Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Amanda comes home to visit and Kyle couldn't be happier until she says "we need to talk". Now everyone is under the impression that Kyle needs to prepare for a let down.

    Last nights episode was off the chain. I loved ever single minute of it. Lori is funny trying to be positive and can't seem to manage it. Josh is so cute when he is being serious and mushy but hilarious whenever he wants to cause some serious trouble with Kyle lmao. I loved it. The parents were great when it came to grounding Kyle, Lori & Josh but supporting the fact the kid's broke rules anyway because it was something they would have done when they were younger. It had me laughing, Cheering, awwwing and just grinning through the entire show. It was great.
  • Kyle and Amanda's relationship is questioned when she comes back home. Kyle has the fighting urge to try to find out what's wrong. Jessi keeps on doing tricks.

    It's spring cleaning and everyone's getting rid of old stuff. Jessi knocks on Kyle's window and doesn't use the front door. Amanda comes back and "needs to talk" with him. The Tragers tells him that it's usually what girls say when they don't have feelings anymore. Kyle worries about that for a while. He throws a long football throw. Amanda's mom tells Kyle that she wants to drop out of the conservatory in NYC because of him. She came to surprise her mom on her birthday just to hear that she doesn't wanna stay there anymore. Lori has to write a 2 page essay for her guidance counselor about who she is. Mrs. Bloom, Amanda's mom, sees Kyle as a distraction. She's uptight narrow minded. The Tragers, mom and dad, side with her. He tried texts and im. He even plays song on guitar but Stephen catches him and brings him inside. It's exactly 38 ft and 9 inches to Amanda's room. Compared to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet did anything to keep their love. Jessi eavesdropped in at Café and lori comments about her giving them privacy. Jessi goes to Amanda's house. She gives Kyle the number 12154. Jessi is trying and apologizes to Lori. She says that she just wants to help. Lori throws rocks at Amanda's room and her mom shuts the shade. Phase 2 is to send electrical light charges to her room. Phase 3 is to write on a black board and communicate to Amanda that way. Stephen said Amanda has a good opportunity for her in NYC. Josh pretends to be Amanda while her mom comes in her room. Lori makes a place for Amanda and Kyle to be together. Amanda got the message. It was act 2 scene 2 act 1, the balcony scence, Amanda's favorite part in Romeo and Juliet. Hilary made their dinner. She's a fan of Top Chef. Lights twinkle for Amanda then her mom found them there. Amanda says, 'If you really cared bout my future you wouldn't of sold my piano in the first place.' Jessi was the one who let Amanda's mom that she was there. I really don't like her. Why is she doing that to Kyle and Amanda? Is it possible that she's jealous? Kyle, Lori, and Josh are all grounded for 2 weeks. They can only go to school, work, and then home. Their mom and dad say, 'Some rules are meant to be broken.' Taylor finds Jessi sneaking through window said she was star gazing. He plans for her to be as strong as possible. Kyle got anonymous IM from a Madacorp symbol. Amanda shows up at Kyle's door; she didn't get on the plane like she was supposed to.
  • A nice episode that slips a bit away from the mistery's storyline and focus more on human relationships, when Amanda returns home and wants to 'talk' with Kyle.

    It's spring clean time at the Tragger's house, and Kyle figures what he should keep. For him, everything's special, since he had nothing before, so everything has a meaning for him. While on the street with Josh, Kyle watches Amanda arriving. She'll tell him that she's home for a surprise to her mother, but seems that there's more behind it. 'We need to talk', leaves all the family worrying about Kyle, that he may be losing Amanda. The truth is that Amanda's mother doesn't want her to drop from the school in New York, targeting the fault at Kyle. Lori, Josh, Kyle and Jessi go on a plan to get Amanda out of the house. In this episode we can see that Jessi is still a little bit lost and needs people liking her to feel happy. After getting Amanda to the set up dinner at The Rack, she and Kyle will be both caught by Mrs. Bloom. We learn that it was Jessi who informed her, proving she didn't like Kyle's behaviour. A nice episode that is a bit off from the sci-fi and mistery storyline, and more focused on the characters relations. We are, again, confused about Taylor, wether to trust him or not.
  • Amanda returns home from music school and Kyle's hopes for a sweet reunion are spoiled when her mother tries to keep them apart.

    This episode of Kyle XY really had me rooting for Kyle and Amanda. After returning home from school to celebrate her mother's birthday, Amanda is immediately placed into lockdown for wanting to quit. Kyle is told never to contact her again, which leaves him confused, saddened, and upset. The family is divided on how to deal with the situation, with the parents siding with Amanda's mom and Lori and Josh plotting to get Kyle and Amanda back together. Meanwhile, Jessie wants to begin her training with Kyle, but he keeps putting her off until he can deal with the situation with Amanda. All together, this was an amazing episode. I've loved it from the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. We got to see Kyle perform some more neat tricks, the closeness of the Trager family, the beginnings of Jessie's possible dark side, proof that love can conquer any obstacle, and finally a brilliant moment with Hillary! Who knew she could cook such a wonderful meal or that she was a sucker for true love also? In this time of disappearing shows thanks to the strike it's refreshing to know that we still have Kyle XY for a little while longer.
  • Once again the preview was very misleading, but the episode was still as good as you would expect it to be.

    Amanda's return was not all that it seemed. I thought this was a very good episode, the show is getting a little more teen drama, and a little less science fiction, but it is still pretty good. I really like how Jessi's character is developing, she might be a little more troublesome then Kyle, but she seems to really want to be good, and from what I can see is a good person. I kind of understand Amanda's Mom's actions, but she did go a little overboard with the whole lock down thing. I thought one of the funniest moments was when Josh took the place of sleeping Amanda, it was just funny to see him in a wig trying not to be caught. It seems like Jessi might be jealous of Kyle and Amanda which seems natural seeing as Adam was dating Jessi's host. As good as Jessi might seem, her jealously makes her seem a bit bad when she tells Amanda's mom where Amanda is. Now, the thing is, what Jessi did is technically not bad/evil, but it is a bit mean. One of the big surprises of the episode was when Brian told Jessi he had big plans for her, and needed her to be as strong and fast as possible. What kind of plans is Brian talking about? Could this mean he is still as bad as I think, time can only tell. The other shocking thing was Amanda not getting on the plane and asking Kyle to hide her, what does she think she is going to accomplish with her actions? A great episode, but the best part was it brought back some mystery and questions, the one thing this show seemed to lack since its return.
  • Amanda returns needing to talk to Kyle, but when her mother refuses to let anyone see her Kyle and the gang hatch an elaborate plan to get him and Amanda alone.

    Oh the things we do for love...

    In this episode we saw Kyle do some very elaborate things, all just to talk with Amanda. He conducted a power surge, even used Jessi to get the alarm code, had Lori and Declan organize a private room at The Rack, and Hilary cooked gourmet food.

    So Amanda is not happy in New York, well that sucks, but it is a great opportunity, I personally think she should stick it out. Also though because Jessi is traitor, ratting the gang out to Mrs. Bloom, I would hope Amanda is not around when she makes a move on Kyle.

    Kyle and Amanda sacrificed a lot for love.

    Stephen sacrificied his passion in order to provide for his family.

    There was also a hint of the Declan's love for Lori, when they were setting up at The Rack she made a cynical comment about love, in which Declan frowned, realizing that winning Lori back will not be so easy.

    ...oh the things we do for love.
  • Kyle and Amanda "must talk"

    This show was pretty good but a little slower than previous episodes. Here I was thinking that Jessie had not been the enemy after all - I've been really rooting for her - but after tonight's show I am pretty sure that maybe she will become Kyle's enemy in the long run after all. Amanda is not allowed to see Kyle which upsets Kyle. Her mother reminded me of a strict nanny. Kyle, with some help from the Traegers and a few others finally does get to see Amanda much to her mother's dismay! The Traegers want to ground Kyle and Amanda's mom wants her back in school as in yesterday! Anything to keep them two apart but she doesn't succeed!
  • kyle and amanda "talk". kind of cheezy, but what love story isn't. we see the first inkling that jesse is a bad without her being 'programmed" to be so. and jesse's 'father' has big plans for her.

    good episode in general. abit cheeze as kyle and amanda, who just returned from her music school, are put in the position of modern day romeo and juliet, with amanda's mother refusing her to see kyle and vise versa. kyle wants to talk to amanda, without breaking any rules, which he breaks anyway in the end. nearly the whole episode is about how kyle finds a way to talk to amanda, which he manages to do at the end, with the help of josh, lori, declan, and jessie. however, seeing kyle happy with amanda at the end, made jessie go to the dark side, who went and told amanda's mom where she was. angry, amanda's mom plans to send amanda back to her school whether she likes it or not. but at the end, we see amanda outside kyle's window, as she escapes from the airport, and hide out with kyle. that's basically the cliffhanger, with an instant message telling kyle that someone is watching over him and jessie gets the original album of the track their clones used to play alot at the inn, where they found clues to find adam. not the best kyle story line, but there is character development, especially at the end.
  • This episode got me writing again. :D

    The episode did lack some advancement in the overall plot (except towards the end of the episode), but the love plot between Kyle and Amanda was still good to watch, especially with Valentines just around the corner. Honestly speaking, I really like Jessie and Kyle more, but this episode may have changed my mind. It was an improbable plan by Kyle and it worked, though I did have that feeling that something was going to go wrong. :D It did, and now it sucks because Jessie was the one who ruined it all. It was fun to watch though, how everyone chipped in on the plan and how the plan was unraveled.

    I do wonder now what happens to both Kyle and Amanda now that she disobeyed her mother again. Amanda's mother surely is going to look for her, and Kyle can't just hide Amanda in his room, because his parents are going to find out.

    Again, wonderful episode, even with the minimal plot advancement. And by the way, Nicole does look good in that bikini. :D
  • I liked this episode!

    Amanda comes home for a surprise visit. It turns out that she is really quitting from that school she's going to. Mrs. Bloom is extremely protective of her and forces her to go back. She won't let Kyle or anyone else talk to her, so Kyle, with the help of Jessi, Lori and Josh, comes up with a plan to contact her. Stephen gets a job offer. Kyle's plan works and he and Amanda have a date at the Rack. Mrs. Bloom finds them and makes Amanda leave. Jessi told her about it. Jessi seems jealous of Amanda and Kyle. Taylor tells Jessi that he plans to do great things with her.

    This episode was great! I felt sorry for Amanda. I would hate it if my mom locked me up like that. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Kyle & Amanda not cup of tea!

    Kyle and Amanda are my cup of tea. As I feel that sometimes Amanda hinders their relationship more than helps them out. As she and Kyle meet up again. But when her mom forbids anybody, especially Kyle, to see her. Kyle has to hatch up a smart plan in order for him to see her again. But for the reasons why, there is something cagey between her and Kyle. Meanwhile, to add to Kyle's problems. Jessi is ticked off everything he puts off their training sessions. Jessi is also may form a Kyle/Amanda/Jessi triangle. Great show but not seeing Amanda with Kyle.
  • This must have been the most boring episode of Kyle XY so far! Storyline is very bad, very unrealistic human behavior, just the worst episode so far IMHO!

    Amanda returns from school as a surprise for her mom's birthday. She tells Kyle they "need to talk". The story goes on - and on - and on - and oooooon about the line "need to talk" and people talking about what it means. Amanda's mom forbids Kyle - yet again - to see Amanda because "he is the cause for her not wanting to attend school anymore". After that, Amanda's mom locks her in her house with alarm code and all and doesn't allow her to leave or talk to anybody. Somebody dial 911, we have a case of unlawful detention! It is SO unrealistic that it is just annoying to watch. When Kyle and Amanda finally meet at the end of the episode Amanda's mom walks in. Amanda makes a remark about her mom selling their piano … after making the remark she apologizes to her mom for that remark, even though the remark is very true. I realize that this is not a show on Showtime or HBO, but is the show really this pathetic that everybody obeys their parents and everybody is a Johnny Do-Good?!! As if that is realistic AT ALL compared to … well, about 99,99% of the rest of the world population! This episode just showed WAY too much unrealistic human behavior. Amanda's mom acted as if she were a complete Nazi by locking Amanda in her house; as if that would happen in real life … and Amanda just accepted everything from her mom and kept being polite … as if she were a drugged and brainwashed puppy! There's NO teenager in real life that is that polite and obedient to a parent; especially not if the behavior from the parent is not fair nor realistic AT ALL! The episode just gave a VERY unrealistic feeling about how Amanda's mom and Amanda herself acted. Are the scriptwriters still on strike and did the busboy make an attempt to write something for the show? If so, please WAIT until the strike is over so the show will be nice to watch again … because if all future episodes will be as lame and unrealistic as this one, the show will lose a lot of viewers!
  • It was good, why the low ratings ?

    Ok, so i'm not a huge Kyle/Amanda fan, but this was a great family episode, it really reminded me of season one, the one thing that came as a shock to me was that jessi told amanda's mom and ruined kyle's date, i was finally starting to like her, but i'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because of the early scene with lori and because i don't like kyle/amanda much josh in the wig was the highlight of the episode for me, very funny and i'm little disappointed in next weeks promo, the episode looks pretty boring.
  • filler episode, nothing interesting, cheesy painfully slow developing love story of kyle and amanda, you could just skip this episode as you wont learn anything new

    this was the most boring episode yet, there is no story development nor does kyle do anything "cool", really watching cheesy love drama is not why i watch this show, it was just bad considering what the show is about. the problem is that the entire story of this episode could have been told in maximum 10 minutes and not lose any content. Not to mention several severe logical errors in the script, like: they talk about nothing else but a sentence amanda said "we need to talk" for like 20% of the episode, kyle ask jesy about her opinion on the issue and is surprised that jesy has no clue.. well kyle knows that jesy has a lot less real life experience, yet he cant (over act) being surprised about her opinion... this is not the only script error... so this episode is very very badly written... once again i hope this is just an irregularity because the writers strike, other wise i have to stop watching the show

    my "great expectations" where smashed in boredom ; )