!
  • Kyle discovers more about his past as he and the gang enter what used to be ZZYXX.

    This episode had a lot going on in it and it didn't seem crowded at all. There was plenty of character development and forward motion of the shows mythology.
    Spoilers abound so beware.

    It's nice having Declan know everything. The season was missing that little something between those two while they were on the outs. Now we just need to get him back together with Laurie.
    One of the things I really liked about the episode was the way Kyle says that Laurie is his sister and she tells him that he is her brother. He has really become part of the family and I think that makes his relationships with them that much stronger. Now I want him to start calling people mom and dad.
    The bits with XX were good but I really wish they would push her along a little faster. I feel as though her story is moving a little slower than it really needs to be.
    And I think we all saw the whole cancer thing coming a mile away with the new girl. I don't mind it but I bet she gets worse and worse until she dies and Josh gets mad at Kyle for not being able to help her. I hope they do something a little different with that story than what always happens in shows.
    All in all it was really good and a prime example of why this is one of the most consistant shows that I watch right now.
  • More about the mystery of Kyle's past and less about the teen drama which I liked. Plus a lot of questions were answered regarding Kyle's past.

    I loved the way that we got to start how it all started with Kyle at Zzsex. You couldn't really classify it as a flash back episode because well it was bits from the past it was all stuff we hadn't seen before. I can't recall any show doing that recently. I have been hoping since "Does Kyle dream of electric fish?" that they weren't going to turn Foss into a bad guy and I am glad that he has returned as Kyle's friend again. It was cool to see how Baylin understood that he had created life and didn't view Kyle as a machine as the others did. And then we got to see how much Foss actually cared for Kyle and how much he gave up to save him. After a season and a half the question of why Kyle was terminated was answered. After Jessie I suspected that it had something to do with the fact that they couldn't program Kyle the way they did Jessie. It fits that Kyle sub consciously fought back against being used. A great episode.
  • Kyle is the Ghost in the machine!

    What a great episode. This was my first episode of the season I saw liveon abcfamily. Well I did miss the first 15 minutes but the last 45 were excellent. This is definitly the best show other than Smallville I watch. It might even be a litle bett than Smallville too! Onto the show.

    So their camping Andy is a acting very weird. I don't know what but something is wrong. The rest of the crew is in the under ground Zzyzx ruins. Jessi and Amanda go off together and Amanda gets a little annoyed when Jessi starts questioning why Kyle loves her. Then Jessi gets upset nd the roof cracks and they get seperated. Lori also gets seperated from Declan and Kyle.

    Meanwhile Josh is trying to get a fire started for Andy and him. He is having troubles and Andy still avoids being herself as she isn't the last word sarcastica girl she usually is. Josh gives up and they go to the car. They both think the other is hiding something so they count to three and say it. We find out Andy has cancer and Josh likes her. One was a complete surprise the other we pretty much sensed. I really hope they don't kill her her off.

    Then the others escape Zzyzx while Jessi is still in there. Kyle goes back to save her. He comes back she is breathing and then he goes back once more. Thi time for the artifact that was in a safe for him left by Adam Baylin. It's the music player Foss put on Kyle's machine.

    Foss than says he doesn't know why Baylin would not trust him. Kyle than goes back to the Trager's house in his tub and realizes Brian Taylor is the one to fear. Jessi also shows some emotion and looks like her heart is broken when Kyle and Amanda kiss. Great Episode!
  • OMG! I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!! This episode centered around kyle's past at the zzyzx.

    Seriously,this episode is the best episode ever!!i love every moment of this episode!what a great comeback for kyle xy after these past weeks!

    First of all,the idea of grouping all the characters together in one event is always a great idea and this time,it was done flawlessly.It came out naturally and the plot was really interesting all the way.

    The flashbacks about kyle's past concerning what happened with adam bailen,the prof and tom foss at zzyzxwere so interesting and nicely opened to great plots and storyline to come.

    I just love the scene of amanda and jessie alone walking together!Jessie was hysterical!I mean,so blunt but funny.Her straight-forwardness was hysterical!And amanda replying innocently but yet defensively was just so cute.I laughed all the way through this scene!

    But i'm so sad for Josh!seriously.I mean the scene where he and andy said what in their mind together was supposed to be the perfect time to reveal their feeling.Even i thought so that this was it!So it was really unpredictable that actually,andy has a cancer!I love that it surprised me that way!Poor Josh....

    All in all,what a sublime episode!Bravo Kyle xy!!
  • Good Episode, still glued to the screen.

    Loved it but..........

    The show goes back 15 years and what do i see?

    LCD Displays in 2002?

    For the rest, I like the plot: Both Kyle and Jessi find out more about their past and their connection to each other. Still Kyle and Amanda are getting closer. Declan and Lori also seem to realise what they mean to each other. Josh tells his "girlfriend" he loves her but is not too happy with waht she reveales about herself. A lot of emotions in this episode but
    all and all a good episode though the lcd screens are a bit weird, in those days PC monitors where big not even with flat tubes.

    And I still don't trust Foss.
  • best episode ever!

    man, if this show got cancelled i would die,i love and i mean loved this epiosed! when they went "camping" i was like man,i thought this was gonna be a better one,but then lori goes down into the tunnel,then almost every one goes after her,amanda gets mad at jessi and jessi makes everything go weird...then they find lori and lori finds amanda,then they find each other and then they escape, but then kyle goes back in and looks for jess, that was creepy, but then he just has to go back in again and get the thing in the safe but the biggest thing of all was when andy revealed that she has cancer,its just awesome and i cant wait till next week! i give it a 20 out of 10!
  • Best episode of season two, so far

    This episode was amazing from beginning to end, we got a lot of flashbacks about how everything went down before kyle was let out of the tank and exactly why he is considered a failed experiment. Tom Foss returned in this episode and i was happy about that because i really like his character and didn't want him to turn into a bad guy which for the time being, he isn't and Adams supposed best friend really is. Jessi has been growing on me lately and i'm glad she and declan are over but i'm not sure about Kyle/Jessi. Last week Jessi was reprogrammed and this week she comes back wanting to be with Kyle and acting like Declan never existed, i would've liked more of an reaction from Declan about that situation. Josh/Andy continue to steal the show for me, they're great together but it really sucks she has cancer, i'm hoping she doesn't die.
  • A camping trip to the woods leads Kyle and the gang to explore what is left of Zzyzx, and leads Kyle and Jessi to explore their past in the complex, and the others to reveal secrets.

    OK so wow...

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the series.

    So last week's previews revealed this was going to be a good episode, but I had no idea it would be this huge.

    So now we knwo who really betrayed Adam Baylin and what they were doing to Kyle at Zzyzx. It was crazy how Kyle knew everything in the facility, and when they revealed why I was amazed. And we got to see why Adam left and who betrayed him, Taylor, which opens up a whoel can of worms, and who stuck by Kyle's side while he was in the tube. So Tom Foss saved Kyle several times actually. But one question still ingers, why did he leave him in the woods?

    Now Jessi and Amanda's dialogue was very interesting, I can't wait until that comes to a boiling point.

    Lori and Declan's advice to the new couple was great, I have to say Lori's statement that the second kiss will define the relationship.

    Now for the biggest shocker, Andy has cancer. I mean wow!!!
    What will this mean for her and Josh who admitted he likes her. This episode definately had me tied up inside all hour.
    This one will go down as one of the best episodes in Kyle XY history.