Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The Tragers are cleaning up the house. They are choosing what to keep and what to throw away. Nicole tries to help Kyle choose what to keep and not to keep. Josh convinces Kyle to throw around the football. Kyle makes Josh go really far and then Kyle throws it into a trash can. Amanda is back! He somehow makes all the car alarms go off.

Amanda is making a surprise visit. She tells him about her trip. Kyle senses that something is wrong. Kyle tells the family that Amanda told him that she said, "We need to talk." Josh tries to get Kyle to make some lights blink. Kyle can't really do it. Stephen walks in and tells Josh and Kyle that he's giving a lecture. Nicole finds a magazine with an interesting article. Lori has to write an essay on who she is, but she isn't exactly sure yet. Josh tells Lori that she's a cynic, but she denies. Nicole sort of agrees. Kyle needs help deciding what to wear for Amanda. Lori suggests that they take a walk on the marina. Kyle is in his room, when Jessi knocks on the window. He lets her come in. Jessi wants Kyle to teach him how to do stunts. Jessi can tell that Kyle is anxious. Kyle tells Jessi that they can start when Amanda gets back. Kyle arrives at Amanda's house. She tells him that she can't see Kyle anymore. Mrs. Bloom tells Kyle that Amanda wants to drop out. Mrs. Bloom won't let Kyle talk to Amanda at all until she goes back.

Kyle talks to Nicole and Stephen about Amanda and Mrs. Bloom. He wants to help. He also talks to Lori and Josh. Josh can't believe that Stephen and Nicole are siding with Mrs. Bloom. In their bedroom, Nicole and Stephen talk about how they can side with Mrs. Bloom, even though they don't want to. Kyle figures out a way to obey Mrs. Bloom and talk to Amanda. He sits in the tub and texts her, but she doesn't text back. He emails also. Nothing works, so he decides to play the guitar in his backyard. Stephen comes up to Kyle and they go inside. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bloom takes away her music, as well as her phone and computer. She tries to tell her mother that it's not what she wants. Kyle can't really eat. Josh is reading Shakespeare for extra credit. Lori and Josh drop their homework assignments to help Kyle. At the Rack, they try to come up with a plan. Jessi wants to help. She listened in to their conversation. Kyle tells her that there is something she can do. Jessi goes to the Blooms to try to talk to Amanda. Mrs. Bloom won't let her in. Josh talks to Stephen. Stephen was a hit at the class. Josh offers to put the projector away. He then goes upstairs with it. Kyle and Lori are looking at a map of the neighborhood, in order to find out how it is wired. Jessi is back and she has the code to the alarm. Jessi wants to talk to Lori. It's about how Jessi beat up Lori. She says that she never wanted to beat her up. Jessi then apologizes to her. Lori says she can try to accept her. Nicole is folding clothes and Stephen helps. Stephen gets a job offer, but he turns it down. Lori throws little rocks at Amanda's window. Mrs. Bloom answers and closes the blinds. Kyle, Josh and Lori move onto phase 2 of their plan. Kyle is holding the lights and it sparks out. He says that phase 2 has started.

Josh tries to get Kyle to have an emotional trigger to activate the lights. Kyle says he needs silence. Josh encourages Kyle. The bulbs on the light start to shine brighter. Kyle says he can control the flow of electrons. Kyle could gain access to Amanda's house and the lights in her house. After the lights shut off, he starts phase 3. He turns on the projector and it gives her a message. It tells her to meet him at the Rack and he gives her the alarm code. She sneaks out of the house and finds Josh. Declan and Lori are setting up the Rack for Kyle and Amanda. She talks about how she doesn't want Kyle's heart to break. Nicole is cooking. Nicole and Stephen talk. Kyle and Jessi talk at the Rack. He says that Amanda might stay there. Jessi looks sad. Mrs. Bloom goes to Amanda's room to bring dinner. It's really Josh in a wig though. Lori teaches Kyle how to act with Amanda. Amanda comes in.

Amanda is amazed at Kyle's plan. Kyle tells her that he can say whatever she wants with him. Hilary comes in with food. Lori can't stop staring at Kyle and Amanda. She and Declan talk. Declan thinks she is a cynic also. Jessi seems jealous of Amanda and Kyle. After Kyle mentions that she wanted to talk to him earlier, she says her feelings for him could never change. Mrs. Bloom interrupts them and tells her that she is leaving in two hours. Amanda blurts that Mrs. Bloom sold her piano. Amanda has to leave. It turns out that Jessi is the one who told Mrs. Bloom about the plan. Nicole grounds all three of them and takes their phones. Nicole and Stephen admit to each other that they are glad that Kyle, Josh and Lori did it. Nicole wants Stephen to take a job at a college. Kyle gets into his tub and looks at a picture of Amanda. Lori starts to write her essay. Josh is reading Romeo and Juliet. Nicole and Stephen start making out. Taylor talks to Jessi. He asks her where she's been. He makes her tell the truth about where she's been. Jessi says she's been trying to get faster and stronger. Taylor says he has big plans for her. Jessi then takes out a record from under her pillow. It's the one from the jukebox. Kyle goes to his computer and starts to email Amanda. Kyle gets an IM from an unknown person. Something comes up on the screen. Amanda appears at Kyle's window and asks if he can hide her. He lets her in.