Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Amanda returns needing to talk to Kyle, but when her mother refuses to let anyone see her Kyle and the gang hatch an elaborate plan to get him and Amanda alone.

    Oh the things we do for love...

    In this episode we saw Kyle do some very elaborate things, all just to talk with Amanda. He conducted a power surge, even used Jessi to get the alarm code, had Lori and Declan organize a private room at The Rack, and Hilary cooked gourmet food.

    So Amanda is not happy in New York, well that sucks, but it is a great opportunity, I personally think she should stick it out. Also though because Jessi is traitor, ratting the gang out to Mrs. Bloom, I would hope Amanda is not around when she makes a move on Kyle.

    Kyle and Amanda sacrificed a lot for love.

    Stephen sacrificied his passion in order to provide for his family.

    There was also a hint of the Declan's love for Lori, when they were setting up at The Rack she made a cynical comment about love, in which Declan frowned, realizing that winning Lori back will not be so easy.

    ...oh the things we do for love.