Kyle XY

Season 2 Episode 16

Great Expectations

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Kyle and Amanda's relationship is questioned when she comes back home. Kyle has the fighting urge to try to find out what's wrong. Jessi keeps on doing tricks.

    It's spring cleaning and everyone's getting rid of old stuff. Jessi knocks on Kyle's window and doesn't use the front door. Amanda comes back and "needs to talk" with him. The Tragers tells him that it's usually what girls say when they don't have feelings anymore. Kyle worries about that for a while. He throws a long football throw. Amanda's mom tells Kyle that she wants to drop out of the conservatory in NYC because of him. She came to surprise her mom on her birthday just to hear that she doesn't wanna stay there anymore. Lori has to write a 2 page essay for her guidance counselor about who she is. Mrs. Bloom, Amanda's mom, sees Kyle as a distraction. She's uptight narrow minded. The Tragers, mom and dad, side with her. He tried texts and im. He even plays song on guitar but Stephen catches him and brings him inside. It's exactly 38 ft and 9 inches to Amanda's room. Compared to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet did anything to keep their love. Jessi eavesdropped in at Café and lori comments about her giving them privacy. Jessi goes to Amanda's house. She gives Kyle the number 12154. Jessi is trying and apologizes to Lori. She says that she just wants to help. Lori throws rocks at Amanda's room and her mom shuts the shade. Phase 2 is to send electrical light charges to her room. Phase 3 is to write on a black board and communicate to Amanda that way. Stephen said Amanda has a good opportunity for her in NYC. Josh pretends to be Amanda while her mom comes in her room. Lori makes a place for Amanda and Kyle to be together. Amanda got the message. It was act 2 scene 2 act 1, the balcony scence, Amanda's favorite part in Romeo and Juliet. Hilary made their dinner. She's a fan of Top Chef. Lights twinkle for Amanda then her mom found them there. Amanda says, 'If you really cared bout my future you wouldn't of sold my piano in the first place.' Jessi was the one who let Amanda's mom that she was there. I really don't like her. Why is she doing that to Kyle and Amanda? Is it possible that she's jealous? Kyle, Lori, and Josh are all grounded for 2 weeks. They can only go to school, work, and then home. Their mom and dad say, 'Some rules are meant to be broken.' Taylor finds Jessi sneaking through window said she was star gazing. He plans for her to be as strong as possible. Kyle got anonymous IM from a Madacorp symbol. Amanda shows up at Kyle's door; she didn't get on the plane like she was supposed to.