Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • kyle and amanda "talk". kind of cheezy, but what love story isn't. we see the first inkling that jesse is a bad without her being 'programmed" to be so. and jesse's 'father' has big plans for her.

    good episode in general. abit cheeze as kyle and amanda, who just returned from her music school, are put in the position of modern day romeo and juliet, with amanda's mother refusing her to see kyle and vise versa. kyle wants to talk to amanda, without breaking any rules, which he breaks anyway in the end. nearly the whole episode is about how kyle finds a way to talk to amanda, which he manages to do at the end, with the help of josh, lori, declan, and jessie. however, seeing kyle happy with amanda at the end, made jessie go to the dark side, who went and told amanda's mom where she was. angry, amanda's mom plans to send amanda back to her school whether she likes it or not. but at the end, we see amanda outside kyle's window, as she escapes from the airport, and hide out with kyle. that's basically the cliffhanger, with an instant message telling kyle that someone is watching over him and jessie gets the original album of the track their clones used to play alot at the inn, where they found clues to find adam. not the best kyle story line, but there is character development, especially at the end.