Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • This must have been the most boring episode of Kyle XY so far! Storyline is very bad, very unrealistic human behavior, just the worst episode so far IMHO!

    Amanda returns from school as a surprise for her mom's birthday. She tells Kyle they "need to talk". The story goes on - and on - and on - and oooooon about the line "need to talk" and people talking about what it means. Amanda's mom forbids Kyle - yet again - to see Amanda because "he is the cause for her not wanting to attend school anymore". After that, Amanda's mom locks her in her house with alarm code and all and doesn't allow her to leave or talk to anybody. Somebody dial 911, we have a case of unlawful detention! It is SO unrealistic that it is just annoying to watch. When Kyle and Amanda finally meet at the end of the episode Amanda's mom walks in. Amanda makes a remark about her mom selling their piano … after making the remark she apologizes to her mom for that remark, even though the remark is very true. I realize that this is not a show on Showtime or HBO, but is the show really this pathetic that everybody obeys their parents and everybody is a Johnny Do-Good?!! As if that is realistic AT ALL compared to … well, about 99,99% of the rest of the world population! This episode just showed WAY too much unrealistic human behavior. Amanda's mom acted as if she were a complete Nazi by locking Amanda in her house; as if that would happen in real life … and Amanda just accepted everything from her mom and kept being polite … as if she were a drugged and brainwashed puppy! There's NO teenager in real life that is that polite and obedient to a parent; especially not if the behavior from the parent is not fair nor realistic AT ALL! The episode just gave a VERY unrealistic feeling about how Amanda's mom and Amanda herself acted. Are the scriptwriters still on strike and did the busboy make an attempt to write something for the show? If so, please WAIT until the strike is over so the show will be nice to watch again … because if all future episodes will be as lame and unrealistic as this one, the show will lose a lot of viewers!
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